Top Twenty Bestselling Authors In Last 30 Days

These are the top 20 best selling erotica authors at Adult eBook Shop in the last 30 days (From 29th June 2016 to 29th July 2016) and their bestselling ebook in that period. Check out these top selling erotic stories!

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Number 1 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Kidnapped To Be A Whore by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail Kidnapped To Be A Whore - Price: £2.63 ($ 3.45)

The Girls Are Only Playthings For The Rich And Powerful!
HALF Price - 50% OFF for a VERY limited time period!

The sexual slave trade is revealed in this hard BDSM novel that could only be told by Powerone. Filled with exacting details of the defilement of the girls as the men take the young girls in every imaginable way and some that the girls could never have fathomed.

Two American girls go to Mexico to enjoy their freedom, but...

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Number 2 -

Charles Arnold

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Penitent by Charles Arnold ebook cover thumbnail The Penitent - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

Destined To Love And Crave Despicable Men!
Kathy Ryan's feelings of guilt began at an early age, when she used to masturbate in her uncle's basement, only later to hear him whisper, "Shame, Katherine, shame." As an adult, a lovely young wife with a promising future, she's haunted by her guilt.

Writing to a man who captures her imagination, she says: I can only guess why I am so powerfully drawn to you, why I am both excited and repelled by you, desiring you, yet very...

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Number 3 -

Claire Thompson

Bestselling book by this author was:

No Safeword by Claire Thompson ebook cover thumbnail No Safeword - Price: £0.99 ($ 1.30)

There Is No Safeword. You Signed That Away When You...
HALF Price - 50% OFF for a VERY limited time period!

"My safeword," she said hurriedly. "We forgot to discuss my safeword." "This isn't some amateur scene at a BDSM club. There's no negotiation. There is no safeword. You signed that away when you joined The Enclave."

Jaime Shepard fantasizes about being bound in chains—her heart, body and soul the possession of a Master...

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Number 4 -

Erik D Astor

Bestselling book by this author was:

Substitute Husband by Erik D Astor ebook cover thumbnail Substitute Husband - Price: £3.79 ($ 4.98)

Elon's Goal? Be Sure Erin Earns The Title Of Black Cock Slut!
A critical work problem forces Don to bail on a long promised overdue vacation to Mexico beaches. Erin is disappointed and devastated, until Don jokes she will find a black lover substitute for Don. Elon's goal? Be sure Erin earns the title of Black Cock Slut.

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Number 5 -

Lizbeth Dusseau

Bestselling book by this author was:

Nightmare Of Vengeance by Lizbeth Dusseau ebook cover thumbnail Nightmare Of Vengeance - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

A Sexy And Seductive S&M Tale Of Revenge And Redemption!
Struggling law student Kristen Davies takes off for a weekend camping trip alone. When the cold spring evening turns raw, an unsettling rustling in the trees suddenly explodes into an abduction that finds the redhead beauty, gagged, blindfolded and bound in a secluded cabin. Kristen is forced to suffer through two days of assaults from at least three brutal assailants.

When she wakes up on the 3rd day with her captors gone, she...

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Number 6 -

Martin Hughes

Bestselling book by this author was:

Rosalyn's Alcatraz Slavery by Martin Hughes ebook cover thumbnail Rosalyn's Alcatraz Slavery - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.32)

Pain And Sexual Torment From Their Chinese Captors Before Being Prepared For Slavery!
Beautiful blonde Rosalyn, her husband Donald and friends Angela and Mitch are enjoying a holiday in San Francisco when they are captured by Chinese white slavers. Unbeknown to the wives, their husbands who run an English private investigation company, were following the crooks during a working holiday.

Now she and the others are subjected to terrible humiliation, discipline, pain and sexual torment from their male and female...

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Number 7 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

Broke to Black by Shooter3704 ebook cover thumbnail Broke to Black - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

Slaves Were Used And Abused And Often White Women Were...
This is a period piece set in South Georgia in the year of 1852 on Beech Grove Plantation. "Broke To Black" is hard and raw just as the time and place were hard and raw. Slaves were used and abused and often white women were used and abused. "Broke To Black" is full of characters you would not ever want to meet. Characters such as a drunken husband who required his new young bride to have sex with a black slave. A cruel white overseer who...

