Top Twenty Bestselling Authors In Last 30 Days

These are the top 20 best selling erotica authors at Adult eBook Shop in the last 30 days (From 26th October 2015 to 25th November 2015) and their bestselling ebook in that period. Check out these top selling erotic stories!

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Number 1 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Kidnapped To Be A Whore by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail Kidnapped To Be A Whore - Price: £5.25 ($ 7.93)

The Girls Are Only Playthings For The Rich And Powerful!
The sexual slave trade is revealed in this hard BDSM novel that could only be told by Powerone. Filled with exacting details of the defilement of the girls as the men take the young girls in every imaginable way and some that the girls could never have fathomed.

Two American girls go to Mexico to enjoy their freedom, but others have plans for their beautiful bodies. Kidnapped as soon as they arrive in Mexico, they are drugged...

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Number 2 -

Mark Andrews

Bestselling book by this author was:

A World Of Slaves by Mark Andrews ebook cover thumbnail A World Of Slaves - Price: £4.99 ($ 7.54)

Vicious Staged Fights And Many Other Delights In This World Of Slaves!
Another of Mark Andrews' 'worldslide' stories! The hero awakes in a world where slaves are a way of life. Follow the narrator as he explores the new regime in which he finds himself, as he 'plays' with his house slave, buys one at auction, watches as she goes through a rigorous and demanding training regime before using her as a pony girl! There are vicious staged fights and many other delights in this World of Slaves. And when he returns to...

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Number 3 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Orgasm by DrkFetyshNyghts ebook cover thumbnail Orgasm - Price: £4.54 ($ 6.86)

There Were People Out There Ready To Exploit Dripping, Orgasm Addicted Sluts Like Her...
Chantelle, a typical teenager about to spill into young womanhood. She always knew there was something 'different' about her. Those sensations between her legs that she had been having and that had been growing more intense ever since she could remember. Then, The Orgasm taking over her life. Not so much an obsession but an addiction. A real addiction, that gripped her then gripped her tighter until it was Her Life.

The problem...

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Number 4 -

Peter King

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Family In Slavery by Peter King ebook cover thumbnail A Family In Slavery - Price: £4.69 ($ 7.09)

Thinking They Were Enjoying A Free Vacation In Paradise, They Soon Find...
The Master of Domination is back with another great story of women in trouble.

This is Peter King's thirteenth book, a number that is clearly unlucky for Monica Freeman, Maria and Meg.

Thinking they were enjoying a free vacation in paradise, they soon find it was not free and nowhere near paradise. Captured and enslaved by someone Monica had completely trusted, this is your chance to be a witness to three women as...

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Number 5 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Here Kitty, Kitty by Shooter3704 ebook cover thumbnail Here Kitty, Kitty - Price: £2.95 ($ 4.46)

With No Options She Spread Her Legs For The Black Loan Shark And His Muscle, Fritz!
Borrowing money from a loan shark is a slippery slope as Mack discovered. With no money to repay the loan it fell to Mack's wife, Kitty, to make restitution with the only thing of value she had. With no options she spread her legs for the black loan shark and his muscle, Fritz. It wasn't long before they reeled her into prostitution and she didn't fight the hook very much.

"Here Kitty, Kitty" is hot sizzling interracial erotica....

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Number 6 -

Simon Grail

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Bondage Parlour - Part 2 by Simon Grail ebook cover thumbnail The Bondage Parlour - Part 2 - Price: £1.62 ($ 2.45)

Stephanie Fears She Might Become Addicted To Sex And Suffering!
Stephanie's ordeal in the Bondage Parlour becomes more intense as she begins demonstrating a variety of ingenious restraining and punishment devices for its exclusive and sadistic clients. She has to satisfy both male and female customers in every way they desire and also couple with her fellow demo slaves for their amusement. The rest of the time she spends locked in her hanging cage in which she sleeps, eats and washes. Her imprisonment is...

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Number 7 -

Diana Philbrick

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Slave Road - Slaves Of The Knight Book 2  by Diana Philbrick ebook cover thumbnail The Slave Road - Slaves Of The Knight Book 2 - Price: £4.44 ($ 6.71)

But This Time, Her Captor Has Bigger Ambitions Than To Profit From Her Flesh...
The nightmares continue--sometimes it's in the slave market, stripped and hung for buyers; sometimes it's at the whipping post, writhing, screaming for mercy; sometimes it's in the collar, reduced to being a man's pet, kneeling at his feet.

