The Mayor's Daughter II: Stablemate by Will Versuch

What Will Jessica Do To Ensure Her Place As The Show Pony?

Jessica has finally passed her challenge, elevated from draft pony to show pony. She still struggles to come to terms with this new life, a life where her waking and sleeping life are filled with bondage, confinement, and punishment when she breaks the rules. She knows, though, that it will be a better life now that her days as a draft pony are behind her.

But this all changes when a new girl is brought into the Officer's mill. For now, the new girl is the draft pony, filling the role that Jessica left behind. But for how long? Jessica can quickly see that the new girl is stronger than her, faster than her. In a fair competition, Jessica knows that she would lose. What will Jessica do to ensure her place as the show pony? How far will she go to protect her newly won status.

This book, the second installment of The Mayor's Daughter Trilogy, features strict bondage and pony play as Jessica and the new girl struggle within the confines of the Officer's mill.

It picks up right where the last book ends off, exploring Jessica's new life as a show pony. Fans of the first book will find the same level of detailed, intricate bondage in the sequel, but with the added psychological element of the interplay between Jessica and the new ponygirl.

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Categories:  Ponygirl Erotica Ponygirl ,  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Pink Flamingo
Author: Will Versuch
ISBN: 978-1-937831-31-8
Book Size: 54,400 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Mar, 2012

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