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Number 8 -

Ian Smith

Bestselling book by this author was:

Rosie's Slave Life by Ian Smith ebook cover thumbnail Rosie's Slave Life - Price: £4.40 ($ 5.78)

Murder Is A Dark Deed At The Best Of Times; It Creates All Sorts Of Problems, Not Least For The Slaves!
Murder is a dark deed at the best of times; when it occurs in the home of Tyler Mason, a wealthy slave owning businessman, it creates all sorts of problems, not least for the slaves!

Rosie is an unwilling slave in the household who is finding it hard to come to terms with slavery and being carted off to the local police station and interrogated under 'torture' does not help her state of mind!

As the murder tale...

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Number 9 -

Paul Blades

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Taking Of Cheryl Book 1 by Paul Blades ebook cover thumbnail The Taking Of Cheryl Book 1 - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

Sold On A Webcast To The Highest Bidder!
The beautiful, auburn haired Cheryl is accosted in her New York City apartment by a slave trader known only as Turk. He strips her, and after sampling her luxurious body, he dresses her in her sexiest dress and forces her to do a lascivious strip tease before a web cam.

The performance is webcast to wealthy and unscrupulous bidders throughout the world, Cheryl is their latest prize. The ultimate buyer is unknown to Turk, his job...

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Number 10 -

John Savage

Bestselling book by this author was:

I Want to be a Prisoner by John Savage ebook cover thumbnail I Want to be a Prisoner - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

Soon Pamela Is A Real Prisoner, Totally In His Power And Brutally Abused, Physically And Sexually!
Some people have strange desires, others are just kinky. Sweet little Pamela had always been fascinated with the idea of being a prisoner - to be held captive, locked in chains or bound with ropes, to be locked into a jail cell and have all her freedom taken away.

Then she met Sandra and her wishes came true. Well, sort of. Finding a kindred spirit in Sandra, who she began calling "Mistress", Pamela spent hours locked in...

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Number 11 -

Jurgen von Stuka

Bestselling book by this author was:

Transition by Jurgen von Stuka ebook cover thumbnail Transition - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.24)

When Don Wears Marilyn's Clothes, Their Sex Life Takes A Wild And Explosive Turn!
From the author of Summer School, Desperate and Bondage Brokers comes another sensational novel; Transition. It's based on conversations between Jurgen von Stuka and noted German psychologist, Jessica Vanderhof St. Claire, MD, PhD. All names, times and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.

Don Jones, a seemingly normal, healthy male seeks psychological therapy from Marti, as he is having...

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Number 12 -

Mark Andrews

Bestselling book by this author was:

St Hilda's School For Wayward Girls by Mark Andrews ebook cover thumbnail St Hilda's School For Wayward Girls - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.32)

Separately They Are Worth A Great Deal To A Slave Trader, Together They Are Set To Make A Fortune!
In England today there are some very rich and powerful men and women who, offended by a girl's refusal of their sexual advances, have created a place to punish them.

St Hilda's, a school for young ladies from eighteen to mid twenties was set up by "Mother" Aurora and her powerful friends to correct the 'wayward' young women of the nation's poor and others who were sent to her by her rich and powerful backers.


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Number 13 -

N T Morley

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Administratrix: The Office Trilogy 3 by N T Morley ebook cover thumbnail The Administratrix: The Office Trilogy 3 - Price: £2.90 ($ 3.81)

Suzette Soon Discovers The Depths Of Mr. Girard's Sexual Depravity!
Suzette hoped her craving for bondage would be satisfied when she went to work for kinky magazine, Bondage. But what happened at the Bondage office exceeded her wildest dreams in volume one of this masterful trilogy, and exceeded her wildest nightmares of submission in volume two. But the climactic volume in N. T. Morley's exploration of humanity's deepest fantasies takes Suzette to an even more extreme level of submission when the arrival of...

