Top Twenty Bestselling Authors In Last 30 Days

These are the top 20 best selling erotica authors at Adult eBook Shop in the last 30 days (From 20th March 2015 to 19th April 2015) and their bestselling ebook in that period. Check out these top selling erotic stories!

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Number 1 -

Paul Blades

Bestselling book by this author was:

Carmella Condemned by Paul Blades ebook cover thumbnail Carmella Condemned - Price: £2.89 ($ 4.32)

Slave To The Emir Book 1. A Groundbreaking Saga Of BDSM!
The contemporary classic groundbreaking saga of BDSM. Carmella and Jeb are vacationing in the small but strategically important Middle East nation of Calipha, when Jeb gambles away all of their money, he is forced to pay his debts with Carmella!

Arrested and raped, Carmella is forced into slavery at a local brothel. Meanwhile, Jeb flees the country thinking that Carmella has already left. The first of a trilogy. Strong B&D.

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Number 2 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

County Jail by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail County Jail - Price: £5.25 ($ 7.86)

3 College Girls Degraded In A Place Called The County Jail!
Three college girls are each caught in the small Southern town for a minor traffic infraction, unaware of their dire circumstances until they are brought to the County Jail. The Sheriff, Judge, even the distinguished citizens all conspire to sexually enslave the girls, taking their young bodies in the most perverted manner. Each girl, different in their own way, tries to cope with the circumstances of their capture and enslavement.

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Number 3 -

Simon Grail

Bestselling book by this author was:

Breaking in Belinda by Simon Grail ebook cover thumbnail Breaking in Belinda - Price: £0.93 ($ 1.39)

Can She Escape Before He Breaks Her Will To Resist?
Belinda could not have imagined her strange fate the day professional business took her to the house of the wealthy entrepreneur and former hell raiser Dexter Manning. Within minutes of meeting him, Dexter has locked Belinda in his private cellar dungeon, chained her up and stripped her naked. How can he arrogantly do such things to a total stranger and assume she secretly enjoys it? Has she been set up to suffer this ordeal? And has she the...

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Number 4 -

S J Lewis

Bestselling book by this author was:

Female Prey: The Trek by S J Lewis ebook cover thumbnail Female Prey: The Trek - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.97)

She Knows They Will Take her Captive... But She's Eager For The Experience!
Ready for a wild adventure, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Kimberley, hikes into the forest alone, knowing that somewhere nearby are anonymous men who will hunt her down like an animal, take her captive, and keep her as their sex toy for days on end.

She is eager for the experience - in fact, she set up the game with a clandestine company that specializes in unique wilderness adventures like this one. But, just to make the...

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Number 5 -

J W McKenna

Bestselling book by this author was:

Office Slave by J W McKenna ebook cover thumbnail Office Slave - Price: £2.99 ($ 4.47)

Blackmailed By Her Boss!
The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she would do "anything" to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen: Company love slave.

After months of pleasing everyone on command, Ellen discovered a side of herself he had never suspected; she enjoyed being an "Office...

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Number 6 -

Jurgen von Stuka

Bestselling book by this author was:

Summer School by Jurgen von Stuka ebook cover thumbnail Summer School - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.97)

As Head Master Boswick Says, "You Can't Learn To Ride Until You've Been Ridden!
Desperately wanting to get away from home for the summer, Dori Hammond, talks her father into sending her to a summer riding school. However, she quickly learns that this is not a traditional riding school, and its unusual training methods are cause for alarm.

However, having signed the required contract, she and the other students are obliged to submit to a rigorous training regimen. Unbeknownst to them, they'll be methodically...

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Number 7 -

Lizbeth Dusseau

Bestselling book by this author was:

Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride by Lizbeth Dusseau ebook cover thumbnail Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride - Price: £3.59 ($ 5.37)

Steamy And Sensuous S&M Sexuality, A Wedding Night And A Naive Virgin!
Her wedding night becomes a nightmare, as the naive virgin, Sally Kettering, finds herself trapped on board a cruise ship by her deceitful husband, George, Mr. Sun, a power Chinese businessman, and a variety of sex-hungry predators there to participate in the deflowering of an untainted bride.

