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Summers Aadinath

Blake C Aarens  Blake C. Aarens is an author, playwright, poet, screenwriter, and former college theatre...

Alyssa Aaron  When not writing Alyssa enjoys gardening, quilting, collecting recipes, and volunteering for causes.

Frank Aaron

Toby Abbott

Abel  Abel is a new writer who specializes in strong BDSM content with an interracial flavor.

Mark Abramson

S M Ackerman

Aaron Acland  Aaron is a gay man living in England who draws heavily on his own experience as material for his...

D P Adamov

Bette Jene Adams

Kami Adams

Rick Adams

Steve Adams

Valentine Adams  Born on February 14th (when else!), Val credits an overly romantic mother for the name Valentine...


Alcazar  Alcazar is a widely travelled BDSM writer with a fondness for short stories with an unexpected twist

M J Aleese  Born and raised in a straight laced environment, M.J. Aleese never thought about erotica or even...

Don Brennus Alera

Austin Alexander

Richard Alexander

MJ Alister

Ford Allen

Gregory Allen

Jack Allen  Jack Allen is the Detroit area's best unknown erotic author, with twelve erotic titles completed...

Lee Allen

Mako Allen

W G Ames

Ayn Amorelli  Ayn was born in Houston, Texas in the US. She writes Steamy Romances under the name of Ayn...

Alec Anaconda  I'm a professional, active, inquisitive and intensely private person. My works on this site are...

Frack Anders  A writer with a very wild and devious imagination!

Lia Anderssen

Marcus Andrews

Mark Andrews

Tilly Andrews

Dark Angel

Gregory D Angeles

Anguine  Anguine unfortunately died in 2005. As part of his legacy, we at Fiction4All have the privilege...

Anon1940  The study and appreciation of the female anatomy,its nuances and its delicacy has long fascinated...

Anonymous  Quite simply, the authors of these erotic books wished to remain anonymous. The stories were...

Krys Antarakis

Laura Antoniou  Writes using name Christopher Morgan.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Fletchina Archer  I was born in Colorado where I also went to high school and college. I have a black belt in...

JP Archer  JP Archer lives in the heart of Oklahoma carrying out her dream. She writes erotic romance and...

Adriana Arden

Jim Armstrong

Charles Arnold

A J Arnost

Ashley Artemis

Mikala Ash

Erik D Astor  Approaching what some consider a 'mature' state of my life--although not in my own mind, I have...

William Avon

Axiom  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Enter my world of fiction - or is it truth - a world...


Sara Babyac  Sara (Sassy) is a real life independent working girl, gradually leaving the lifestyle and drawing...

Estaban Bacca  Author Estaban Bacca brings action fiction to the erotic and blends them with style and verve...

Candy Bagham

Proctor Baldwin

Bobby Ballor

Ann Bannon

Renata Barber  Renata Barber is a copywriter in Los Angeles. Her articles on design and travel have appeared in...

R G Bargy  R.G. Bargy is an active participant in the bondage lifestyle, giving as well as receiving. His...

Torsten Barring

Tom Barron

Jon Barry  Jon Barry is a US-based fetish a erotica writer. His work has appeared under various names in...

Alex Barton

Jen Basey

Marylynn Bast

Jay Beach

Natalia Beale  Natalia Beale lives a double life. During the day she works as a paralegal, complete with the...

David Beats  David has been involved with Bondage and SM activity since the Mid 80s. He draws on many of...

Josephine Beausejour

Everett Bedford

Sarah Bella  Bella is a small town Minnesota girl who calls pop by its proper name – pop. She is a writer of...

Chris Bellows  Chris Bellows, a nom de plume, is single and on the north side of middle age. He lives a...

Frances Gaines Bennett

Chrissie Bentley

Roger Beresford

Anthony Berne

Sandrine Bessancort

Jonathan Biernot

Dick Bigalow

Bill  Bill writes unique stories with a hard Femdom theme. His writing is always erotic yet often...

Billierosie  Billierosie lives in a pretty village in England. She doesn't fit with village life; certainly...

Peter Birch

Janie Bird

Jade Blackmore  Jade Blackmore is a widely published erotica author and poet. Her books include "Seduced And...

Lady Blade  Lady Blade is a magical and mystical woman of many talents. She enjoys writing, reading...

Paul Blades

Hugo Blake

Don Blane

Bo Bleu

Virginia Bliss

Darlene Blotzer  An erotic lesbian fiction author

Joan Bludis

Fidelis Blue

Charles Edward Bluehawk

Martin Blunt  A mix of fetish and erotic both in picture and word form evoking a style

Abby Blythe

Brandon Bond  Brandon lives in the Chesapeake Bay area in the US.