Ilary vows never to leave Venice again. But when her ambitious husband demands that she accompany him to negotiations in North Africa, she doesn't dare refuse. She should have kept her vow,...

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Number 8 -

George Arthur Green

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Mansion Book 1 by George Arthur Green ebook cover thumbnail The Mansion Book 1 - Price: £4.05 ($ 6.12)

Follow The Many Adventures Of The Charringtons, Nancy And Her Friends!
The Mansion books by GAG. First serialised by Harmony in the 1980's and only available by Mail order at that time.

Now available as the complete book unabridged. Follow the many adventures of the Charringtons, Nancy & her friends...

Style: Bondage, Fetishes

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Number 9 -

Charles Arnold

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Penitent IV: Inner Circle by Charles Arnold ebook cover thumbnail The Penitent IV: Inner Circle - Price: £4.75 ($ 7.18)

Her Insatiable Needs Make Her A Slave To Her Own Lust!
Kathy Ryan learns that the gross and ugly Simon Ruben has purchased six months of her contract from the mysterious Mr. Satomi. Just when Kathy thought she was free of the villains who have so cruelly used her, she must now serve a man she has every reason to despise. When her husband Jeff was still alive, Simon attempted to ruin his reputation with scandalous lies. Kathy and Jeff fought back and had the man banned from the country club for his...

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Number 10 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Chained Convict For Life - The Biography of Sabrina by JG-Leathers ebook cover thumbnail Chained Convict For Life - The Biography of Sabrina - Price: £6.50 ($ 9.82)

Never Wish Too Hard For Something .... It Might Just Come True! Three Books In One!
A triple novel.
Since she can remember, 26 year old Sabrina, has dreamed of being dominated and controlled by her 'dream master'. When she meets Thomas she's sure she's found that man! Moving into his Munich home, Sabrina agrees to 'The Judgement' - a comprehensive document that indicates how she might serve a sentence of life long imprisonment in a secret dungeon cell - this being her most deeply cherished dream.


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Number 11 -

John Savage

Bestselling book by this author was:

Aztec Captive by John Savage ebook cover thumbnail Aztec Captive - Price: £3.49 ($ 5.27)

Bound, Whipped, Tormented And Used To Please Both The Gods And The Lust Of Men!
Pursued by a sheriff, then a relentless band of bounty hunters, Luke flees with his captive, a beautiful young woman, farther and farther into old Mexico until he becomes lost in the uncharted jungles where Mayan ruins lay hidden under the green canopy.

There he comes upon a hidden tribe of natives who fled the coming of Cortez and have been hiding ever since, keeping their old ways alive. But those old ways included the...

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Number 12 -

Lizbeth Dusseau

Bestselling book by this author was:

Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride by Lizbeth Dusseau ebook cover thumbnail Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride - Price: £3.49 ($ 5.27)

Steamy And Sensuous S&M Sexuality, A Wedding Night And A Naive Virgin!
Her wedding night becomes a nightmare, as the naive virgin, Sally Kettering, finds herself trapped on board a cruise ship by her deceitful husband, George, Mr. Sun, a power Chinese businessman, and a variety of sex-hungry predators there to participate in the deflowering of an untainted bride.

Her husband has embezzled money from his company, and only Sally's cooperation will keep him from prosecution. But not until she agrees...

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Number 13 -

Erik D Astor

Bestselling book by this author was:

No Rules by Erik D Astor ebook cover thumbnail No Rules - Price: £4.47 ($ 6.75)

Tracy Can't Know That A Black Pimp Might Have Other Plans About How She Will Be Enjoying Her Vacation!
Tracy and Amber swap husbands for a week's vacation -- but Tracy can't know that a black pimp might have other plans about how she will be enjoying her vacation, and that her 'no rules' vacation would send her on sexual adventures far beyond her widest imaginings.

