Customer Testimonials

Adult eBook Shop likes to listen to its customers.

Our aim is to provide to you with quality ebooks that are competitively priced combined with unrivalled customer service via an easy to use and intuitive website.

We added a survey to the site early December 2008 to find out what our customers really think about the site. We like constructive criticism and especially praise. If you would like to suggest improvements, we would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us form. Thanks, your comments will get our attention and immediate action. That is guaranteed!

Here are some of our recent customers testimonials


"I was merely comparing prices, and actually you were cheaper than Amazon, so i will buy from you!"

"Clear descriptions and pricing. Easy selection and ordering."

"Im a paranormal romance junkie and was looking for another site after 6 months of cruising and buying from for over a year. I needed something fresh and you got it."

"I like seeing the books that others have bought with the ones that I am looking at."

"The convenience. I love going to bookstores, both regular and adult, but don't always have the time. This site has been wonderful."


"This website is cheap and fast the service is great keep up the great work ."

"No in your face advertising."

"I love your pick of the week, best sellers lists and author links to books... I am an author, but also a reader, so I keep both aspects in mind."

"The selection of books is great and they make it so easy to find what you're looking for, which makes shopping on very easy and enjoyable. "

"I've bought books on the site. Like the excerpts and now I have books being sold on the site. Represented very well."


"The variety and categories...I usually shop at ??????.com and it is hard to narrow down categories other than general erotica. This means I have to skim through many books that have little interest to me until I find a keeper."

"Quality of authors, size of stock, speed of website."

"wishlist wasn't working"  Editor: You have to be registered on the site and logged in to use the Wishlist. The system has to know who you are.

"Finest erotic writing anywhere;easy to download and the selection is the best I have seen."

"Wider variety of choices of reading material at lower prices than other stores."

"Being able to read excerpts of adult books before you buy."

"Variety and the available subjects not on other sites. the links to various publishers and their available ebooks. the available free ebooks. i would like to see some in audio but enjoy what is avaible. thanks."

"The range (and price) of e-books is better than most other sites."

"Great number of books for purchase but the formats I need for the sony ereader are not ava. Looking for LRF or EPUB formats. HTML would also be useful as that can be converted."  Editor: The Sony eReader can read Adobe (PDF) format.

"Its vast array of different kinds of erotic fiction; something I like to read once in a while. I looked at one selection earlier today and was pleased to read an excerpt from it. Downloaded a free ebook just a minute ago to try it out and to my amazement it was fast."

"Your search function keeps returning zero results. I had a list of 14 books I wanted to buy, and you carry none of them. They are not obscure books, either."  Editor: If you experience problems like this, please contact us via Contact Us page. We respond very quickly.

"Easy to navigate, pay and download... no unnecessary frills!."

"Well structured, easily navigated web-site."

"In the past I was able to find ebooks that I was unsuccessful in finding else where."

"I live in Bahrain where many sites are banned, but this one I can access easily. Also, I appreciate the free downloads as I am new to reading erotica and not sure what I want."

"I didn't find what I was looking for. You need to have a folder for the "menage" books to make it easier to find."  Editor: Try entering menage in the Search box.

"A good selection of authors and themes."

"Good short description of books fast and reliable purchase system."

"Variety of reading options. No hassle place to explore adult topics. Also like the free reads."

"I enjoyed the variety and prices."


"There should be a search engine in your site by interest"  Editor: You can search by category and use the Search box, top left to narrow the search. eg. spanking etc.

"Well laid out and easy to navigate."

"I came looking for authors of erotic lesbian writing and found more than I thought was out there."

"Ease of use and good selection."

"I'm only new to it, so not sure yet, but I do like the breadth of novels and catagorys available."

"Product excerpts."

"Easy to navigate."

"Availability of e-books for formerly print-only titles. As an author, I like to see the market expand."

"Ability to read excerpts from each book."

"No new books to purchase."  Editor: Check out Recently Added eBooks and Erotica Available Soon. There are loads!

"The outlines of the books offered is to vague and there are no previews. There is not enough info available ."  Editor: Point Taken we have now moved Read Excerpt link to be immediately after books description. It's now easier to see.

"Information Provided."

"It had assorted version of books."


"Range & price!"

"Ease of access; cost"

"Options and depth."

"All of the e-books you sell are really cheap compared to some/most other e-book sites so we are getting the best authors at the best prices. Thanks."

"Availability of books I want and ease of use."

"Ease of use and availability of classic erotica."

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