Read Erotica On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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You can now use the iPhone app Stanza to read erotica on Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

IMPORTANT We have tried Adobe (.pdf), Kindle (.prc and .mobi), EPUB (.epub) and Microsoft (.lit) books and they all worked. We prefer Kindle, EPUB or Microsoft as it does not include hard-coded page numbers like Adobe. However, Secure Mobipocket format (DRM'd ebooks, also .prc) do not work but we do not sell them.

Half A Million Readers Can't Be Wrong!

Free Stanza Reader for iPhone

Stanza is the most popular electronic book reader for a reason. Intuitive ease of use, unmatched customisability, and powerful library organization features all blend together to make finding, obtaining, and reading your books a joy. The desktop version runs on Windows, Apple Mac and Unix/Linux machines.

Stanza can also export to MobiPocket, enabling you to use the popular MobiPocket Reader to read your exported book on your Blackberry, PocketPC, Palm OS, Nokia Series 60, Sony Ericsson UIQ, and many other mobile devices. You no longer need to carry a large stack of books with you on your summer vacation. Just load up your phone or mobile device with months of reading, and enjoy a lightweight summer of reading bliss!

Ok, This Is How You Get Stanza Working On Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Stanza is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later software update.

  • Start up iTunes and select iTunes Store, enter Stanza in the Search iTunes Store box at the top right of page.

  • Get this FREE software and install on your iPhone.

  • Then go to Stanza Desktop For Mac or Stanza Desktop For Windows PC and download the desktop version of Stanza for your system. Install this following the onscreen instructions.

  • Launch Stanza Desktop.

  • Go to the 'Tools' menu, and ensure that the "Enable Sharing" menu item is checked.

  • Go to the 'File' and then 'Open' from the drop down, then navigate and find the book file you downloaded from the bookshop and open it, it should load the story in this window.

  • Once you have done this go to 'File' menu again, this time go to 'Export Book As' from the drop down and select the format that you downloaded the book in, choose a Name and Location and then click Save. I would suggest the Desktop.

  • Launch Stanza on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  • Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network that your Desktop Computer is on.

  • From the top-level library menu, select "Shared Books". You should see your computer name. Select it.

  • Stanza Desktop will then notify you that your iPhone is attempting to connect to your shared library (Or not in my case), and request your permission to allow the connection.

  • Once you have granted permission, Stanza iPhone will display a list of books that are open in Stanza Desktop.

  • Click on the book you wish to view and press download (You can load multiple books at one time using the stanza desktop application but leave each window open until you have downloaded it as above to your device).

  • In the Stanza App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch go back to the Library page and find the book in either Recent Downloads or Titles click on the book and enjoy...

Editor: I have just put Stanza on my iPhone 2G and I am absolutely blown away by this piece of software. You have total control how the book is displayed. You can choose, font type, font size, background colour, text colour and more... I chose black background and white text. You just flip through the pages with a swipe of the finger so you can read with one hand, using the thumb to turn the pages. I now love my iPhone even more! 5 STARS

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