True Submission by Claire Thompson

When Ashley Discovers Andrew's Cache Of BDSM Books, She Falls In Love With The Idea Of Erotic Submission!

When Greg first saved the homeless, drug-addicted Ashley from a life on the streets, he appeared to be her savior. But the rescuer soon turned into the jailer, forcing Ashley into a life of prostitution. Any protest was met with brutal punishment and Ashley learned to retreat into herself, more lost than before he had found her.

Ashley finds comfort in the romance novels that open a new world of possibilities. Her quiet time at the bookstore leads to a chance encounter with sexy, dominant Andrew Nolan, who sees her as an intelligent, brave, and capable young woman. But unless Ashley can escape from the prison of her life with Greg, the woman Andrew sees, admires, and desires is as fictional as the books Ashley reads.

When Ashley discovers Andrew's cache of BDSM books, she falls in love with the idea of erotic submission. Andrew has been burned previously by a woman who pretended to want and need his dominance. Can he trust that Ashley has healed enough to be ready for true submission? Or that their relationship can survive if she is not?

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Romance Unbound
Author: Claire Thompson
ISBN: 9781937337650
Book Size: 53,000 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Nov, 2012

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