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The Palm Of His Hand Or The Taste Of A Leather Belt Are Always Ready To Tame This Volatile Brat!

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"You may be righteously angry with me, Fi, and that we will discuss as civilized people at another time. But now, lass, I can't allow you to refuse serving my guest."

"Oh, but I will refuse, sir," she countered him. "Still?" He looked at her surprised by the quick retort. "Indeed, I refuse!" Joshua's eyes narrowed seeing that she was not relenting. "Perhaps you'd like a trip to the barn, a reminder on your ass of whose home you abide in? You're not a haughty wench, but you are acting like one now."

"I told you, I'll not apologize for my feelings." Joshua's gentle, reassuring calm was turning to anger. "Then perhaps, it's to the barn to teach you some manners." He grabbed her hand. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I've not made myself clear?" He was finished with words, and before she realized what was happening, they were out the back door, had crossed his yard and were in the barn. Moving swiftly, Joshua took a length of leather from the wall to use as a strap.

"Bare your ass," he ordered. "I will not!" she blared, as she tried to bolt for the door. "You will indeed!" "Not on your life," she roared. He grabbed her arm. "All right then, I'll bare your behind myself. It's not as if I haven't already seen it." Dragging her kicking and screaming to a bench in the back of the stable, Joshua sat down. Doubling the leather in his hand, he raised her skirt to find her bare bottom; and though she continued to wiggle and squirm, he began flailing the strap against her ass, determined not to stop until he'd raised a scarlet blush, and taught his bratty lover a necessary lesson.

"Stop it!" Fiona wailed. She struggled to free herself, but it was no use, the passionate fury of the strap continued.

"You can't do this!" she roared once more. "Seems, I am," Joshua roared back. "Teach you to curb your anger and your tongue." The strap hit hard, the impact making her burn everywhere, this so much harder than the playful spanking he'd given her the day before. To make matters worse, he kept up the whipping one fierce stroke after another until her bottom felt as if he'd lit it on fire. She couldn't bear another smack. Oh! But another she'd bear indeed! He paused to let her catch her breath, but it was only so she could restore herself enough to take more still. The smacks of the strap continued, until the color of her rear cheeks turned vivid, a blotchy purple in some places where the strap hit the hardest. This was as fierce as any whipping Fiona had ever had. She was exhausted when it was finally over, sobbing, limp, and much too undone to struggle anymore. Gazing at his handiwork, Joshua was satisfied, Fiona's bottom glowing with a red fire extending from the top of her ass to her thighs. It should be enough to teach her proper etiquette.

"Now, lass, you'll return to the house, apologize to Mr. Dabenow, and serve us our meal. You'll not cross me again, will you?" Joshua pulled her to her feet, Fiona standing at his side looking at his steadfast expression.

"No, sir," she replied, meekly. She snuffed, still crying softly, she was too stunned to say more.

Hearing the contrite nature of her response, Joshua rose from the bench, and returned the leather to its place on the wall.

"I'll use it again, if I have to. Don't you forget that," he warned.

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