Secrets of Dark Farm by Sam Moss

Finding Sexual Pleasure In The Pain She Suffers...

The farm was isolated, away from prying eyes, which was just as well. Phil Blake did not want the community to know that he had both his wife Andrea and sister-in-law Lizzie as his sex slaves. Nor did he want anyone to know about the stray hitch-hikers and ramblers he enticed into his cellar of pain!

There is a tunnel from the cellar leading to a long buried monastery where there is yet more pain awaiting the unwary.

Phil is a master of bondage and suffering, concocting the most incredible ordeals for those who cross his path.

Melanie is appointed as community psychiatric worker to the family when Phil is caught trying to kidnap yet another woman but before she knows what is happening, she is entrapped by the conniving lesbian Lizzie and ends up in the cellar, tortured beyond belief and yet finding sexual pleasure in the pain she suffers, as much as she finds overwhelming satisfaction in the love affair she begins with the insatiable slave!

Extreme bondage and suffering, inexhaustible nymphomaniac lovers and agony are the hallmarks of this book.

Do not buy it if you are at all squeamish!

Style: Male Dom - M/F,Sex Slavery / Training

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Sam Moss
Book Size: 32,300 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Apr, 2018

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