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Number 14 -

Reese Gabriel

Bestselling book by this author was:

Obediently Ever After by Reese Gabriel ebook cover thumbnail Obediently Ever After - Price: £3.85 ($ 5.06)

Is The Perfect Wife The Perfect Slave. A Novel Of Marital Submission.
Erin Wyatt will do anything to advance her husband's law career, including sleeping with his firm's biggest client, ruthless billionaire Roger Caine. When the man's demands turn sadistic, however, Erin tries to pull the plug on their affair. The vengeful Caine vows to conquer her, using her own unsuspecting husband as his proxy.

Ambitious young Kevin Wyatt has no idea that he is being manipulated by his new friend and mentor....

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Number 15 -

Torsten Barring

Bestselling book by this author was:

Peter Thornwell by Torsten Barring ebook cover thumbnail Peter Thornwell - Price: £2.90 ($ 3.81)

The Gay Male Classic Of Erotic Bondage
A GAY MALE "STORY OF O" BY TORSTEN BARRING! This contemporary classic of gay male erotica details the life of handsome Peter Thornwell, a gay man with a yen for bondage and punishment. As chronicled by Torsten Barring, an acknowledged master of the genre, Peter Thornwell goes from misspent youth to scandalous film stardom.

Throughout he is driven by an insatiable libido he can not control and a need to suffer. It is a journey in...

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Number 16 -

Alex Barton

Bestselling book by this author was:

Daddy Helps Out by Alex Barton ebook cover thumbnail Daddy Helps Out - Price: £2.99 ($ 3.93)

But After She Is Introduced To The Pleasures Of Anal Sex...
Beautiful and busty teenager Marcy is shocked when her boyfriend wants to put his cock in her virginal ass. But after she is introduced to the pleasures of anal sex, nothing's going to stop her from getting it in her bottom whenever she can…

Warning. These stories are extreme. NOT for the faint hearted.

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Number 17 -

B J Wane

Bestselling book by this author was:

Convincing Maggie - Her Submissive Education by B J Wane ebook cover thumbnail Convincing Maggie - Her Submissive Education - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.24)

She Learns Obedience, And How To Please Men The Way They Want To Be Pleased!
Maggie is a twenty-nine year old high school teacher who wants nothing more than to spanked and sexually dominated by the man who loves her. But because of her short, well-rounded figure, she's always felt undesirable and self conscious about her sexuality and her questionable needs. Her boyfriend Jason does nothing but belittle her for her appearance.

But Jason's long time friend Bryce is immediately attracted to her lush body...

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Number 18 -

Candace Smith

Bestselling book by this author was:

Harvesting Rue by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Harvesting Rue - Price: £3.70 ($ 4.86)

The Decision To Harvest The Females On Earth As Sex Pets Was Taken With Some Apprehension!
Collared! Rue had no idea where the metal collar around her throat came from. It was simply there when she awoke, and there seemed no way to remove it.

The Lamerians were a warrior race. Tall and powerful, their job was to keep the Realm safe from marauding rogue spaceships. But the Lamerians were dying. Their few remaining women could produce only male children. For the warriors with unquenchable sex drives, to be without...

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Number 19 -

Chris Bellows

Bestselling book by this author was:

A Gift From James by Chris Bellows ebook cover thumbnail A Gift From James - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.58)

She Introduces James To Sexual Servitude, Training Him During Increasingly Decadent Encounters!
'D,' a dominant female, has finally found in James, the male she believes may be her ultimate submissive. After a few dates of straight sex, she introduces James to sexual servitude, training him during increasingly decadent encounters where he learns that her pleasure is paramount.

Soon barraged with lengthy periods of sensory deprivation and subliminal messaging, James' mind becomes malleable, until he's ready for his...

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Number 20 -

Diana Philbrick

Bestselling book by this author was:

Flesh and Blood by Diana Philbrick ebook cover thumbnail Flesh and Blood - Price: £4.39 ($ 5.77)

Chained And Naked In A Coffle, They Encounter Titus, A Young Knight...
Giulia and Ilary were on their way to Spain to be married when the pirates struck. In an instant, their privileged lives are over and men with ropes and whips are in control. Instead of a rich dowry, all they have to offer now is pleasing flesh and the hot blood of a Venetian heritage.

Chained and naked in a coffle, they encounter Titus, a young knight whose life as a crusader has been meticulously planned by his father. Titus...

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