Slave To All The Stars by Terri Pray

She Responded To The Bondage They Inflicted.

When her brother Karl tells Jayna that he has found a starship willing to give them passage off their horror of a home planet, she does not suspect his true intention. Unable to marry his proud, stubborn sister off for a dowry, the impoverished Karl has sold her as ship's slave to the entire crew.

At first Jayna resists, but led by their Captain, the crew tortures and trains her, attempting to break her spirit and mold her into an obedient slave. Worse, Jayna discovers she is beginning to respond to all that they do. Will she learn to submit to her new position as slave to all the stars. Another imaginative extravaganza of bondage and submission as only Terri Pray could write it!

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  Sci-Fi Erotica Sci-Fi

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Terri Pray
ISBN: 978-1-60089-419-0
Book Size: 114 - 202 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2007

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