The Sheriff and the Madame by Powerone

Amanda Falls Into The Hands Of The Perverted, Unprincipled Men And...

She was abandoned to the unbridled lusts of men who considered themselves above the law � but a lone gunman was determined to rescue her, and make each and every man pay!

There are men who believe the Wild West should be tamed and civilized. They use their guns to dish out justice. The mysterious gunslinger known as Matt is one of these men. He�s been a wanderer all his life. Then he signs on to protect a wagon train and meets Amanda. It is love at first sight. There is only one problem Amanda is already married.

The journey out west in 1860 is treacherous, but the destination proves worse than the trip for Amanda, her husband John, and their daughter, Phebe. First, Phebe leaves them to seek out her future in San Francisco, the nation's most licentious and dangerous city. Then, John is killed, and Amanda falls into the hands of the perverted, unprincipled men and women of wealth who own the law.

But when he learns of her fate, Matt rides down the men who have betrayed Amanda, his smoking guns leaving behind a grim trail of dead bodies. Even so, can he save her? For those in power are hiding behind their wealth, and they plan to cover their crimes by serving Amanda up to the hanging tree for murder.

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Powerone
ISBN: 9781615085798
Book Size: 65,000 words  Approximation
Released For Download: Mar, 2016

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