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20 New Half Price eBooks - added 28 March 2012

The books on this page are Half Price but only for a short while. They are from all genres so grab yourself a bargain!

Chains by Terri Pray ebook cover thumbnail'} Chains by Terri Pray - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96) - Category BDSM eBooks

Brilliant Tales of Domination And Surrender!
Terri Pray is today's bestselling author of the romance of bondage and discipline. Here in a new collection are seventeen novelettes and short stories exploring the lives and dreams of those who live the life of masters and slaves. Among these unique, compelling stories are Mate Hunt, Breaking Habits, Stolen Moments, A Touch of Steel, Chains and others.

The Erotic Adventures Of Robin Hood by Eleanor Tremaine ebook cover thumbnail'} The Erotic Adventures Of Robin Hood by Eleanor Tremaine - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category Erotic Romance eBooks

Robin Hood And His Most Ribald (K)nights. A Sexy Saga Of Sherwood Forest!
From the author of The Erotic Adventures of King Arthur comes this story of Robin Hood as he really was. What's the point of being a rogue and an outlaw if you don't have any fun? Here is Robin Hood with a full quiver and he's ready for love. Why were the Merrymen so merry?

You'll learn the reason. And you probably suspected it all along. The Erotic adventures of Robin Hood recounts the famous archer's tale without the prudish...

Echo's Odyssey by Sascha Illyvich ebook cover thumbnail'} Echo's Odyssey by Sascha Illyvich - Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39) - Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

Follow Echo's Odyssey Through A Very Sexy, Very Magical World Of Wonder And Willing Women!
All beings have experiences that teach, and the Fey are no exception. After having betrayed their peaceful nature to fend off human invaders, many of them have remained scarred, seeing life only as a means of being until their lives end.

Echo's story is one of this nature. After joining the military to protect his loved ones during the Thirty Years War, he returned having realized his hands were so blood stained that he could...

Dimensions of Desire by David Salcido ebook cover thumbnail'} Dimensions of Desire by David Salcido - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category Sci-Fi Erotica eBooks

The Strange And Erotic Lurk In Both Familiar And Unfamiliar Places!
Dimensions of Desire combines science fiction and fantasy to create contemporary side trips through the veil of possibility where the strange and erotic lurk in both familiar and unfamiliar places.

Here you will encounter a different kind of vampire who sucks more than blood, a celebrated demon slayer who wakes to find himself trapped within the voluptuous body of his gorgon girlfriend, a living sex toy whose only desire is to...

Shadowman by Torsten Barring ebook cover thumbnail'} Shadowman by Torsten Barring - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

An Unforgettable Collection Of Highly Explicit Fictions With More Than A Dash Of Bondage and Discipline!
From Torsten Barring, author of such contemporary gay male classics as Peter Thornwell, The Switch, Prisoners of Torquemada, and The Monsters are Out, comes an unforgettable collection of highly explicit fictions with more than a dash of B&D.

From spoiled Southern aristocrats to randy youths sowing wild oats at the local picture show, Barring's imagination works overtime in these vignettes of homolust: past, present and...

Power And Punishment by Reese Gabriel ebook cover thumbnail'} Power And Punishment by Reese Gabriel - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96) - Category BDSM eBooks

Fully Satisfying Work Of D/S Erotica And A True Psychological Thriller
A Novel from the bestselling author of Obediently Ever After! A profoundly serious and insightful novel of B&D, that is at the same time a fully satisfying work of erotica and a true psychological thriller with deep sexual twists and surprises to the very last page.

In Power!, Peter Hathaway is a handsome young English teacher with everything going for him: a lovely wife, a new baby and a promising career at the city's top...

Rhapsody In The Key Of G by Peter Wilson ebook cover thumbnail'} Rhapsody In The Key Of G by Peter Wilson - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category BDSM eBooks

The Two Lovers Explore The Frontiers Of Sexual Desire And With The Help Of Some Friends!
It started out as just another business trip, but some spilled beer and a chance meeting in a bar led to a sexually charged night that changed both their lives forever.

Never before had Grant met anyone who affected him the way Alice did. Her free spirit brought forth hidden passions and exposed desires he never knew existed. After that first hot, anonymous night, Grant searched for Alice and ultimately found her again.

Fangs And Fortune by Irena Candy ebook cover thumbnail'} Fangs And Fortune by Irena Candy - Price: £1.19 ($ 1.69) - Category Fantasy Erotica

Scandal, Murder And Mayhem; What's A Vampire To Do!
Half Price - For a short while!

She Was A Vamp On Screen - And Off! It's the Roaring Twenties, and screen star Alita Argent shows off her legs, twirls her pearls, and vamps her way through men, money, illegal hooch, and chocolates with blood centers.

In the world of silent films, vamp is short for vampire, and screen vamps suck the heart, soul, and fortune out of the men who...

Chainsaw Slut by TreSart L. Sioux ebook cover thumbnail'} Chainsaw Slut by TreSart L. Sioux - Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39) - Category Sapphic Erotica

Erotic Stories Of Sapphic Lust!
By the Author of Bitches! Tough love is what these women give each other! And soft kisses. Another dazzling collection from one of today's top authors of tales of lesbian lust and love. Includes, Chainsaw Slut, One Hell of a Friend, For One Night, Who's Using Whom and other stories of women who love women.