Stacey Bond

Commander James Bondage

Caroline Boreham-Wood  Caroline Boreham-Wood's bawdy memoirs first appeared in The Oyster, which was perhaps the...

Robert Bossick

Le Compte Du Bouleau

Tim Bowie

George Boxlicker

Fergie Boy  

Barbara Donlon Bradley

Tabitha Bradley  Arizona author Tabitha Bradley has been writing science fiction, fantasy and erotica for over ten...

Declan Brand  Started as a writer for the long-defunct HOM brand in the United States. Spent time as a film...

Falconer Bridges

Jack Brighton

Eden Bristol

Tabitha Briton

Lysa Britt  I write stories that I would love to read since no one else is writing them. My vampires are at...

Saundra Brookes

Lindsey Brooks  Lindsey discovered BDSM many years ago during a Viking excavation in Sweden, although it was...

A J Brown

Dan Bruce

Trevor Bruhn

Marianne Brun

Victor Bruno  THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.

Celeste Buchan

James Buchanan  James Buchanan, author of over ten novels and single author anthologies, lives in a 100 year old...

Victoria Alice Buchanan

Stephanie Burke

Jack Burns

Will Buster  I've been writing erotica for almost three years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings...

Grendel Butler  Grendel Butler is interested in writing fully rounded flesh-and-blood women into the BDSM genre...


Joseph J Cacciotti

Christine Calnin  Christine Calnin writes from her rural Wisconsin home amidst kids, cats, dogs, cows, sheep and a...

Nat Cameron

Paula Cameron

Irena Candy

Angela Caperton  Award winning author Angela Caperton has been writing eclectic erotica that challenges genre...

Annabeth Carew

Vera Carlisle

Betty Carlton


Richard Carradine

Marcus Cashman

Melanie Cashman

Cyn Castle

Hilary Chale

Eden T Chase  Eden T. Chase is of the Chases of South Carolina. Educated at southeastern universities and...

Cybele Chassaing

Daphne Chennault

M Christian  M.Christian is an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 300 stories in such anthologies...

Margie Church  I am a multi-published, erotic romance novelist. My books have a strong suspense element, in...

Mary Alice Clarke

Miss Irene Clearmont  I am a writer who has been writing on and off for the last ten years but has only been present on...

Freddie Clegg  Freddie Clegg is a writer of erotic tales with a theme of forced servitude, slavery and abduction...

John Cleland  John Cleland (baptised September 24, 1709 - January 23, 1789) was an English novelist most famous...

Greg Cline  Greg Cline is an Australian author born in Britain. With a life-long interest in power exchange...

R W Clinger

Clarice Clique  Clarice Clique lives in England dreaming of all the lives she is not living. Some of these dreams...

Robert Cloud

Master Coe  Master Coe has been in the BDSM community for over 20 years now. BDSM is a life style for him...

Elizabeth Coldwell  Elizabeth Coldwell is the author of numerous short stories and two full-length novels...

Alexandra Cole


D W Collins

Monica Conti

Cay Corey

Xavier Couperin  One-Way-Marriage was my first attempt at a femdom novel and was based (very loosely) on my first...

Annie Cox

W F Cox

Dominique Cranston

Creative Mind

Michaela Crowe

Virginia Crowley

Josie Crupper  My name is Josie, not the prettiest name, but it's the one I was born with. I'm English, just...

Maxwell Crush

Rusty Cuffs

Julius Culdrose

Kathy Culina  Lesbian Erotica Bondage Author.

Constance Cummings

Faith Cummings

Duncan Cusic

K B Cutter  Born and bred Long Islander, I grew up working class poor. There were few escapes for me...


Val D'Or  An author with a 'huge breasts' fetish - it features strongly in his stories of BDSM!

Mark Dante

Bonnie Dark

Kim Dark

Clarice Darling

Adam Darrener

James Darwin

Earl Dassad

Samantha Davies  Samantha writes hot erotica and splits her time between North Somerset and Nice in France.

Sonni De Soto

H Dean

Edmund DeBarquet

Mary DeCarlo

Candice Dekkor

Akbar del Piombo

Maria Del Ray

Maria Del Rey

Anara Delight  Anara Delight is a best selling award winning author of erotic novels in many different genres.

Jeff DeLuna

Mykola Dementiuk  Though born in West Germany Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk is Ukrainian and grew up in the United States...

Robert Desmond

Rachel DeSouza  I've been writing erotica for many years, and in my work, I tend to call upon personal experience...

William DeVente

Cherry Deveraux

Charles Devereaux

Simone DeWinter

Vincent Diamond

Alyssa Disarro

Veronica Divine  Veronica is an East Coast gal now living on the West Coast. When she is not blistering the...

