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When Some Nude Photos From Her Past Resurface...

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Alice commented on Susan's shorter hairstyle, but once urged her to consider going blonde. "You'd really look so much younger."

Really? Susan stared at her reflection, trying to picture herself with blonde hair. Alice began tugging on her belt of her robe, unfastening it. "What? Again?" "Yes. It's necessary. You'll find that you'll really grow to like it."

That was just what scared her. She did like it. What did that make her? She didn't protest as Alice rubbed her nipples, darkening them and making them stand up as the chemical worked its magic. As she was experiencing that sensation, Alice moved down and spread her legs apart.

"That too?"

"It'd be easier if you'd do this yourself. You don't want it to be all prickly for your gentlemen, do you?"

The prim side of her kicked in and Susan began to cry, thinking about being exposed and fondled by two dozen strangers. Alice dabbed at her eyes and told her she was going to ruin her makeup if she didn't stop. She handed Susan a few tissues and got to work between her legs.

Susan laid there, legs askew, not even watching as Alice spread the cream over the top and sides of her mound. She kept dabbing her eyes as the woman shaved her, wondering how she ever got herself into this. If she had only known, back when she was a student, just what those photos would do to her later, she could've done something else to raise the money!

She felt the sting of the razor and looked down. She wasn't sure what she was seeing. Susan sat up and stared anew. Alice was wiping up the last of the soap. Where her neat little triangle had been was now nothing but a narrow landing strip that mimicked the bare slit below.

"What did you do to me?" She wasn't as angry as she was resigned. "Just trimmed it up a little. Trust me, you'll like this a lot better." Susan thought it made her look more like a slut, which was probably the goal. Then Alice did something unexpected. She daubed something on her fingers and grabbed her labia in each hand and gently rubbed them. Susan gasped, aware at once that she had put on more of that rouge that made them tingle.

"Stop it! No!"

But it was too late. Waves of sensation rocked through her, bouncing from her breasts to her clit and down to her labia. Her mouth came open and she breathed shallowly, afraid she might climax right there in front of Alice. Susan was allowed to sit up and she fastened the robe around her again. The waves diminished, allowing her to catch her breath.

Phillip came by a few minutes later and retrieved her.

He led her into the studio. He had her sit on the chair that was covered with a sheet. Susan wiggled her hips experimentally, trying to get comfortable. She wanted nothing else but to quickly rub her clit and climax.

"Now, here are the rules. When a man comes in, he'll ask if he can touch your tits alone or the whole package." Susan grimaced, thinking how she'd just been reduced to a "package" of parts. "You can decide. Duane, the man you've already met, will be just inside the door to protect you. He'll count the men and collect the money. When you're done, Stephen will take you back."

She nodded, afraid but determined. She was still reeling from the acute sensations in her nipples and labia. Phillip made her remove her robe and hand it over. She shivered and looked around the bare room. She had no doubt that there were hidden cameras there somewhere. And next time, there will be shots of her being touched she'll have to trade for to keep them private.

"Oh, god help me," she moaned.

The door opened and Duane came in, followed by a man who looked like a truck driver, with his stained white T-shirt and pot belly. He came right up and began touching her breasts. His hands were calloused and rough.

"Kin I tetch yer pussy?" He asked. "No! You may not!" He sighed and continued to maul her. Her breasts were being treated like balloons in the hands of a clown at a kids' party. "Easy," she'd say, "Careful." It seemed to make little difference. Duane said nothing to keep him from hurting her. When he told the man his time was up, she was enormously grateful.

The next man was not much better. Her breasts already had begun to ache. How many must she endure? Twenty? Twenty-five?

She'd never make it.

By the time the fifth man was finished, Susan didn't think her breasts could take any more. They ached and were covered in red marks. So when the sixth man entered and asked, quite politely, if he could touch her pussy, she took a long slow look at him. He was handsome, in a rugged kind of way, with curly brown hair and eyes. He dressed like a cowboy, with a blue western shirt and tan pants. She guessed him to be in his late thirties, just a few years younger than herself. She nodded, finally, hoping he might not be as rough as the others.

He surprised her. Instead of mauling her breasts, he caressed them with his fingertips. Her nipples extended out even further and she closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to see this stranger and Duane staring at her naked body, watching her experience this simple pleasure.

His hands felt good on her body. They stayed on her breasts for a few minutes, then his right hand drifted down, along her stomach to her landing strip. His fingers danced over her mound and Susan found herself opening her legs to allow him better access. She sighed when his fingers barely stroked her sopping wet...

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