The Initiate by Bo Bleu ebook cover thumbnail'} The Initiate by Bo Bleu - Price: £2.39 ($ 3.39) - Category Sapphic Erotica

If A Repressed Sexual Profile Can Ignite An Explosion, This Is The Unbeatable Combination!
Connie Couvier had two problems nagging her--a proud husband who dished out icicles for affection and a mysterious longing in her loins that refused to be satisfied.

It was when she saw the announcement for party-plan cosmetics that she decided to investigate the possibility of joining the nomadic band to make some extra income and get away long enough to think over her dilemma.

Meet Velma and her assistant...

The Single Tail of Mistress Kim: The Personal Trainer by Master Coe ebook cover thumbnail'} The Single Tail of Mistress Kim: The Personal Trainer by Master Coe - Price: £3.10 ($ 4.40) - Category BDSM eBooks

Extreme Bondage And Spanking At Its Best!
Mistress Kim is the most sought after slave trainer around. She can whip the most unruly slave into shape in no time. When two unruly slaves turn out to be too much to handle they are sent to Mistress Kim for an attitude adjustment.

Will these slaves change their wayward ways or will they have to endure the dreaded single tail whip?

Just As I Am by Christina Rhys ebook cover thumbnail'} Just As I Am by Christina Rhys - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category General Erotica

Five Erotica Novelettes About Second Chances For Love!
Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Love! Erotica for and about mature adults. Imagine a world where a man and a woman experience lust and steamy sex while also discovering the depths of love that can still be found after their hair has become streaked with silver. Love, passion, and a yearning for that special closeness that they ultimately bring do not belong only to the young.

They are the inherent rights of any person. The lovers in...

The Watcher by Rod Harden ebook cover thumbnail'} The Watcher by Rod Harden - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category BDSM eBooks

Tales Of Passion Unleashed!
Guilty Pleasures magazine said "Don't read this eBook....unless you are searching for satisfying adult entertainment!". In The Watcher and Other Tales of Passions Unleashed, a far-ranging collection of erotic stories and imaginings by the bestselling author of The Hunting of Bambi and The Abduction of Anna.

Start by living out Elaine's girlhood fantasy of cowboys and lariats. Then play a dangerous game of tease with a stranger...

You Own Me by David Jewell ebook cover thumbnail'} You Own Me by David Jewell - Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96) - Category BDSM eBooks

They Were Happy to Become His Willing Slaves!
Frank and his wife Tami enjoyed living the alternative lifestyle of bondage and domination. He was dominant and she was submissive. Then Frank seduced two other women, Colleen and Zoe, and turned them into willing slaves. This was easy, despite the fact that both women were married.

But their husbands wouldn't engage in oral sex or role playing -- or anything but straight, missionary position sex. And that infrequently. So both...

Slave Party by Jonas Jones ebook cover thumbnail'} Slave Party by Jonas Jones - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category BDSM eBooks

Anything Goes When Masters And Mistresses Bring Their Slaves To A Very Special Party!
The wildest novel of B&D Sizzler Editions have ever published. Anything goes when Masters and Mistresses bring their slaves to an anything-goes party hosted by Master Robert, the Dom with the will of iron.

To begin the festivities, Robert draws a curtain to reveal a half-dozen women slaves tied and bound in unusual positions or unusual equipment as statues in a living tableau; then he invites his fellow Doms to use the...

Dom Or Sub? by Heather Lynx ebook cover thumbnail'} Dom Or Sub? by Heather Lynx - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category BDSM eBooks

He Discovered An Even More Powerful Thrill When He Turned The Tables And Became Her Master!
The story of a switch, at first he liked submitting to women but then he found that he preferred dominating them. Through Mistress Joy, Damien discovered the sexual ecstasy of submission. He took everything she asked in the way of pain and degradation willingly and thought there could be nothing better.

But he discovered an even more powerful thrill when he turned the tables and became her master! He loved dominating women,...

The Tempting Of Samantha by Emy Naso ebook cover thumbnail'} The Tempting Of Samantha by Emy Naso - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category BDSM eBooks

Samantha Discovers She Will Have To Undergo Severe Training In Bondage And Discipline!
Unloved and unappreciated by her new husband and his troublesome brood of children, Samantha is swept off her feet when she meets Prince Nisien. The romantic prince sees the true Samantha and falls passionately in love with her. To her delight, he has soon spirited her off to his own country where she will become his bride and princess.

But... there is a catch. First the prince must awaken Samantha's unawakened "sexual energy"...

Out Of The Shadows by TreSart L. Sioux ebook cover thumbnail'} Out Of The Shadows by TreSart L. Sioux - Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12) - Category Sapphic Erotica

Tess Must Come To Terms With Herself If She Is Ever To Know True Happiness!
Tess and Kirk seem a typical married couple with their house in the suburbs, lackluster love life and the proverbial two children. But it is growing harder and harder for Tess to take, because she has known all all along that she is a lesbian and only truly sexually attracted to women.

Though Tess has fought her attraction to women for years due to her strict religious upbringing, she finally succumbs when she meets the...

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