Deanna G Dodge  I am a mid-40's wife that enjoys sexual recreation with other men, with my husband's consent...

General Dom

Jeremy M Donger

Lee Dorsey

Dale Doty

Stephen Douglas

Treya Douglas

W L Dowd  Voted the Fiction4All 2010 Members Choice - #1 Bondage / BDSM Author!

Nick Downes

Dragonfire  A romantic gentleman who loves bringing pleasure to the ladies ... young or maybe a bit older...

DrkFetyshNyghts  I am a 36 year old Lady writer and I have a 'thing' for latex, nylons and heels... all wrapped up...

Penelope Drops

Steven Drukker

Damien Dsoul  Damien Dsoul is in his early thirties, born and raised in Nigeria, and is a published author and...

Sidney Durham  Sidney Durham is happiest when writing, and when he isn't writing, he isn't. Mr. Durham's work...

Debbie Durschka

Lizbeth Dusseau  I’ve been writing bondage, bdsm and spanking erotica for so long I can’t imagine doing anything...

David O Dyer Jr

David O Dyer Sr


Carl East  Carl East has had the Number 1 Bestseller on the Apple Book Store with Blonde and Wet the...

Ed Edas  I'm just turned sixty with at least thirty years of refined BDSM experience behind me. I'm a...

Herbert Edgar

Missy Eds

Imogen Edwards

Janine Edwards

Lance Edwards

Dimitra Ekmektsis  She lives in the USA, and is studying for a Master of Arts degree in Diplomacy...

Georgette Eliot


Tory Elliot

A C Ellis

Kara Elsberry

Danielle Engle

Paula S Erikson

Tommie Evans  An erotic lesbian fiction author.

T E Evanson

Priscilla Everhard  Priscilla has a taste for bizarre romances. She takes her characters from people she has met...

Lowered Eyes

Sammi Eyre




Tom Farrell

Justin Fermoni

FerranArtist  FerranArtist writes BDSM fiction involving the erotic mistreatment of women. His stories are...

T S Fesseln  T S Fesseln is a master of the dark romantic side of bondage.

Katherine Forbes

Johnathan E Ford

Elizabeth Forster

Sarah Forth

Dr Jane Foxx  Dr Jane Foxx has been a successful professional domina and is 5’6”, 110 lbs of slim, trim sadism...

Knight Foxx

M C Franchone

Michaela Francis


A C Fresnell

Nancy Friday  Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Friday grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and was educated...

Louis Friend

Carla Frost


Gala Fur

Stella Fyre


Reese Gabriel  Reese Gabriel is a writer, teacher, parent, lover and activist, seeking to live out dreams and...

Susan Gabriel

Roget Gaiton

William Gaius  I was born in 1943, when all the men were off to war, so I grew up surrounded by women who...

Jane Gallion

C D Galloway

Lou P Garou

Charlotte Gatto

Jamie Joy Gatto  Jamie Joy Gatto is a widely published author and editor of literary erotica whose work has been...

Anne Gentry

Ken Gervase


Germany Gibson

Gloryboy  Gloryboy has been writing short stories and novellas for many years.  His themes of sever...

S A Gorden

Rex Gordon

Veronica Grace  Veronica has been writing fiction in one form or another throughout her life. She enjoys...


Peter Graefenberg

Charles Graham

Simon Grail

Peter Grant

Roxanne Gray

R Greco  Ralph Greco is a writer, musician and broadcaster.

G F Green

George Arthur Green  George Arhur Green or GAG was first published in the Harmony mags in the 1980's. His settings of...

Madison Green

Patricia Green

Matt Gregory

Parker Grey

Valerie Grey

Richard Greystoke

Aarona Griffin

Herb Grisman

Daniel Guy

S Guy  S. Guy is an underground erotica writer.



Vita H

Birch Hale

Alexander Hamilton  Alex Hamilton currently lives in California; the woeful economic conditions of that state have...

Laura Hammond

Les Hansom  Les Hansom is a 35 year old male writer living in the London area whose work has been...

Rod Harden  Rod Harden is a mild mannered government bureaucrat by day, writer of smut by night. He lives in...

Melissa Harlow  I live in rural western Pennsylvania, on a small farm, with my family and a vast number of...

Daisy Harris  Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still...

Frank Harris

J W Hart

Leilani Harvey  Leilani Harvey is a lover of romantic dramas, torrid affairs...

Spencer Haskell

Roger Hastings

Ken Hatton

J J Hawk

Rachel Heath

Eddie Heaton

Wade Heaton

J Heflin

Helgaleena  Helgaleena Healingline is the nom de plume of a Reformed Druid of North America living quietly in...

Marcus Van Heller  A pseudonym used by Hugh Zachary. aka Peter Danielson (with Franklin King and James Reasoner...

