Space Angels 2 - The Final Cut by Rex Morgenthal

The Space Angels Saga Continues!

The Space Angels saga continues with this much-anticipated sequel to the erotic sci-fi odyssey Space Angels 1 - The Mating Trials. Rex Morgenthal's second installment in the series takes us on another seductive, sexy ride to a distant galaxy.

"Space Angels: The Final Cut" follows closely on the heels of book one, continuing the tale of alien abduction and sexual slavery. Forty human females, and one male, have been captured by the diabolical MFs, a money-grubbing race of space-faring traders.

Terry Benson remains at the focus of the Mating Trials, a peculiar contest devised by the MFs to select top-quality "brood stock" for the establishment of a planet-based human colony. Unbeknownst to Terry, the MFs have also brought along a "backup" male breeder--and recently awakened this alternate from sleep stasis.

The male breeder turns out to be Terry's longtime friend, Phil Tremain. Phil becomes an instant hit with the women on board. Unlike Terry, Phil has no qualms about his new role as slave-stud, and he revels in his assigned task of "servicing" the females.

Meanwhile, far below decks, a holdout group of humans are being punished for non-compliant behavior. Emily Hauer has recently joined this group, having been banished to the ship's nether regions at the end of book one. Now, under the constant supervision of menacing enforcer bots, Emily must toil daily at her assigned task of cleaning out the slug-snake containment pens. Emily has grown fearful of the semi-intelligent slug-snakes, and is understandably weary of cleaning up the slimy waste exuded from their grotesque, slippery bodies. She longs to escape this danger and drudgery.

Amazingly, a rescue is indeed underway. Thought to be destroyed at the end of book one, Terry's personal service bot, Sylvester, is still "alive." He has hidden his consciousness somewhere within the computational matrix of the ship's central computer, the Mother Core. Using miniature cleaning bots as go-betweens, Sylvester manages to convey to both Terry and Emily the news of his developing scheme to free his new friends. Before Sylvester can implement his plans, however, a number of things go wrong.

Below decks, Emily is attacked by a frenzied mob of escaping slug-snakes; meanwhile, the MFs have discovered that something has infiltrated the Mother Core and they want it destroyed. Suspecting the human captives, the MFs order the immediate execution of all humans on board. With seconds ticking away, Emily takes advantage of the chaos created by hundreds of escaped slug-snakes and flees her captors to seek Terry and the others, hoping they can make their way toward the colony implantation vehicle (an escape pod).

"In the Library Reviews" raved about volume one. "Space Angels: The Mating Trials combines the erotic with science fiction, resulting in a tale that is neither too much of the other. Mr. Morgenthal's novel isn't just entertainment, it forces the readers to question their own moral code and desire for survival. Just like Terry and the women, we question how far we're willing to go in order to survive.

The novel did get decidedly darker towards the end but the ending left me hanging. Very interesting and thought-provoking."

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  Sci-Fi Erotica Sci-Fi

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Rex Morgenthal
ISBN: 1-58873-386-6
Book Size: 61,600 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Jun, 2004

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