The Secretary: The Office Trilogy 2 by N T Morley

Suzette Finds Herself In Hot Water With Her Employers At Bondage Inc!

Young catalog designer Suzette unwittingly becomes involved in ugly office politics at Bondage, Inc. in the senses-shattering second volume of the first ever ebook edition of the bestselling paperback trilogy. It's painful to find herself in hot water with the owners of the company, Mr and Mrs. Aldridge, strict disciplinarians who practice what they preach. Soon Suzette is tied up, bent over a desk, whipped, and then Mr. Aldridge... Cover: Jeff Fisher

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  Bisexual Erotica Bisexual

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: N T Morley
ISBN: 9781615082995
Book Size: 186 - 237 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Sep 2010

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