Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Due to the success of the Kobo eReader we have had a number of customers asking us about them so we have decided to do a small Kobo Review and explain how easy it is to download our books onto the Kobo eReader.

We bought a Kobo to give it a try and were pleasantly suprised with it's ease of opperation and we will show you how easy it is to download our erotica onto the Kobo eReader.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition Review

Kobo eReader Touch Edition Image

The Kobo has been around for a few years in the US but it is new in the UK (Late 2011).

It is a genuine alternative to Amazon's Kindle.

It looks a better product and has a nicer user interface and a better range of fonts

The rather nice six-inch touchscreen, an e-ink touchscreen at that, allows you turn the pages with a finger by either swipping or tapping. It is both easy on the eye and the prodding finger with reasonably fast reaction times as well. It provides a contrast ratio that's only a fraction behind the Kindle and makes the text just as readable.

Although physically smaller than the Kindle, the screen size is almost the same size. It's perfectly pocket-sized at just 186g, yet feels sturdy enough to survive all day in your bag.

The Kobo offers a library system that is in many ways more intuitive to the Kindle.

The Kobo supports EPUB and Adobe PDF ebook formats, meaning you can also choose from most online book stores and are not tied in to getting your books from the Kobo Store.

You also get unbeatable storage, thanks to an added microSD slot giving you the potential to pack in 30,000 ebooks.

How To Download Erotic eBooks Onto The Kobo

1.First download your books to your computer.

2.Connect the Kobo to the computer using the supplied USB cable. This will mount the device as an external disk drive.

3.It is then a simple task to copy the books to the necessary folder on the Kobo.

That's it! Nice, simple and quick. The way it should be!

We hope you enjoyed our review and if you still have questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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