Top Twenty Bestselling Authors In Last 30 Days

These are the top 20 best selling erotica authors at Adult eBook Shop in the last 30 days (From 29th July 2016 to 28th August 2016) and their bestselling ebook in that period. Check out these top selling erotic stories!

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Number 1 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Devil's Sluts by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail Devil's Sluts - Price: £2.63 ($ 3.48)

They Only Serve One Master, Their Bodies For Him And His Friends To Use!
HALF Price - 50% OFF for a VERY limited time period!

Michael turned them into submissive sluts, willing to do anything to avoid the harsh punishment their disobedience would bring. And he shared his girls with his friends, the girls forced into unspeakable acts and public humiliation with up to five men at one time. And pain was not only for punishment, but for the pleasure of the men...

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Number 2 -

Simon Grail

Bestselling book by this author was:

Billion Dollar Chain-Gang Girls by Simon Grail ebook cover thumbnail Billion Dollar Chain-Gang Girls - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.35)

Do They In Fact Deserve To Suffer This Humiliation?
Five young, attractive and very wealthy women wake up to find they have to labour naked in the world's most expensive chain gang while a ransom of one billion dollars each must be paid for their safe release. Every day that passes means they have to endure fresh torments and humiliations, which are recorded and sent to their families as proof of their suffering and inducement to pay up as soon as possible.

Feeling their will to...

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Number 3 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Total Chastity Toy by JG-Leathers ebook cover thumbnail Total Chastity Toy - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.27)

His Name Is Changed To 'Charli' As His Feminine Identity, But That Isn't The End ... Only The Beginning!
"This is the story of a man's deep fascination with medical body and limb braces and these used in combination with other frightening medical devices, but his fetish interests don't stop there! Charley is also deeply interested in the wearing of formidable corsets, tight long-line bra's, shoulder braces, heavily elasticised stockings, and of course, high boots.

While at home, Charley thoroughly enjoys his overwhelming desire to...

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Number 4 -

Dan Bruce

Bestselling book by this author was:

Sex Exchange by Dan Bruce ebook cover thumbnail Sex Exchange - Price: £2.99 ($ 3.95)

How Far Will Mia Go To Save The Deal Of Her Life?
So what would you give in exchange to save the biggest deal of your life?† Your body? Your suffering? Your dignity? Or is there something else that you value more? This is the dilemma Mia Cromwell faces. She's an unscrupulous saleswoman from INX, a company who supply IT solutions to the global finance sector. After three months of underhand tactics, Mia thought the deal was in the bag, and with it the lifestyle she'd always dreamed of. But a...

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Number 5 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

The QC Part 1 - Gangland by DrkFetyshNyghts ebook cover thumbnail The QC Part 1 - Gangland - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.35)

A Story That Twists As Much As It Turns And Is As Shocking As...
Somewhere in London a stunning mixed race girl called Coco, is being held in a coffin sized hole built into a floor. She is bound in a rubber body bag and a recyclable enema is being fed in and out of her on a complex timer. In addition her sexuality is hot wired for enforced stimulation and orgasm. Her head is shrink wrapped in a transparent latex hood and she has been ball-gagged.

At the Old Bailey prosecuting QC Hannah...

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Number 6 -

Martin Hughes

Bestselling book by this author was:

South African Humiliation by Martin Hughes ebook cover thumbnail South African Humiliation - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.35)

...And It Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Mistake, Too!
Lovely blonde, Penny, wife of an English Army captain, is abducted by a masked gang along with her equally pretty army wife friends and some female soldiers. Instead of the planned girls night out they are taken on board a ship and subjected to numerous painful and sexual ordeals at the hands of their foreign male and female sadists who also take 'calendar girl' type photos depicting their shame.

They reach an island prison...

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Number 7 -

W L Dowd

Bestselling book by this author was:

The VynKrellen Invasion by W L Dowd ebook cover thumbnail The VynKrellen Invasion - Price: £4.39 ($ 5.80)

Naked And Vulnerable Bodies Are Driven To Heights Of Sexual Lust...
Are you one of those folks who look up to the star filled sky at night and wonder what is out there. Do you stare up at the million points of flickering lights and refuse to believe that we're alone in this endless universe. Do you gaze into the heavens above and wonder if you'll live long enough to experience 'first contact' when that inevitable day finally arrives.