Style: Swingers

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Number 14 -

Jurgen von Stuka

Bestselling book by this author was:

Summer School and After School by Jurgen von Stuka ebook cover thumbnail Summer School and After School - Price: £2.99 ($ 4.52)

Two Bestselling Ponygirl Masterpieces In This Omnibus Edition!
HALF Price - 50% OFF for a VERY limited time period!

This two-book volume presents the trials and misfortunes of Dori Hammond and Lucy von Holt. Both are young, well educated and in trouble. In Summer School, Dori takes a summer course in equestrian technique and finds herself learning more about horses and riding than she ever imagined, including how the horse feels! The school is not...

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Number 15 -

A D Law

Bestselling book by this author was:

Abby And The Spanking Club by A D Law ebook cover thumbnail Abby And The Spanking Club - Price: £4.49 ($ 6.78)

Good, Solid Fucking, You'll Be Enjoying...
Invited by some of her Groping clients, ABBY joins a Spanking Club, together with her friends Sue and Linda. All three women enjoy being tied'n'teased, a and a Gang Spank!

Full of sexy fun, with plenty of M/f, F/f, f/f, Bondage, spanking and C.P., and good, solid fucking, you'll be enjoying their thrills along with them!

This is the second ABBY book.... There will be more!

You can't keep a good...

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Number 16 -

Martin Hughes

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Policewoman's Kidnap And Slavery Ordeal by Martin Hughes ebook cover thumbnail A Policewoman's Kidnap And Slavery Ordeal - Price: £4.05 ($ 6.12)

An Evil Couple Hold Lovely Policewoman Lucinda Against Her Will...
Poor lovely Lucinda, a young English policewoman falls foul of a vicious old Jewish gangster, Lazarus, his German girlfriend and his young hoodie gang members. Together with her policeman boyfriend and a pretty supermarket manager they are first taken hostage in a siege and then spirited away to slavery in a secluded English country house.

After suffering an ordeal tied to an old water-wheel they continue to be trained by fear,...

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Number 17 -

R G Bargy

Bestselling book by this author was:

Family Ties by R G Bargy ebook cover thumbnail Family Ties - Price: £2.89 ($ 4.37)

Being Found Naked And Bound Is Embarrassing Enough But When The Finders Are Your Parents And They Discovered That You Did It To Yourself...
Emma soon discovers that not only do her parents share her love of bondage they have many years of experience. Her mother offers to teach the joys of being tied up by someone else rather than going it alone. Emma soon discovers that her mother is both competent and strict, confusing the boundaries between parent and Dominatrix.

Emma is single, living at home, but she has been conversing over the Internet with Jason. As...

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Number 18 -

Anneke Jacob

Bestselling book by this author was:

As She's Told by Anneke Jacob ebook cover thumbnail As She's Told - Price: £6.20 ($ 9.37)

Winner Of The National Leather Association's 2008  Pauline Reage Novel Award!
Take two caring, thoughtful individuals with some highly unusual sexuality, let their paths cross, and watch how far their obsession takes them. That's the essence of this story about an intense bdsm relationship: extreme, loving, creative, steeped in imagination, embedded in the real world. What emerges is a passionate, private sexual reality, in which the balance of power tips only one way.

Maia and Anders want nothing less...

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Number 19 -

J W McKenna

Bestselling book by this author was:

Remedial Sybian Training by J W McKenna ebook cover thumbnail Remedial Sybian Training - Price: £1.20 ($ 1.81)

18-Year-Old Rebecca Is Having Trouble Achieving Orgasm...
After birth rates plunge to near zero, schools are desperate to encourage sex among young adults to keep our society viable. At one such school, 18-year-old Rebecca is having trouble achieving orgasm, so she is put on a special program to help her out -- riding the Sybian!

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Number 20 -

Jack Brighton

Bestselling book by this author was:

In the Dark by Jack Brighton ebook cover thumbnail In the Dark - Price: £1.79 ($ 2.70)

Sexuality is Challenged and Fears Awoken when Bound at a Man's Mercy!
Captured and bound then plied with an aphrodisiac - a sexy young philosophy student is tested on reality. In the dark he experiences such highs and lows, incredible pleasure and hideous pain. Using sensory deprivation to further sharpen his responsiveness, his notion of sexuality is teasingly challenged during a night that will change his life forever.

Nothing is simple, and no man is totally straight - not when the dark strips...

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