Helen Henley

Marisette Hennessey

Ryan Hennessy  Experienced writer steeped in the world of bdsm and with a background in Law likes to create...

Tina Hess  Tina Hess writes erotic fiction and non-fiction. Her stories, articles, and poetry have been...

Ashley Hind

Andrew Hobson

Lynn Hoffman

Brian Holian  Irish by Grace of God, American due to circumstance.

James Holt

W K Hoover

Eva Hore

Sylvester Horne  Over fifty years or so I have daydreamed my life away making up stories as I went about the...

Michelle Houston  Michelle Houston has been writing erotica since 1995 and has been a presence online in the erotic...

Theda Hudson

Jay Hughes

Martin Hughes  Martin Hughes has published dozens of bestselling novels of capture and B/D humiliation. His...

Toni Hunt  Toni Hunt is a widely experienced media veteran. The author of many newspaper and magazine...

Wilbur L Hunt

Adrian Hunter  Adrian Hunter is the author of Ace of Slaves, Chain Reaction, Come True, Crash Your Party Dress...

Lauries Husband  I grew up a child of the 60s and tried to participate in every phase of the changes that marked...

Sophia Hyland


Sascha Illyvich  My name is Sascha Illyvich and I'm an erotic romance author. I've been writing reotic fiction for...

Ms Indira



Miss J  Miss J lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and enjoys a life rich in happiness, love and sex. She...

Anneke Jacob  I was born in the heart of downtown Toronto, and for most of my life that's been my home. It's a...

Marla Jacques  Writer of historical erotica. (sorry - Marla prefers to remain mysterious and won't say any more...)

Savannah Jalayne

Alex James

Chris James

Dominique James  Dominique James is happily married to Peter, a successful engineer with his own business. She is...

Mason Jarre  Mason Jarre is an author of Scottish origins now living in Florida. He writes powerful stories of...

Jasmyn  Writing has always been one of my passions. I started writing poetry in high school in 1999 and...

Zachary Jean  Zachary Jean is a hospice nurse living in the wilds of Michigan. This is his first collection of...

Stanley Jeffries

Adam Jepsrock  He has a varied background with many different interests. He has raced off road vehicles in...

David Jewell  In 1968, David Jewell graduated from the police academy in Southern California. Preparing to go...

JG-Leathers  JG-Leathers philosophy is - MY life is NOT going to be a journey to the grave with the...

Alex John

Pat Johnson

Susie Johnson

Jacqueline Joline

J L Jones  An American writer with a very good insight into girls who like the BDSM scene.

Jonas Jones  Jonas Jones is a kinky, polymorphous, bisexual switch who integrates sizzling sex scenes with...

P A Jones

Pearl Jones

Clemency Jopling

Karen Jordan

Kyle Jordan

Tyrese Jordan  Tyrese Jordan is a 42 year old writer and author of erotic fiction. He discovered the escapism of...


Raven Kaldera

J P Kansas


Kirsten Imani Kasai  Kirsten Imani Kasai writes dark fantasy, horror and erotica. She's the author of Ice Song (winner...

Barbara Keesling

Erica Kelley

Alexander Kelly

Emma Kelly

Kiernan Kelly  Kiernan Kelly lives in the wilds of the alligator–infested U.S. Southeast, slathered in SPF 45...

Scott Kelly

Mack Keon

King Key  Years before puberty, I experienced a visceral fascination with dominant, slinky ladies...

Tyree Q Kimber  Born in California, grew up in central Kansas, and currently live in Kansas City.

D L King

Peter King  A specialist in the art form of training slaves, Peter King is a great new author and was...


Kim Knight

Michelle Knight  Michelle's first book was in 1996 and she has been writing ever since; and getting better, or so...

Amanda Knights  Having an interest in Science Fiction, the author became enamored with the John Norman Gor series...

Tom Knox

Elizabeth J Kolodziej  Author of The Last Witch Series, has researched the origins of vampires, werewolves, witches...

Kya Korday  I am one of those authors who writes a story with sex, not the other way around. My tales always...

Kotochaos  Kotochaos is a young storyteller who still believes in magic. He started writing erotica as a...

Ron Kozloff

Nick Kruk

Paul Kruk  Paul Kruk writes mostly femdom, set in sophisticated places, where the men are sometimes...


Denise La Croix

Vashti La Soeur

Marianne Lacroix

Steve Lacroix

Jan Vander Laenen  Jan Vander Laenen was born on 18 May 1960 in the Flemish- speaking part of Belgium as the third...


Harmony Laine  fetish based BDSM writer!

Lynn Lake  I'm forty years-old, 5'6", 130 pounds (give or take), and have blonde hair, green eyes, big tits...

