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Niko-Chan by Angelia Sparrow ebook cover thumbnail Niko-Chan by Angelia Sparrow by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

He Finds Himself Swept From His Native Memphis To The Eight's Training Compound Outside Of Rome!
Niko-chan, the second book in the Nicholas Boyd series (The first being Nikolai), finds Nick in hot water again. Nick Boyd passed his Test, a grueling challenge to prove his worthiness to serve James Ligatos, one of the ruling cabal called The Eight. Now, he finds himself swept from his native Memphis to The Eight's training compound outside of Rome.

In the city called The Great Harlot, Nick must learn new lessons, from the...

The Milk Bitch Trilogy by Frances Gaines Bennett ebook cover thumbnail The Milk Bitch Trilogy by Frances Gaines Bennett by Price: £6.20 ($ 8.80)

A Beautifully Written Masterpiece Of S&M Perversion!
Milk Bitch - During lunch at a DC power restaurant, the striking brunette journalist Gina can't take her eyes off a ruggedly handsome man on the other side of the dining room. An advance on him is rebuffed by the maitre'd, but that doesn't stop Gina from trading a night of sex with the restaurant owner for information on her mystery man.

Before that night is over Gina will be drugged and later wake up in a warehouse,...

Office Slave by J W McKenna ebook cover thumbnail Office Slave by J W McKenna by Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)

Blackmailed By Her Boss!
The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she would do "anything" to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen: Company love slave.

After months of pleasing everyone on command, Ellen discovered a side of herself he had never suspected; she enjoyed being an "Office...

Bebo Brinker Vol 1 by Ann Bannon ebook cover thumbnail Bebo Brinker Vol 1 by Ann Bannon by Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39)

The Classic of Lesbian Life and Love in the 1950s!
Two classics, "Odd Girl Out" & "I Am A Women, Who Loves A Women". Meet. Bebo, Laura and the other women who lived in the shadows of the Village at the dawn of the gay revolution. Peek inside the bedrooms and bars where their nightly transactions take place, and learn how they felt and how they made love.

A Slave To Work by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail A Slave To Work by Powerone by Price: £4.91 ($ 6.97)

Submit Or Lose Her Job!
Submit or lose her job! That's the choice one young woman had to make. To keep her plush job with benefits, she had to agree to become a slave and plaything to the corporate executives. Learn what happened to one office slave in this sizzling new novel from the bestselling author of Teaching The Au Pair To Submit.

Amanda's Punishment - Mrs Smith's Academy 1 by Clemency Jopling ebook cover thumbnail Amanda's Punishment - Mrs Smith's Academy 1 by Clemency Jopling by Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Erotica In The Classic Victorian Vein Based On A True Story.
When a bestselling British novelist set out to pseudonymously create a work in the idiom and style of the great works of classic Victorian erotica, the result is a sizzling must-read for fans of My Secret Life, Fanny Hill, and other genre masterpieces.

Based on a true story, Amanda's Punishment is set at a thinly-disguised Victorian academy specializing in the training of intractable young women and run by the notorious "Mrs....

County Jail by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail County Jail by Powerone by Price: £6.52 ($ 9.26)

3 College Girls Degraded In A Place Called The County Jail!
Three college girls are each caught in the small Southern town for a minor traffic infraction, unaware of their dire circumstances until they are brought to the County Jail. The Sheriff, Judge, even the distinguished citizens all conspire to sexually enslave the girls, taking their young bodies in the most perverted manner. Each girl, different in their own way, tries to cope with the circumstances of their capture and enslavement.

The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation by Fulani ebook cover thumbnail The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation by Fulani by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

An Entertainment For Those With Inquiring Minds!
When a circus sets up camp outside their small town, Amy and Paula are immediately drawn to its exotic allure. However, this is not your typical spectacle of acrobatics, wild animals and zany circus clowns. The two young women are surprised to find trapeze artists wearing nothing but thongs and tattoos, and an equestrian act with human females as ponies, complete with bridles, harness and tails fixed to rumps that bear the marks from a...

Abduction In Africa by Estaban Bacca ebook cover thumbnail Abduction In Africa by Estaban Bacca by Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

Action And Light BDSM In Africa!
Sisters of Mercy Elizabeth and Jane had traveled to Somalia on a mission of aid. A local warlord raiding their hospital for medical supplies decides to abduct the nuns. Thus began an ordeal that has become all too common in these days of terror abroad. This new novella from the best selling author of Rancho Paloma Blanca delivers sex and action in spades.

Kidnapped To Be A Whore by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail Kidnapped To Be A Whore by Powerone by Price: £6.52 ($ 9.26)

The Girls Are Only Playthings For The Rich And Powerful!
The sexual slave trade is revealed in this hard BDSM novel that could only be told by Powerone. Filled with exacting details of the defilement of the girls as the men take the young girls in every imaginable way and some that the girls could never have fathomed.

Two American girls go to Mexico to enjoy their freedom, but others have plans for their beautiful bodies. Kidnapped as soon as they arrive in Mexico, they are drugged...

Lesbian Slave Auction by Alex Payne ebook cover thumbnail Lesbian Slave Auction by Alex Payne by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

Enter The Insane World Of Stonebriar!
Stonebriar is highly secret establishment that caters to the depraved desires of the world's wealthiest ladies' a finishing school presided over by the mad Mistress Natasha. Innocent young women are abducted to Stonebriar to be trained as lesbian slaves destined for one of the world's most sinister auction blocks.

