Soles In Torment by Colin

Jackson Foote Collects Feet...The Bare, Lusciously Sensitive Feet Of Submissive Women!

Jackson Foote collects feet...the bare, lusciously sensitive feet of submissive women. If they displease him, they're locked in stout wooden stocks and put through enough sensual torture to drive their owners mad. When Jackson meets Tina, a young girl with sexy feet, but little self-esteem, he immediately knows she's destined to be the fifth member of his very exclusive household. Tina will be shackled, barefoot and helpless, and her soles and toes will be clawed, burned, tickled and licked until she's willing to do anything to buy herself even a moment's respite. But her fellow prisoners, half insane from their own agonies, are bound and determined that Tina won't escape without her full share of torture. SOLES IN TORMENT is a novel of graphic submission and physical horror by Colin, the fetish author whose previous work (LAUGH FOR ME, AGONY IN SILK, LEXI) has already achieved legendary status among lovers of feet and discipline.

Author's Note

Soles in Torment was originally published, in slightly different form, under another title. It's a fairly dark story, and owes a lot to my interest in crime and horror fiction as well as the harsher byways of erotica. That being the case, it's a bit of a departure for me; I'm best known for my tickling stories, and there's some tickling here, certainly, but screams of agony along with the laughter. The heroines are beautiful and barefoot, but there's pain and anguish and fear in addition to the usual sexiness. The violent torture and abduction scenarios that play such a big part in a lot of fetish fiction are very much in the foreground here. A lot of readers - even those who enjoy foot fetish material - might well find this book somewhat disturbing.
But I'm glad to have the opportunity to give the story a second chance. I believe it's healthy to explore shadows as well as the light. I hope you find the journey worthwhile.

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Colin
ISBN: 9781615084043
Book Size: 94 - 115 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Mar 2011

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