Isabella Lamont  I like compelling original stories that suddenly become blazing hot. If you need the action to...

Mark Lamorna

Elysee Lane

Kelly Lane

Randall Lang  Randall Lang grew up in the tough coal fields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing came...

J T Langdon

Julie Larson  I am an artist turned erotic story writer. I live out west and enjoy the beaches we have here in...

Michele Larue

Rebecca Lash

M L Laurent-Tailhade

A D Law

Adrian Lawrence

D H Lawrence  David Herbert Lawrence was born on September 11, 1885 at Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, the son of...

Jay Lawrence  Miss Jay Lawrence is an expatriate Scot who currently hangs out near Vancouver, Canada. She is...

T J Lazier

Dominique Le Fouchat

Kate Lear

Arika Lee  American born Arika Lee spent her youth on the island of Malta. Prior to taking up fiction...

J D Lee

Edward Leech  Being a daydreamer I have spent much of my life thinking up stories to amuse myself and i hope...

Jessica Lennox  Jessica Lennox has been writing erotic fiction for almost twenty years. Her first piece was...

L H Leroux

Edward Levi

Marilyn Jaye Lewis  Marilyn Jaye Lewis was the founder of the Erotic Authors Association, the first...

S J Lewis  I’ve been writing since high school, and much of what I’ve written was erotic fiction in one form

Mad Lews  Winner of a Reader's Choice award for Erotica in 2005, and a well read author in the BDSM...

Lady Lilith  I am Madame Yvonne Badeaux, also known as Lady Lilith. My body is a temple of desire and lust...

Carl Lindant  Military service as a career followed by same sort of work in civilian industry. Interested in...

Collette Linguetta

Anders Linn

Little One  Raised in a family with a heartless, controlling mother and loving but spineless father...

Robert Lloyd

Olivia London  Olivia London is the pseudonym of a writer living in Seattle. Her online credits include Ruthie's...

Vanessa London

Longbow  Longbow has been writing fiction for as long as he can remember. Extremely well travelled, his...

Lori Selke

Candy Lover

Thomas Low  Thomas Low is in his late thirties, he lives and writes in London, England.

Boris Ludmenkov

Melissa Lumley  I was born in the 1960's, attended stage school in London where I was surrounded by artistic and...

Sabrina Luna

Catherine Lundoff  Catherine Lundoff has done a lot of stuff. For the last decade or so she has lived in Minneapolis...

Lacey Lusker


Julieanne Lynch  Fiery Librian Julieanne Lynch is an author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens...

Heather Lynx

Jim Lyon  Jim Lyon began writing erotica in the mid 1990s. Prior to his first femdom-themed erotic novellas...

M Lyttleton


E Mabeuse

J J MacGuire

Shay Maclean  Hello, I'm Shay MacLean,writer of erotic and historical romance as well as poetry. Originally, I...

Zakfar Magni

Stanfield Major

Sam Mallory

Tony Malo

Michael Mandrake  Michael Mandrake, a writer from Chicago, has had five shorts accepted for publication including...

Victoria Manley  Victoria Manley lives in sunny, tropical Florida with her husband, their two dogs and a fish...

Laurie Mann

Lady Mantara  Somewhere around ten years ago I started by writing free verse, the messages in the pieces were...

Zoey Marcel


Lorenzo Marks

Jake Marlow  Jake Marlow has been writing scorching erotica ever since he discovered a stash of erotic...

Marmie  Marmie is a creative kitten who entered the BDSM scene about two years ago. During that time she...

Peter Marriner

Marilyn Martin

Everett Marx  Everett Marx lives in South Florida. He writes stories on his computer and songs on his guitar...

Dirty Mary

Steve Maser

Alisha Mathew

Alisha Mathews  An erotic lesbian fiction author.

Jason Maxwell

Frank McCall  Writer of bondage and slave training stories, primarily featuring legal teens.

Lady Alice McCloud  Lady Alice is one of the most successful erotic authors around and we're delighted to present her...

Naomi McElroy

Hector McIntyre  Read about me in `Sex Auction` and you will discover some of the things I like about life!

Alison McKenna

J W McKenna  J.W. McKenna is a writer and former journalist living in the Midwest USA. He has penned more than...

Bruce McLachlan  Aliens, strange worlds, fetish based writing.

Alan McLean

Hank Mcleod

Nigel McParr

Martin McRae

Heather McVey  Heather McVey, was born on the 1st May in 1979 in Scotland. Currently she lives with her...

Wanda Mearer

Tor Melati  Self employed carpenter. Recently retired so started to write.

Paul Melrose

K L Melvany

Mizzy Micox  Raunchy, sex loving, cock loving, whistleblowing reporter. One night with me will get YOU in the...

