Top Twenty Bestselling Authors In Last 30 Days

These are the top 20 best selling erotica authors at Adult eBook Shop in the last 30 days (From 26th April 2019 to 26th May 2019) and their bestselling ebook in that period. Check out these top selling erotic stories!

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Number 1 -

Martin Hughes

Bestselling book by this author was:

Arab Captives by Martin Hughes ebook cover thumbnail Arab Captives - Price: £4.47 ($ 6.35)

Pain, Shame And Sexual Servitude With The Aim Of Being Broken Down Into Slaves For Rich Arabs!
Lovely blonde Cathy works for the British Embassy in the Arab state of Pashar. She is also a part-time spy. Kidnapped, together with her soldier husband they are both tortured and she implicates her Mother who is also tortured with them together with her contact, a teenage American girl.

When the authorities have the information they want, all four must endure further pain, shame and sexual servitude with the aim of being...

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Number 2 -


Bestselling book by this author was:

War of 2020 by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail War of 2020 - Price: £6.52 ($ 9.26)

It's A Battle Of Wills For The Soldiers And The Captives!
Powerone Is Back With One Of His Extreme Novels After An Absence Of A Year!

Powerone is back with a powerful drama of war and the casualties of war. The United States is at war with China, and while it commits all its energy to overseas, the Canadians sneak in and take over the smaller ten border states that separate the U.S. and Canada. Unable to push them back, the lines are drawn for a prolonged stalemate.


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Number 3 -

Mark Andrews

Bestselling book by this author was:

St Hilda's School For Wayward Girls by Mark Andrews ebook cover thumbnail St Hilda's School For Wayward Girls - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.75)

Separately They Are Worth A Great Deal To A Slave Trader, Together They Are Set To Make A Fortune!
In England today there are some very rich and powerful men and women who, offended by a girl's refusal of their sexual advances, have created a place to punish them.

St Hilda's, a school for young ladies from eighteen to mid twenties was set up by "Mother" Aurora and her powerful friends to correct the 'wayward' young women of the nation's poor and others who were sent to her by her rich and powerful backers.


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Number 4 -

Peter Marriner

Bestselling book by this author was:

Elizabeth Enslaved by Peter Marriner ebook cover thumbnail Elizabeth Enslaved - Price: £4.85 ($ 6.89)

Life For Elizabeth Becomes One Long Round Of Sex, Punishment And More Sex!
Shipwrecked on an unwelcoming shore, Elizabeth Seaton, luscious white woman, finds herself in the hands of deserters who were intent on having a good time with their captive. All too soon, though, Elizabeth is handed over to the local Madam, who is more than pleased to have the captive in her possession, to please her high ranking customers.

Life for Elizabeth becomes one long round of sex, punishment and more sex, her identity...

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Number 5 -

Victor Bruno

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Taming of Julia: Julia Series Book 2 by Victor Bruno ebook cover thumbnail The Taming of Julia: Julia Series Book 2 - Price: £4.99 ($ 7.09)

Julia Will Be Trained And Tamed To Become A Submissive Plaything For His Personal Pleasure!
The second book in the famous 'Julia' series. Quentin Osman, multi-millionaire American businessman, has already made a personal survey of a unique ship called the 'Paradise' ... a vessel sailing the remoter regions of the Pacific Ocean with a cargo of beautiful slavegirls.

Now he has sent his proud, lovely and errant mistress, Julia, to the 'Paradise'. There, as Madame Vesta, the owner of the 'Paradise' has shown him in...

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Number 6 -

Katherine Forbes

Bestselling book by this author was:

Cruel Pleasures 2 - The Gathering by Katherine Forbes ebook cover thumbnail Cruel Pleasures 2 - The Gathering - Price: £4.44 ($ 6.30)

She Reveals The Darkest Secrets Of His Dungeons And The Effect They Have On...
The Duke of Loughmore has been planning his Gathering of like minded men and their slaves and mistresses for a long time and now, finally, his plans are all laid! From rich estates all over England they converge on his ancestral home for a four day orgy of Roman proportions. Wives, mistresses and slaves are put to the hardest use imaginable. Katherine's researches into the scandalous aristocrat's life reach new levels here as she reveals the...

