Erotica Authors Wanted - Looking For a Publisher?

We Are Looking for Aspiring Authors of Erotica

Whether you are a budding erotica author or an established author of erotica trying to get your books published in electronic formats. You want to join the ebook revolution and we want to help. Please Contact Us.

All material submitted must be the author's own original work.

We can assess your work and if in our opinion it is a viable project and we think that it will sell then we can take things further.

We can help you with getting your works created into real erotica ebooks and placed on the web for sale.

We will pay you a gross royalty of 50% on any money we make on the sale of your books.

On acceptance we will send you a draft contract to look over. It is designed to be simple and fair.

Please read our Erotica Authors Submissions Guidelines for information on formatting your manuscripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are you looking for?
Well written and engaging erotica in the following categories: Heterosexual, Gay Male, Lesbian/Sapphic, BDSM (bondage, domination, submission and masochism), Bisexual.

What is unacceptable?
We will not consider or publish works which include the portrayal of any of the following elements (even if set in a consensual context):

  • Sexual encounters involving minors (under the age of 18 years) in any way.
  • Anything sexual that results in severe or life-threatening physical harm.
  • Strangulation or suffocation.
  • Incest.
  • Bestiality.
  • Necrophilia.
We will not consider or publish works that in our opinion offends large groups of people for any reason or that promotes hatred, violence or the division of people in any way.

What if you reject my work?
If we reject your work it will be either because it has unacceptable content or that we don't think we can sell enough copies over a period of time to justify the work needed to get it published. This does not mean that your work will be rejected by other publishers, so please continue your search.

How much is all this going to cost me?
Nothing. You've used your skill and your time and effort to produce the book. We'll use our skill and our time and effort to create the ebook and get it sold. It's an equal endeavour, yours and ours. That's why we do a 50:50 deal, it just seems fair.

How much money will I make?
It's impossible to say. Some authors make a fortune and others nothing at all. It's the public that buy or not as the case may be and we have no control over them. The more books you have to sell the better your chances but quality counts too. It's in our interest to sell your book and you can count on our efforts but no guarantees can be given.

Who owns the copyright?
As the author, you own the copyright.

I'm not that good on a word processor, is that a problem?
No. We can advise you on what software to use (it's free) and how to use it. We are after great story tellers not great technicians.

Can you advise on what word processing software to use?
Yes. Microsoft Word is the industry standard but it is expensive and only runs on Microsoft Windows computers. We use Open Office it's FREE and it's very similar to 'Word' and very importantly it runs on virtually all computers. You can get it here: Download Open Office

I'm not capable of making a cover image, is that a problem?
No. We can do that for you.

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