Esu Migabe

A P Miller  AP Miller is a husband and wife writing team from the Red Rock Mountains of Nevada, near Las Vegas..

Jamie Lynn Miller  She's a romantic at heart, and her stories reflect the desire we all have to find 'the one'.

Jim Miller

M Millswan  Michael Millswan is the author of over one dozen books, many of them erotica. He lives in Texas...


L A Mistral

Mistress Q

Wayne Mitchell

J Montague

Eve Montana

Peter Moon

Paul Moore

Dorla Moorehouse

C Moose

Dan Moran

Christopher Morgan

Merril Morgan

Rex Morgenthal

N T Morley  N.T. Morley has written more than twenty published and forthcoming novels of erotic dominance and...

Victoria Morris  Victoria began writing bdsm-based erotica in 1999 in the form of short stories and poetry. Her...

Paul T Morrisson

Sam Moss

Sarah Munro

D Musgrave  He grew up being told more often than not that day dreaming was a waste of time. What a crock...


Elizabeth Nash

Emy Naso  Novelist, essayist and poet. Emy's work ranged from beautiful love laments to erotic short...

J C Natal  J. C. Natál has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen. There was a devout...

Sir Nathan  Sir Nathan is an Australian author who burst onto the scene about 8 years ago...

Allan Naylor

Harry Neptune

Christopher Newman  Christopher Newman has been a resident of Trumbull County all of his forty-six years. Currently...

Robert Newman  I'm a publlished mainstream author who also lives the BDSM lifestyle. It makes life very...

Sam Nicol  34 year old adventurer and I love writing in my spare time.


Lillian Nightshade  Lillian Nightshade began writing erotica over ten years ago. As her own interest in and passion...

Joe Nobel  Joe Nobel spends his time between a parallel universe just outside Boston, Massachusetts and an...

Jack Norman  Experienced writer of innovative, plot-driven bsdm novels in both modern and historical settings...

Stefani Nyghts  I tend to exist (and star) in my own nightmares blending stark horror, bdsm and fetish and coming...


Michael O'Connor

Mike O'Connor

Sean O'Kane  Sean O'Knae is one of the most prolific erotic authors on the scene. He has developed the...

Kerrie O'Keefe

Ryan O'Leary

Erin O'Naill

Rory O'Neal

J A Obee

Kat Obeys

Richard Ogden  Richard is Australian and has published works in other genres under a different name. He has a...

Alicia Night Orchid




Richard Raoul Packwood

Surata Padme

RX Paine  I have been writing erotic fiction for many years, for some of the better know publications on...

Jo Paso

Emma Paul  Emma Paul lives in her own little fantasy world ... well at least when she is creating the...

Stu Pawts

Kenoa Paxton

Alex Payne

Pebbles  ‘Pebbles’ is the pseudonym of a now retired English training manager. Born in the late 1940’s, he...

Anise Pemberton  I'm married and know about the lifestyle I write about intimately. The stories I tell are going...

Dark Pen

James Pendergrass  James Pendergrass has written femdom erotica for only the past six years, but has been a student...

Clare Penne  Technical Writer and Artist recently arrived into this field of writing FemDom material. Open to...

Mike Perkins

Aaron Pery  I had always been a natural storyteller and voracious book reader. It had always been my wish to...

Erotic Pet

Nona Petit

Em Petrova  Em Petrova is a writer of hot, lover of all things coffee, devotee of books, and worshipper of...

Robb Pettrie  A 60 YO WM who loves reading and writing bisexual spanking, bondage, and sexual slavery stories...

Corbie Petulengro

Diana Philbrick

Nathan Pike  I want my stories to come across as how it can happen, how it did happen, or how will happen...

K B Plum


Powerone  Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad females forever perk his imagination.

Lorelei Powers  Lorelei Powers, also known as Mistress Lorelei, is the author of the BDSM how-to classics The...

Terri Pray  Terri Pray is originally from England but has resided in the USA since 1999 where she now happily...

Paul Preston

Jason Price  Jason Price has started out writing numerous erotic stories for sex story sites on the internet...


Fenner Quant

Corliss Quinn


Bella Rae  A young New Zealand mum of 4, I live literally at the bottom of the world! I enjoy reading and...

Nera Ragno

Kimberley Raines

Alan Raison

C K Ralston  C.K. Ralston has written and published over thirty erotic novels, both paperbacks and ebooks...


Olivia M Ravensworth  I have been writing erotica since the mid 1990s, exploring the pursuit of human sexuality in all...

Stephen Rawlings

See Ray  The author is a long term writer of Femdomme literature, but has never shared his work with the...