A good one for those fetish fantasies include training by means of shock devices, torment by extremes of heat and...

Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves - Vol 1 Illustrated by Powerone ebook cover thumbnail Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves - Vol 1 Illustrated by Powerone by Price: £5.70 ($ 8.09)

Fantastic Plot And Jam-Packed With Some Very Hard Bdsm And Sex Action!
This is Powerone's first volume of this story. Containing Chapters 1 to 4 of the whole volume, this is complete with 20 fine illustrations (in the same style as the cover) by Aries.

This is a truly cracking BDSM story and the illustrations are worthy collectors items.

Christy and her lovely, 18 year old, virginal daughter Angela are on a jeep ride into the Mexican jungle. They don't know they will fall prey to...

Kristal's Changed Life by JG-Leathers ebook cover thumbnail Kristal's Changed Life by JG-Leathers by Price: £2.10 ($ 2.98)

My Name Is Kristal Strang And I Am Now A Rubber Animal!
JG Leathers brings us another wild tale that only he can tell. Kristal's Changed Life, inspired by Celine's Seduction to Rubber, is the story of Kristal Strang and her unwilling rubber transformation.

Kristal, your average nineteen year old, had lost her mother at an early age. Wild, rebellious and flaunting a great body, she has to try everything at least once; drugs, alcohol, and tons of sex. Thinking she is fooling her...

Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary Of A Male Submissive by Lindsay Ross ebook cover thumbnail Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary Of A Male Submissive by Lindsay Ross by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

He's Soon Turned Into Her Groveling Slave!
Martin Groves, a twenty six year old 'love rat', has been cheating on his wife Kirsty for nearly three years. When she finally discovers his infidelity, she throws him out and Martin lands at a B&B run by Emma, an officer in the local prison. While his new landlady is pleasant enough, Martin quickly learns that her husband left her for a barmaid, and she's become particularly hostile to men.

When she assigns her new boarder...

Celine's Seduction To Rubber by JG-Leathers ebook cover thumbnail Celine's Seduction To Rubber by JG-Leathers by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

Forced To Wear A Bizarre Suit Made Exclusively Of Rubber!
Celine is a lovely blonde German girl who is twice caught indulging in exploratory sex much to her fathers horror. In order to eradicate these forbidden behaviors, her father engages Frau Baxter, a strict English governess, to ensure that Celine strays no further. Celine is shocked to discover that her father has given the woman complete authority over her. Under Frau Baxter's rigorous domination, Celine is forced to wear a bizarre suit made...

Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride by Lizbeth Dusseau ebook cover thumbnail Betrayal Of The Virgin Bride by Lizbeth Dusseau by Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

Steamy And Sensuous S&M Sexuality, A Wedding Night And A Naive Virgin!
Her wedding night becomes a nightmare, as the naive virgin, Sally Kettering, finds herself trapped on board a cruise ship by her deceitful husband, George, Mr. Sun, a power Chinese businessman, and a variety of sex-hungry predators there to participate in the deflowering of an untainted bride.

Her husband has embezzled money from his company, and only Sally's cooperation will keep him from prosecution. But not until she agrees...

Hijacked! by Madison West ebook cover thumbnail Hijacked! by Madison West by Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

And Other Tales Of Women Who Lose Control!
Here is a sizzling collection of stories from Madison West, bestselling author of Bonded! A tale of voluntary submission. All the women in these stories lose control, to sex, to men, to their own desires. In her new book, Hijacked!, Madison west deepens her exploration of the erotic side of woman's psyche.

In the title story, Heather is kidnapped into a mysterious van and then subjected to a sexual captivity she discovers to her...

The Filly by Paul Moore ebook cover thumbnail The Filly by Paul Moore by Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)

The Hard Treatment She'll Suffer Is Only Bound To Get Worse!
Morgan enjoyed her glory days as a high school track star, until her brother's illness forced her to quit school and take a job as a barmaid. Her dreams seem to be over, but a mysterious stranger offers her a fortune to race for him. However, he's not interested in a typical track and field competition. He intends to have her trained and groomed as a ponygirl.

First she must spend a month in preparation at his ranch, where a...

Grant's Big Day Part 1 by Jack Allen ebook cover thumbnail Grant's Big Day Part 1 by Jack Allen by Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)

Grant's Mom Decides To Keep The Huge Problem In The Family...
Grant is a very lucky young man, even if he doesn't know it. He is blessed with what every man wants: a huge cock. But is it a blessing or a curse?

When Grant hears that his best friend's Mom is a slut and sleeps around, he decides to see if he can get some use out of his enormous cock. But she is the one who turns the tables and seduces him.

It's not long before the word about Grant's big cock spreads and...

Confessions Of A Lesbian Rapist by Ashley Artemis ebook cover thumbnail Confessions Of A Lesbian Rapist by Ashley Artemis by Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

A Novella Of Cunning And Erotic Cruelity!
The erotic depredations of this novella's attractive villianess are irresistibly arousing. A display of cunning and erotic cruelty that makes the reader wonder how a certain type of woman could ever be considered a member of the weaker sex.

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