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Number 7 -

Simon Grail

Bestselling book by this author was:

The SIMEON Circus by Simon Grail ebook cover thumbnail The SIMEON Circus - Price: £4.29 ($ 6.09)

Acts Of Sexual Perversion And Humiliation Under The Big Top...
This is the last part of the trilogy that began with "The S.I.M.E.O.N. Compulsion" and continued with "The S.I.M.E.O.N. Institute".

Friends and lovers Faye and Nicole are both sufferers of the mysterious S.I.M.E.O.N. condition (Spontaneous Involuntary Masochistic Extreme Obeisant Nymphomania), which makes them crave rough sex and bondage. After treatment in a specialist Institute, they have been sent to serve in an unauthorized...

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Number 8 -

Candace Smith

Bestselling book by this author was:

Whiplash! by Candace Smith ebook cover thumbnail Whiplash! - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

Adapting To Her New Life As A Trainee Sex Slave Is Not Easy!
When Richard takes Rylee and her mother on a camping trip, they have no idea that he has laid plans to have them taken as permanent sex slaves by the clans living in isolated communities on the four sides of the mountain. What Richard does not know is that he too is to be taken.

As a trainee sex slave, Rylee is subjected to humiliating and painful abuse by Carlton, his wife, and their two sons. Adapting to her new life is not...

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Number 9 -

Charles Arnold

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Lisa Series by Charles Arnold ebook cover thumbnail The Lisa Series - Price: £4.99 ($ 7.09)

Lisa, Her Initiation and Lisa, Her Education in one massive volume!
Charles Arnold, author of The Sweet Wife 1 & 2, and The Penitent Series, now presents us with Lisa, Her Initiation & Lisa, Her Education in one massive volume.

Lisa, Her Initiation - Former detective, Frank, has been watching the sweet, innocent Lisa for months, scheming to take control of her. Plans in place, he shows Lisa and her husband, Billy, a tape that has damning evidence of her teenage son in a drug deal. In...

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Number 10 -

Chris Bellows

Bestselling book by this author was:

Penance Corporation of America, III: Forced To Serve by Chris Bellows ebook cover thumbnail Penance Corporation of America, III: Forced To Serve - Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

Judge Dennison Once Again Finds Himself The Pawn Of Dominant Women!
Will Antoinette De La Corte Be Freed?
The cruelly dominant and one time unscrupulous federal prosecutor, Antoinette De La Corte is being secretly held within the walls of the Penance Corporation. Masked, pierced, forcibly fattened and impregnated, the once physically imposing dominatrix is subjected to unusual interrogations by Judge Patricia Wilmot, who desperately needs to gain control over Antoinette's future and that of her child....

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Number 11 -

Hector McIntyre

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Enforcer by Hector McIntyre ebook cover thumbnail The Enforcer - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.75)

Young Women Fell Prey To His Sexual Demands And Desires!
Carl looked to be such an unassuming man. His highly salaried job in a Software House as a systems manager would have been more than enough to keep most men in their late thirties fully occupied. But, outside the long hours he spent in the office sorting out technical problems, Carl had a dark and sinister second life in a life where young women fell prey to his sexual demands and desires, for Carl is The Enforcer.

First there...

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Number 12 -

Martin McRae

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Training of Jayne Book 2 by Martin McRae ebook cover thumbnail The Training of Jayne Book 2 - Price: £4.40 ($ 6.25)

Jayne's Stringent Training Continues!
Jayne's stringent training continues in this erotic story of Victorian values enforced with rigid discipline!

Style: Male Dom (M/f), FemDom (F/F), Mild BDSM

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Number 13 -

Nick Downes

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Training Estate Book 1 by Nick Downes ebook cover thumbnail The Training Estate Book 1 - Price: £4.45 ($ 6.32)

Unrelenting Training To Turn Them Into Perfectly Submissive Slaves...
It is a fearsome place, the Estate where girls, snatched or delivered by their owners, experience savage and unrelenting training to turn them into perfectly submissive slaves. It is also a fearsome place for the trainers who have to endure three months of initiation, exactly as if they were to become full time slaves themselves.

Karen answers a discreetly worded advertisement and gains entrance to the exciting sexually charged...