Her husband has embezzled money from his company, and only Sally's cooperation will keep him from prosecution. But not until she agrees...

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Number 8 -

Candace Smith

Bestselling book by this author was:

Whiplash! by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Whiplash! - Price: £3.49 ($ 5.22)

Adapting To Her New Life As A Trainee Sex Slave Is Not Easy!
When Richard takes Rylee and her mother on a camping trip, they have no idea that he has laid plans to have them taken as permanent sex slaves by the clans living in isolated communities on the four sides of the mountain. What Richard does not know is that he too is to be taken.

As a trainee sex slave, Rylee is subjected to humiliating and painful abuse by Carlton, his wife, and their two sons. Adapting to her new life is not...

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Number 9 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Deployment by Shooter3704 ebook cover thumbnail Deployment - Price: £2.05 ($ 3.07)

Mary's Seduction...
He was an Army Ranger and she was his wife. Coming home from deployment he got a shock. Sam Miller returned to find his wife hooking out of a black man's strip club.

He had choices but only one appealed to him. It actually came down to leaving or living with it.

Once again. shooter3704, a name closely linked with interracial erotica, has does it again with this scorching story of wild wanton interracial sex. It...

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Number 10 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Laura's Evolution by JG-Leathers ebook cover thumbnail Laura's Evolution - Price: £4.25 ($ 6.36)

A Bondage Masterpiece - The Decision Is Made To Fit Her With A Full Range Of Bondage 'Jewellery' And Custom-Made Restraints!
Laura's desire for total subjugation runs deep, and when she meets Master Bernard, she believes she's found the man she's always dreamed of and slave life she desires. The two marry and begin their life together in a luxurious house that's discreetly located on 50 private acres, behind a high surrounding wall.

Though they experience the usual up and downs of a new marriage, Laura settles in well to her unique lifestyle as her...

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Number 11 -

Anara Delight

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Slave's Wedding by Anara Delight ebook cover thumbnail A Slave's Wedding - Price: £0.83 ($ 1.24)

She Had Her Wedding Rings. None Of Them In The Standard Location!
"It is time for the marking," the priest announced, as her Master reached for the porcelain bowl, reaching first for the ball gag. Her teeth bit down on the hard rubber, her eyes looking up at Him pleadingly, encouragingly. The needle was still warm from the sterilization under a flame as He picked it up, His other hand gripping her breast, squeezing it to hold the nipple firmly in place. Her groan filled the air as the razor sharp point...

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Number 12 -

Charles Arnold

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Sweet Wife by Charles Arnold ebook cover thumbnail The Sweet Wife - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.97)

Though Ashamed Of Her Sluttish Behavior She Can't Resist Him!
The beautiful young wife Maureen lives in the suburbs with her husband, Brian, and young children. To satisfy Brian's hottest fantasy, he persuades Maureen to have sex with Travis Henry, a huge, dominant black man she's never met. She reluctantly agrees, but two weeks later, with Travis waiting for her in the living room, she tries to back out. Brian insists - afraid of what the demanding Travis will do if they don't live up to their deal. As...

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Number 13 -

Commander James Bondage

Bestselling book by this author was:

Cadet: The Academy by Commander James Bondage ebook cover thumbnail Cadet: The Academy - Price: £3.49 ($ 5.22)

Their Duties Will Include Providing Sexual Services - Of Whatever Variety The Officer Might Prefer!
Humiliation, pain, beatings, bondage, and sex. It was all in every day's "training" for the young women selected to be Officer Cadets at the Army's newest Academy.

In an army where only the men had ever been made officers, Private Robin Bransom was delighted to be informed that a special training program had been set up to produce the first female officers, and she was one of those selected.

To her horror, she...