Alexandria Rayne

Reage Reborn

Charlotte Redland  Charlotte Redland lives with her husband and three large dogs in Southern California. At first...

T E Redlich

Anna Reed  Anna Reed is an architect and writer who lives in Berkeley, California. Reed's erotic writing can...

Nobilis Reed  A few years ago Nobilis Reed decided to start sharing the naughty little stories he scribbled out...

Alexander Renault

M J Rennie  M. J. Rennie is the author of many erotic novels, including "Plus Size Signe" and "Permissions: A...

Keith Reynolds

Lani Rhea  Lani lives in the heart of Oklahoma. She writes in the paranormal and contemporary erotic romance...

Christina Rhys  Christina Rhys currently resides in Kentucky. All of her work involves characters who are past...

Patrick Richards

Dominic Ridler

Christi Riverton

Miguel de Riviera

D F Roberts

Jessica Roberts

Rachel Roberts  Hi, I'm Rachel Roberts, born and raised in Newport, South Wales and my long fiery red hair always...

T B Robertson

Thomas Roche  Thomas S. Roche is the editor of the Noirotica series of erotic crime-noir anthologies and a...

Mathis B Rogers

Wayne C Rogers

Ronal Rorcy

Ciana Rose

Crystal Rose

Ike Rose  Ike Rose writes historic erotic romance fiction about the decade after the Stonewall Riots: the...

Isabelle Rose  Isabelle Rose is a novelist and a poet. She currently resides in Elsmere, Delaware with her...

Lindsay Ross

Severin Rossetti  A fine art graduate, Severin Rossetti taught art at a high school in Liverpool for a many years...

Dania Rouge

Wes Royal  When I was a preschooler I preferred making toys from odds and ends instead of buying them...

Jason Rubis

C H Rucker

Devon Rudolph

Lee Rush


Janet S  Janet S is a passionate woman and a passionate writer who loves sex of all kinds...

Sablesword  The evil twin of a modern-day mad scientist (Igor division), Sablesword dabbles in writing and...

Leopold Sacher-Masoch  (27 January, 1836 – 9 March, 1895) was an Austrian writer and journalist, who gained...

Bonni Sansom  Bonni Sansom lives in the Deep South with her husband and two beautiful children. Most days when...

A Satyr  A. Satyr travels the world to observe taboo and forbidden sexual activities and to record them...

J M Sauvage

John Savage

Richard Savage


David Saxon

Charlotte Schaffer

J A Schenley

Scarlet Scorpio  I live in a small town where my neighbors would be shocked if they knew what I spent my spare...

Harriet Scott

Josephine Scott

Lukas Scott

Sapphire Scott

Robert Scully


Leslie Sea

Willow Sears

J Troy Seate  Troy has been writing since 2001 and has written everything from essays to humor to the macabre...


Serles  Serles discovered erotica after retiring from a major southern university. He is married with...

Clare Seven  Clare Seven divides her time between writing erotic fiction, being a management accountant and...

Severin  A writer based on the East Coast of the US, Severin's tales of female domination, fetishism and...


Ken Shakin

Chris Shaw

Chelsea Shepard  In addition to coauthoring Once Bitten and Association with Adrian Hunter, Chelsea Shepard writes...

Lord Johnny Sheridan

Shooter3704  I suppose I would be considered a senior citizen. One with an evil mind, but senior never the...

Elaine Shuel

D F Sign  D.F. Sign is a sixty year old man, who, after his own 'experiences' has a lot to offer the lovers...

Tanya Simmonds

Konrad Simon

Gianna Simone

Daphne Simons

John Simpson

Ciarra Sims

V W Singer  Do you hate leather pants? Does rubber make you itchy? Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Laura Sinn  Always loved the genre so I thought I'd contribute to the massive library already available.

TreSart L. Sioux  TreSart L.Sioux has been in the art scene for the past seventeen years. Her media ranges from pen...

Barbara Skinner

C A Smith  C. A. Smith's novels dance along the extreme edge. He writes with wit and style and seems to care...

Candace Smith  Candace Smith lives in Florida on a ranch raising miniature horses. Her exciting and powerful...

Ian Smith  an Smith was ordering books by Victor Bruno from Olympia when he saw their advert for authors...

Ken Smith  Ken Smith is a well-known British author of gay erotica and has written many short stories...

Tanya Snegirova  Tanya Snegirova is a Russian writer specialising in hard femdom fiction. Her stories and novels...

Ivory Snow

DeAnna Sodus  One day Deanne Sodus left her oven for a word processor. Lucky Day that!

Frank Sol

Angelia Sparrow  Angelia Sparrow is a middle aged truck-driver, living quietly in the Mid South with her husband...

