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Black Velvet Seductions

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Black Velvet Seductions Publishes Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Erotica And Romantic Suspense eBooks.

Burping Frog

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Burping Frog Publishing brings you the hottest new authors to erotica fiction, with a growing collection of titles to keep our readers wet and hard with a variety of spicy themes, from bondage to anal and interracial. Look for our newest ebook releases in mystery and erotica. Available in Kindle/Mobipocket, EPUB, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Dark Roast Press

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We are at the forefront of the Black Coffee Movement. We, the Black Coffee Klatsch, believe that a good romance should have a driving plot and thriving story. Make it smart, make it sexy, make it real! This most certainly is not your motherís romance novel, and it may not be your sisterís either. Dark Roast Press is an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the "mainstream" road that the Erotica world has laid before us, but we have created a home for the kinks of life we like to keep secret. Our goal is to create a company that has much to offer; a little bit of everything to please anyone.


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Unusual erotica for the discerning enthusiast. BDSM, bondage, erotica sapphic and lesbian stories.

Femdom Cave

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Believable novels and stories involving dominant females for discerning adult literature fans.


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Fiction4All publishes and distributes both adult and non-adult fiction. Adult genres cover most styles of erotica, as well as BDSM and Fetish fiction. Available in Kindle/Mobipocket, EPUB, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Firm Hand Books

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Firm Hand Books specialises in quality BDSM material with male domination of both sexes. Available in EPUB, Kindle/Mobipocket and Adobe formats. Now includes the books formerly published by Gay Boy Books.

Lethe Press

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An independent press specializing in literary fiction, titles of gay and lesbian interest, poetry, and science fiction.

MC Publications

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MC Publications specializes in fetish focused erotica eBooks. Most titles are also available in print format as well. Like any good novel fetish erotica has a beginning, middle and ending. There has to be a storyline that draws the reader in. Unlike a traditional romance erotica novel, the story line doesn't just happen to have explicit sex scenes in it. Fetish erotica main focus centers on the fetish whether its spanking, bondage, or college girls wearing glasses the fetish can't get bogged down in the pages of the story. Readers of fetish erotica know what they want and it isn't a long drawn out storyline with fetish worked into it. MC Publications' goal is to bring well written quality fetish erotica to readers everywhere.

Olympia Press

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OLYMPIA PRESS, the leading underground publisher of uncensored BDSM novels. Available in Kindle/Mobipocket, EPUB, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Pink Flamingo

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Top Quality Erotic Stories And Novels, Bondage, Spanking, Ponygirl And Fetish Stories. Available in EPUB, Kindle/Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Romance Unbound

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Come explore stories of romantic D/s, erotic BDSM, Male/Male erotic love stories and steamy m/m menages a trois. The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you. Available in EPUB, Kindle/Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Sizzler Editions

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Sizzler Editions issues selected works of erotic literature, from vintage Victorian works to brand new erotica novels with contemporary themes by exciting new authors. Stories include BDSM, bondage, sapphic erotica, lesbian, bisexual, gay male, hot romance, sci-fi erotica and more... Available in EPUB, Kindle/Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Adobe formats.

Strict Publishing

Are you ready for a journey of exploration into the world of the Dominant Woman?

Wam Bam Books

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