Well, if you are one those who believes that we are not alone...

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Number 8 -

Charles Arnold

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Warden's Woman by Charles Arnold ebook cover thumbnail The Warden's Woman - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.27)

As Much As She's Shamed And Humiliated, She Cannot Deny The Sexual Lust That Begins To Bloom!
Mary's happy life is turned on end when her husband Joseph is caught embezzling $250,000 from the bank where he works. Although his brother, the powerful Judge Abadon, could easily 'pull a few strings', Joseph is sentenced to 20 years at Stormville prison, where the huge, gruff black man, Lucifer Pigeon, is now the Warden.

While the judge graciously takes care of Mary's financial needs, what she doesn't realize is that her...

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Number 9 -

Ian Smith

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Weekend of Slavery by Ian Smith ebook cover thumbnail A Weekend of Slavery - Price: £4.40 ($ 5.81)

This Is Jacquie's First Experience Of Bondage, Of Whippings, Of Servitude And It Does Not Come Easy!
Jacquie is broke, so when her friend offers her the chance to earn good money by a weekend of 'fun' with 'a bit of slavery', she goes along with it.

But when she arrives, she finds that the men and one woman are the very students who have tormented her and made her life a misery!

Her friend immediately walks out but to Jacquie's astonishment, the woman takes her place and volunteers to become a slave for the...

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Number 10 -

Jack Norman

Bestselling book by this author was:

Slave of the Bermuda Triangle by Jack Norman ebook cover thumbnail Slave of the Bermuda Triangle - Price: £4.69 ($ 6.20)

She Is Interrogated During Long, Steamy Sessions In His Cabin...
Jack Normanís latest blockbuster takes you into the swashbuckling world of pirates and slavery. It is a story of pillage and plunder with Master/slave sex woven into a blood-stained plot.

Honeymoon couple Dan and Amy Richards, sailing on a small yacht in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, are inexplicably transported to another time when their boat is wrecked by a freak storm. They find themselves separated in a bygone world...

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Number 11 -

Lizbeth Dusseau

Bestselling book by this author was:

Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride by Lizbeth Dusseau ebook cover thumbnail Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.61)

Steamy And Sensuous S&M Sexuality, A Wedding Night And A Naive Virgin!
Her wedding night becomes a nightmare, as the naive virgin, Sally Kettering, finds herself trapped on board a cruise ship by her deceitful husband, George, Mr. Sun, a power Chinese businessman, and a variety of sex-hungry predators there to participate in the deflowering of an untainted bride.

Her husband has embezzled money from his company, and only Sally's cooperation will keep him from prosecution. But not until she agrees...

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Number 12 -

Mary Alice Clarke

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Traffickers Vol 1 - The Abductions by Mary Alice Clarke ebook cover thumbnail The Traffickers Vol 1 - The Abductions - Price: £2.90 ($ 3.83)

The Worlds Greatest Shame - Fiction Torn From The Headlines!
From the author: "Women who say that they could never be broken and would never submit have not been there. They have not been sexually tormented day and night for days and weeks. They have not spent every minute of those days and weeks under the threat of horrific punishment and slow, agonizing death, with no hope of escape or rescue, denied even the liberation of suicide, repeatedly and systematically violated in every way that a woman can...

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Number 13 -

Michaela Francis

Bestselling book by this author was:

Castlebridge Hall - Consequences by Michaela Francis ebook cover thumbnail Castlebridge Hall - Consequences - Price: £4.45 ($ 5.88)

Castlebridge Hall - Part 1
Lord Castlebridge runs his stately home with a rod of iron and when his wife fritters away seven thousand pounds at Ascot, she knows that she is destined for the rod! But even his Lordship's rigid discipline cannot ensure the smooth running of Castlebridge towers unless his faithful butler, Greenwood is prepared to use the birch as well. Fortunately the caning stool and birching post are safely installed in the library and well-prepared for...

