SHE Of The Forbidden Zone by Nera Ragno

SHE Is Powerful, With Suppressed Yearnings.

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Okay, everyone knows that you're a corporate climber who has made it to the top. Yet, you're finding that's not everything in life. It's tough being a High Priestess and not being able to control the beast within you. You killed the first three men the Grand Fahd contracted to mate with you. So you have given all subsequent mating contracts to your subordinates. You are ready to quit and explore the stars. Drat! The Grand Fahd commands you to accept the next mating contract. Politics! There's a lot of that around corporate headquarters. You really don't want to kill the jerk. But perhaps you have misjudged this prince. Is he the coolest dude in all the Fahdian worlds? Can this be the first man to woo his way past your fangs? Will he win your heart and break tradition of men and women living on separate planets? Does he have the juice to scoop you into his arms and fly you to the stars? Hey, it won't happen if you don't make your date. And you are going to have to fight off your little sister who want him. Then there is the matter of your biological clock only having a couple more tocks left. Oh no! This jerk is the Grand Fahd's son! The Grand Fahd wants you as her daughter-in-law. And the Grand Fahd wants her son to grow up and give her grandchildren. And you're the right woman for the job!

Curses! What is a High Priestess to do?

Warnings: Het, Campy, Lighthearted, Spiders

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Categories:  Sci-Fi Erotica Sci-Fi ,  Mystery And Adventure Erotica Mystery And Adventure

Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Author: Nera Ragno
Book Size: 310 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2008

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