Sadistic Lady - Illustrated Edition by Dr Jane Foxx

She Will Torment Any Man She Can Get Her Hands On!

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Marsha Munroe is a sadist, and inheriting a vacant warehouse provides her with the perfect opportunity for her and her friends to construct a dungeon complex where she can indulge her passion for tormenting any man she can get her hands on.

Marsha's desire to inflict pain is only tempered by her own sexual desires, and she has little difficulty in achieving both. To add to her satisfaction, the opportunity to wreak revenge on an unpleasant male presents itself in the shape of Harry Lowenstein, the former employer of her close friend Kitty.

"Sadistic Lady" is an illustrated Femdom novel from Dr Jane Foxx, including photographs and drawings.

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  Femdoms Erotica Femdoms

Publisher: Strict Publishing
Author: Dr Jane Foxx
Book Size: 163 - 497 pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Feb 2009

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