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Dylan Does The Band by Western Tiger ebook cover thumbnail Dylan Does The Band  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category General Erotica

Rock And Roll Will Never Be The Same!
Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud with the package to match returns with another sexy adventure filled with hot, horny women and endless passion. Dylan meets the up and coming, all-female band HiHeels from Hell at their next concert, and by the end of this incredible evening of scorching hot sex, he manages to bed the entire oversexed band.

In the dressing rooms, backstage, in the band bus, these rock and roll goddesses...

Fixing A Hole by Western Tiger ebook cover thumbnail Fixing A Hole  -  Price: £0.60 ($ 0.85)  -  Category General Erotica

This Is What The Real Hunger Games Are About! Raw Sex!
Take a faithful but very lonely, horny wife, add one sexy, stud plumber, and let the games begin! Bad thoughts, strong desires, wanton pleasures, and very hot sex lead to an action-filled afternoon that she and you will not soon forget! This is what the real hunger games are about! Raw Sex!

Making the Watermelon Queen by Western Tiger ebook cover thumbnail Making the Watermelon Queen  -  Price: £1.19 ($ 1.69)  -  Category General Erotica

Dylan Turns Her Into A Wanton, Cock Hungry Slut!
Join Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and superstud as he takes a red-eye flight from East coast to LA and adds another lust-filled notch to his belt. Dylan meets and seduces an innocent small town beauty queen helping her join the mile-high club, while turning her into a wanton, cock hungry slut.

Join the impassioned lovers as they fuck across the night sky with some of the hottest sex of Dylan's storied career.

Authors Best Seller!

One for the Road by Western Tiger ebook cover thumbnail One for the Road  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category General Erotica

This Is The Road Trip That You Have Always Dreamed Of And One That You Don't Want To Miss!
Meet Dylan James, highly successful Hollywood stuntman and stud with the package to match. Go with Dylan as he takes a scorching hot road trip from the City of Angeles to his vacation home in Northern California. Along the way, Dylan has sex-filled adventure after sex-filled adventure as he meets and beds sultry movie starlets, horny teenage girls, hot MILFs, and free-loving female hitchhikers.

The Golden State has never been...

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