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Number 14 -

Peter King

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Family In Slavery by Peter King ebook cover thumbnail A Family In Slavery - Price: £4.69 ($ 6.20)

Thinking They Were Enjoying A Free Vacation In Paradise, They Soon Find...
The Master of Domination is back with another great story of women in trouble.

This is Peter King's thirteenth book, a number that is clearly unlucky for Monica Freeman, Maria and Meg.

Thinking they were enjoying a free vacation in paradise, they soon find it was not free and nowhere near paradise. Captured and enslaved by someone Monica had completely trusted, this is your chance to be a witness to three women as...

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Number 15 -

Robert Newman

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Girl Called 51 by Robert Newman ebook cover thumbnail A Girl Called 51 - Price: £3.79 ($ 5.01)

Every Girl Snatched By The Organisation Loses Her Name And Has To Answer To A Number!
Erica is pretty, wayward, spoiled and a shocking spendthrift. She is living the high life, spending money, drinking excessively, seeing and being seen at all the best nightclubs until the night she is snatched. When she wakes, she finds to her horror that she is bound hand and foot by chains to a bed - and the nightmare is just beginning!

Every girl snatched by the Organisation loses her name and has to answer to a number. Erica...

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Number 16 -

John Savage

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Pirates and The Amazons by John Savage ebook cover thumbnail The Pirates and The Amazons - Price: £4.10 ($ 5.42)

These Man-Hating Amazons Prove To Be More Than A Handful!
What would a pirate do if he were to capture a tall, beautiful, athletic young woman on a remote Caribbean island? Take her prisoner, of course; keep her in tight bondage and use and abuse her body until he reached somewhere he could sell her at the slave auctions.

But if he and his shipmates were to find thirteen of them, the first women they had seen after many months at sea, then they would indeed have found a rare and...

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Number 17 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Ali by Shooter3704 ebook cover thumbnail Ali - Price: £2.10 ($ 2.77)

Ali Meets Jack And Her Introduction To Big Black Cocks Begins!
Ali Baker, divorced, and working so hard she barely has time to use her dildo for pleasure, has a frank talk with Lois, one of her employees. Upshot is, that Friday, Ali is dressed as a slut and taken to a club for the time of her life. And that is where she meets Jack and her introduction to big black cocks begins.

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Number 18 -

Terri Pray

Bestselling book by this author was:

Disgraced In Chains - The Enslaved Amazon 2 by Terri Pray ebook cover thumbnail Disgraced In Chains - The Enslaved Amazon 2 - Price: £1.79 ($ 2.37)

Trained As A Slave And Sold To The Highest Bidder...
Serina, the proud, Amazon princess has been captured and taken to Rome to be trained as a slave and then sold to the highest bidder. Though she resists to the end, Serina finds the strict discipline and cruel punishments of slave training are slowly forcing her into obedience. At the same time, reluctantly, she finds herself falling under the spell of her master. Don't miss Terri Pray's unique blend of romance and restraints.

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Number 19 -

Alex Waldegger

Bestselling book by this author was:

Captives by Alex Waldegger ebook cover thumbnail Captives - Price: £2.90 ($ 3.83)

Harem Slaves, Domination, Punishment, And The Brutal Abuse Of Power!
The country called Selang is a mountainous jungle carved up among corrupt officials and ruthless warlords. Women disappear every day, seized for harem imprisonment, broken to obedience with cruel punishments. It's a playground for the rich, where the most beautiful girls are available to satisfy their desires for mastery over helpless, cringing women. Mai Okugawa and Jane Campbell are two journalists intent on exposing all of Selang's darkest...

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Number 20 -

Claire Thompson

Bestselling book by this author was:

Accidental Slave by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail Accidental Slave - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.61)

The Sexy Slave Girl He Bought Has No Clue!
Elizabeth Martin knew the guy she'd beat out of a high-powered job was jealous of her success, but she never dreamed the lengths to which he'd go to get his revenge. Cole quickly realizes the slave girl he bought at auction has no clue and even less interest in BDSM... or so she says.

Cole, a romantic Dom seeking his true love, quickly realizes the sexy slave girl he bought has no clue about and even less interest in BDSM... or...

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