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Number 14 -

Steven Drukker

Bestselling book by this author was:

State Rule - Book 2 by Steven Drukker ebook cover thumbnail State Rule - Book 2 - Price: £4.05 ($ 5.75)

Pain, Suffering, Constant Restraints Of Chains And Manacles Are Her Everyday Life...
In a world ruled by men and where women are cruelly oppressed, the term SSW stands for 'State Supervised Women' - those who have offended against the draconian laws. Sharon has offended and finds herself serving an indeterminate sentence as a suffering and used SSW.

Pain, suffering, constant restraints of chains and manacles are her everyday life, until she is transported, along with two companions in suffering, to begin...

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Number 15 -

Donna Lynn White

Bestselling book by this author was:

Humiliated Males by Donna Lynn White ebook cover thumbnail Humiliated Males - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Exceptional Femdom Erotica!
From the author of Tea at the St. Francis - An All New Collection of Sizzling Femdom Tales! Men get down on their knees and submit to chastisement at the hands of the brilliant new femdom writer, Donna Lynn White.

Find out why putting a man in his place is "A Valuable Public Service" in the opening novelette. Then discover why even a strong man is no match for "A Modern Boadicea," when she sets her will against his. Next, two...

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Number 16 -

Dr Jane Foxx

Bestselling book by this author was:

Dominant Females In Control by Dr Jane Foxx ebook cover thumbnail Dominant Females In Control - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

She Was Determined To Take It All!
"Marry the son of a bitch," suggested KAT. "From that position you can destroy him bit by bit. My assistant will help you. She will be delighted to torment him out of his mind." And so, she did. Nancy had everything she wanted: a rich husband kept under control by The Lady KAT's assistant, by a chastity device, and by regular painful torment; her husbandís employee who was so well suited to be the object of Nancy's less-than-tender...

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Number 17 -

J W McKenna

Bestselling book by this author was:

Corruption of an Innocent Girl by J W McKenna ebook cover thumbnail Corruption of an Innocent Girl - Price: £1.19 ($ 1.69)

Money Led Her Into Sexual Bondage!
From Bestselling Author of "Office Slave!" Maria didn't know when she met the rich American named Jason that the lure of his money and what it could do for her family would lead her into sexual bondage and then happiness.

But first she would have to satisfy many men, accept their punishment, and engage in acts she never imagined. She hated them - or did she only think she did? Here is a novelette, only J. W. McKenna, a master...

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Number 18 -

John Savage

Bestselling book by this author was:

The Ghost Who Loved Ropes by John Savage ebook cover thumbnail The Ghost Who Loved Ropes - Price: £4.10 ($ 5.82)

Filled With Naked Bodies, Extremely Tight Ropes And Cruel Whips!
Marsha Malone and her roommate, Trudy, love ropes and bondage. Mostly, they like to tie up each other and their passions run deep, but neither is averse to having a man tie and abuse them; or a woman. It seems to run in the family for Marsha, because when she is unexpectedly called to the reading of her Aunt Molly's will, she learns that Molly's old house has a frightening history of pain and bondage. More extraordinary still is Aunt...

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Number 19 -

Justin Fermoni

Bestselling book by this author was:

In Bondage To Her Boss by Justin Fermoni ebook cover thumbnail In Bondage To Her Boss - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

Tied, Bound, Raped, Punished For Disobedience. The Classic Of Submission!
Elaine, a secretary, lived through the pressure of monotonous workday, wondering when it would all end. Each day she dreamed of a future full of success, wealth, and the possibility of eternal happiness.

Then, just when she was on the verge of seeing her dreams come true, all was shattered and broken, when she was taken against her will and forced into a life of sexual bondage and degradation. Elaine had discovered a secret her...

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Number 20 -

Peter King

Bestselling book by this author was:

Becoming His Pet by Peter King ebook cover thumbnail Becoming His Pet - Price: £3.79 ($ 5.38)

She Was A Bully And A Fading Star Determined To Do As She Pleased...
She had been famous, now she was a bitter ex-model determined to do as she pleased. She had bullied her rich husband for years, now he was going to show her the error of her ways.

He has her abducted and sent to a slave trainer, who will transform her into a pet trained to exist solely in service to her owner. She could have become a mindless slave, but instead they had unleashed her primal nature. Her addiction to lust and...

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