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Number 14 -

Master Coe

Bestselling book by this author was:

Secret Lies by Master Coe ebook cover thumbnail Secret Lies - Price: £2.59 ($ 3.88)

She's Forced To Endure Extreme S&M Torture!
A young CIA operative who is trying to uncover a trail of money leading to a terrorist cell is captured by the very sadistic terrorist she's working to expose.

He uses extreme BDSM methods to extract information from her. He's uses various methods to break her, including allowing the janitors have their way with her. The only weapon she has to endure the brutal rapes and torture is her training and hope of rescue.

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Number 15 -

Terri Pray

Bestselling book by this author was:

Branded In Chains - The Enslaved Amazon 4 by Terri Pray ebook cover thumbnail Branded In Chains - The Enslaved Amazon 4 - Price: £1.35 ($ 2.02)

The Once Free Amazon Warrior Serina Faces The Ultimate Degradation.
Beaten, sold, forced to serve the men who have captured her by enduring the most perverse of sexual acts, she has still clung to the dream of escape. But now she faces the one punishment she can't bear, one that will mark her soul as nothing else that has been done to has. She will be branded with the mark of a slave, a mark she will carry all her life. Can she avoid this fate or is she doomed to be a slave till the day she dies?

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Number 16 -

Jack Brighton

Bestselling book by this author was:

In the Dark by Jack Brighton ebook cover thumbnail In the Dark - Price: £1.79 ($ 2.68)

Sexuality is Challenged and Fears Awoken when Bound at a Man's Mercy!
Captured and bound then plied with an aphrodisiac - a sexy young philosophy student is tested on reality. In the dark he experiences such highs and lows, incredible pleasure and hideous pain. Using sensory deprivation to further sharpen his responsiveness, his notion of sexuality is teasingly challenged during a night that will change his life forever.

Nothing is simple, and no man is totally straight - not when the dark strips...

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Number 17 -

David Jewell

Bestselling book by this author was:

My Husband, My Slave by David Jewell ebook cover thumbnail My Husband, My Slave - Price: £2.99 ($ 4.47)

The Story Of A New Beginning!
From the bestselling author of novels like My Wife, My Slave comes an absorbing new tale of a very different couple! She turned the tables and made her husband submit!

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Number 18 -

Estaban Bacca

Bestselling book by this author was:

Rancho Paloma Blanca by Estaban Bacca ebook cover thumbnail Rancho Paloma Blanca - Price: £2.89 ($ 4.32)

The Adventures Of A Modern Slaver!
This best seller by Estaban Bacca chronicles the adventures of a modern slaver. The book reads like a 'how to' on abduction and should scare any young woman out of vacationing alone. There is a dimension of realism, anticipation and erotic tension that grips the reader. Warning: Explicit adult material.

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Number 19 -

Richard Carradine

Bestselling book by this author was:

Petified Dolls by Richard Carradine ebook cover thumbnail Petified Dolls - Price: £4.05 ($ 6.06)

Modified, Whipped, Pierced, Used As Pony Girls - The Girls Endure It All For The Sake Of The Man Who Owns Them!
Kidnapped girls, specially chosen, are turned into petified dolls, altered, brainwashed, conditioned to obey their new masters in every possible way.

The stories of the petified dolls are told from the point of view of the dolls themselves and their master, the man they adore despite all he has done to them!

Modified, whipped, pierced, used as pony girls - the girls endure it all for the sake of the man who owns...

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Number 20 -

Victor Bruno

Bestselling book by this author was:

Pony Girls by Victor Bruno ebook cover thumbnail Pony Girls - Price: £4.39 ($ 6.57)

They Are Not Allowed To Speak And Must Act, Eat, Move And Live As Ponies, In And Out Of Harness!
Incarcerated in the stables of Princess Karina's Palace are the pony girls. Each has their own stall and their own trainers. Each is locked in a world of misery and virtual silence, for they are not allowed to speak and must act, eat, move and live as ponies, in and out of harness.

Here, in personal narrative style, are the stories of the trainers, their drivers and the pony girls themselves. They are trained to race and indeed...

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