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Seducing the Angel from Purgatory - The Ark Series Book 2 by Candace Smith

Seducing the Angel from Purgatory - The Ark Series Book 2 by Candace SmithHow Could She Possibly Realize That Her Destiny Was With A Winged Warrior On A Planet Of Snow And Crystal?
Essie was a pilot, flying missions against insurgents in the desert. She was efficient and beautiful, and the object of desire of every young man. She never made mistakes.... More

Price: £4.29 ($ 6.09)

Pleasure Planet by Claire Thompson

Pleasure Planet by Claire ThompsonWelcome To The Future - Your Dream Sex Vacation Awaits You On Planet Eros!
Aria Loran has just paid a princely sum for a one-week vacation she'll never forget. Too busy for real love, Aria has rented a mate who is guaranteed to be the man of her... More

Price: £2.79 ($ 3.96)

2084 by Jack Norman

2084 by Jack NormanJack Norman's futuristic vision and nightmarish update of Orwell's '1984', crammed with graphic bdsm action! Nobody can hear you scream in the Slavers’ Conditioning Tank! More

Price: £5.95 ($ 8.45)

A Close Encounter Of The 4th Kind by Simon Grail

A Close Encounter Of The 4th Kind by Simon GrailLynda Drake had known her eccentric boss Hugo Fennimore was obsessive about his quest for UFO's but she had never imagined it would lead her to being staked-out naked on a... More

Price: £1.85 ($ 2.63)

A Demon In Bed by Joel Wideman

A Demon In Bed by Joel WidemanThat's what Eric learns in this highly sexy, utterly terrifying short novel. For soon he finds himself cursed, transforming physically and unable to prevent himself from... More

Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)

A World Of Slaves by Mark Andrews

A World Of Slaves by Mark AndrewsAnother of Mark Andrews' 'worldslide' stories! The hero awakes in a world where slaves are a way of life. Follow the narrator as he explores the new regime in which he finds... More

Price: £4.99 ($ 7.09)

Abducted By Aliens by Alex Waldegger

Abducted By Aliens by Alex WaldeggerEarth women abducted - sold among the stars for the lust of alien males! Pleasure cities and slave markets, torments and humiliations! A galaxy full of cruel masters of every... More

Price: £1.89 ($ 2.68)

Agent of Cern by Sablesword

Agent of Cern by SableswordJohn Smith had just received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry when the Black Druid summoned him to the fantasy world of Trion. There he has to deal with alchemical magic and with... More

Price: £4.65 ($ 6.60)

An Alien Bondage by Alex Waldegger

An Alien Bondage by Alex WaldeggerShe Was Tied and Bound – By a Male from Another Planet! Women were the first line of combat when aliens invade Earth. She had no idea that males from a distant star had landed... More

Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

An Alien Slavery by Emy Naso

An Alien Slavery by Emy NasoThey were corrupt. Banished from their own world for crimes against the Council's sexual mores, Zantia and Lorensa fled to Earth seeking victims. Once there, the alien pair... More

Price: £1.35 ($ 1.92)

An Antidote To Fire by Sablesword

An Antidote To Fire by SableswordJohn Smith, formerly a Ph.D. chemist from our world, is now an alchemical adept in the island Kingdom of Cern. In between sporting with Luce, his well-chained and affectionate... More

Price: £4.65 ($ 6.60)

Angela's Trial and Tribulations by Mark Andrews

Angela's Trial and Tribulations by Mark AndrewsIn a future society, the feminine revolution is at an end. Stringent laws commit women to slavery for the smallest offence. Angela has been convicted of speaking out against the... More

Price: £4.99 ($ 7.09)

Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3 by Candace Smith

Anjanette - The Ark Series Book 3 by Candace SmithAnjanette was eighteen years old, just out of high school and hoping to go to college. It was not to be. Instead, she must face the prospect of becoming the mate of a huge... More

Price: £3.85 ($ 5.47)

Atlantis by Mark Andrews

Atlantis by Mark AndrewsRich and cultivated trio, Elena, Richard and Trix, are on board a luxury yacht in the Caribbean when a strange tropical storm envelops them - then releases them into a world of... More

Price: £4.99 ($ 7.09)

Better Man by Veronica Grace

Better Man by Veronica GraceRomance, steampunk, and a carnal encounters spice up this story of a woman who dared tread in the path of Victor Frankenstein. Amelia, an industrious Victorian era woman... More

Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Better Than The Real Thing: More Technorotica by M Christian

Better Than The Real Thing: More Technorotica by M ChristianWelcome to Better Than The Real Thing: More Technorotica - a pocket-sized collection of some of machine-obsessive erotica. In these gloriously digital pages you'll find... More

Price: £1.45 ($ 2.06)

Biker! by Jane Gallion

Biker! by Jane GallionThe US has become a wasteland of destruction in the aftermath of a savage war. Brutal biker gangs infest the cities and roam the wilderness, taking what they want, destroying... More

Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Bondage Mystery by Powerone

Bondage Mystery by PoweroneWhen Justine's great aunt died, she's excited to be invited to the reading of the will. But her overbearing mother, who had been estranged from the woman for decades, forbids... More

Price: £4.79 ($ 6.80)

Bound By Blood by Emy Naso

Bound By Blood by Emy NasoFrom master bard Emy Naso comes a trio of unforgettable novellas presenting dark eroticism in the English manner. "Bound by Blood" is a vampire story of the Messina family, who,... More

Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Broken by Terri Pray

Broken by Terri PrayIn a future world, Carol Taylor has it all, wealth, position and the protection of status. The only unwanted presence in her life is Daniel Kent, a hero of the galactic war, the... More

Price: £3.49 ($ 4.96)

Captives by Alex Waldegger

Captives by Alex WaldeggerThe country called Selang is a mountainous jungle carved up among corrupt officials and ruthless warlords. Women disappear every day, seized for harem imprisonment, broken to... More

Price: £2.90 ($ 4.12)

Cassandra's Pirate by Candace Smith

Cassandra's Pirate by Candace SmithOn another world, pirates sail the seas and plunder the ships of the Royals. Lowly-born men, 'Fivers' as they are known, have no hope of achieving any status in the First Realm,... More

Price: £2.99 ($ 4.25)

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