The Cornish Lass by Creative Mind

How Would It Be When Fantasy Turned To Reality?

I watched her and she watched me, as we performed for each other. It had become an almost weekly ritual now, a desire to watch one another climax over the sight and sounds coming through our web cams and microphones. We couldn't touch each other but that only heightened the sexual tension between us. She'd become my fantasy. An attractive, young, and curvy goddess just out of my reach, but that was soon going to change.

For a year now we had talked, teased and toyed around with the idea but today I had, finally, booked a train ticket, and was preparing to travel across a large portion of the country to meet Jodi, but how would it be when fantasy turned to reality? Did disappointment await me, her or us both?

Delve into the tale of the Cornish lass and the young man, who indulged their fantasies, in this short erotic story.

Style: Erotic short story

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Category:  General Erotica General

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Creative Mind
Book Size: 4,700 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Jun, 2012

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