The Hallow Road by Harriet Scott

An Erotic Lesbian Thriller!

Ever since the horrific night in her childhood when Ripley, her neighbor down The Hallow Road, slaughtered his family, Harriet has found herself unexpectedly transported back to the time and scene of the crime. On each occasion Ripley has seen and tried to kill her, and each time Harriet has managed to escape. But, each time Ripley has come closer to taking her life.

Now Harriet has met Carlee and fallen in love. But how can she tell the wonderful new woman in her life about the dark shadows that have cast their spell upon her? Harriet tries by bringing Carlee with her on a visit to her old home town. But as they walk along the legendary Hallow Road, Harriet begins to regret her decision.

That night Harriet dreams of Jane, her mysterious childhood friend, who warns her that terrible things are about to happen. Slowly, reluctantly, Harriet begins to confess to Carlee the secrets of her childhood and, together, they begin to piece together the mystery, finally realizing they must confront Ripley once more.

Only during what will prove to be a bloody showdown will Harriet learn the full, horrific secret behind the events that have shadowed her life.

Here is a book full of passion, danger and horror, illuminated by the love of two women and their determination to triumph over the forces of death and destruction!

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Categories:  Sapphic Erotica Sapphic ,  Mystery And Adventure Erotica Mystery And Adventure

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Harriet Scott
ISBN: 1-58873-593-X
Book Size: 136 - 295 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2005

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