Henry Sparrowhawk

Charles Spencer

Avery St. Andrews

Susan St. Aubin  Susan St. Aubin's first erotic story was published in the spring 1984 issue of YELLOW SILK, and...

Dax St. James

Passion St. John

Amelia Stark  Quiet in the boardroom so I thought I would pen a few of my fantasies.


Imelda Stark

Damien Starkey

Kissa Starling  Kissa Starling began writing in a diary as a young girl. In school she passed notes and penned...

Christine Statham

Tony Steed

Kurt Steiner  After spending some formative years on the Indian subcontinent, mainly Calcutta, where my...

Mark Stephens

Summer Sterling

Mark Stevens

Emma Stewart

Jean Marie Stine

C P Stone

Johnny Stone

Yvonne Strickland

Susan Strict  Susan Strict is an established author of erotic fiction with a central theme of Female...

Richard Stryker  I live in the leafy South of England and amongst other things belong to a bdsm community based...

Jurgen von Stuka

Suzie Suburbanite  An erotic author who likes to explore the intense emotional bond that an S&M relationship can...

Robert Summer

Sally Swanson

Damian Swiss


Tobias Tanner


Emma Taylor

Essemoh Teepee

Tempesto  If you met me Id seem like the average, 'All American' guy that enjoys sports and cold...

C A Tessler

The Collector  The Collector is a dominant male who writes novels dealing with slavery, bondage and punishment...

The Discerning Dom


Shashauna P Thomas  Shashauna P. Thomas graduated with two BAs' before returning to the Bronx where she was born and...

Sunset Thomas

Amber Rose Thompson  Amber Rose Thompson lives and works in New York City. By day a public librarian, at night and in...

Claire Thompson  Author of over 50 erotic and erotic romance novels, with a focus of BDSM and gay erotica.

Ashton Thorn

Han Li Thorn  Han Li Thorn's erotic stories specialise in the joys of erotic power exchange: domination...

Rose Thornwell

Western Tiger


Kiana Tower

Allen Towne

Heather Towne  Heather Towne's writing credits include Hustler Fantasies, Leg Sex, Newcummers, Naughty...

Michael Townsend

Derek Traytor

Eleanor Tremaine

Ken Trevor

Wilson Trezbone

Roger Tristan

Alexander Trocchi

Augustus Tulare

Jade Twilight


Susanna Valent

Mallanaga Vatsyayana  Indian philosopher in the Vedic tradition who lived some time in the Gupta period (4th-6th century).

Rikki De La Vega

Salome Verdad

Jane Verlaine

Will Versuch

Terry R Vidal

James Viola

Zander Vyne  A full-time writer, Zander Vyne's erotic short stories have been published, frequently under...


A F Waddell  A. F. Waddell writes short fiction including humour and erotica. Waddell's work has been selected...

Cindy J. Wade

Richard Wadsworth

Terry Wakelin

Alex Waldegger  Alex Waldegger was born and grew up in England. He has degrees in Biochemistry and Biophysics...

Trevor Walden

Jason Walker

Eleanor Walsh-Vanderbilt

B J Wane

Pete H Ward  If you met me in the street you would see man in his seventies. I don't think I look that old and...

Thomas Weaver  Thomas Weaver was born in 1934 and raised in the north of England. He started work at the age of...

Weenie  Hey, I'm Weenie, I write in different genres, from sci-fi to history to general erotica and more...

Sarah Wells

Adam West  Adam West was a scientist early in his working life but later moved into computing before a...

Honey West  Honey West loves exploring all avenues of erotic expression. She feels women, particularly...

Madison West

Thomas Weston

Mason Wheeler

Wheldrake  Wheldrake is a Canadian author with a particularly wicked imagination. His writing...

JoAnne Whisper

Rachel Whitby

Donna Lynn White

Hayley White

Nikki White  Nikki White, as ordinary as any woman of this day and age, her employment varied from restocking...

PM White

Francine Whittaker

Robin Wilde

Rose Wilder  Rose Wilder lives and works as an author and translator in Germany...

Grace Wildheart  Born in Richmond London. She went to School at St. Richards and finished her education at Oxford...

Raven Wildwood

Jo-Anne Wiley

Shauna Willets  Illustrating children's stories (my day job) is pretty hectic these days after Harry Potter got...

David Williams

James Williams

Cheyenne Wilson

Peter Wilson

Don Julian Winslow

Ed Wood Jr

Taylor Wood

Jason Worth

A J Wright

Aubrey Wylde


Yabba  Yabba is an American author who has been writing erotic fiction for many years under several pen...

Li Yu


Daniel Zan  Daniel Zan writes mainly erotic short stories but with strong plot and character elements that...

Zed  I was born in the late 60's in Seattle and write BDSM erotica with a science fiction / fantasy slant

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