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General Erotica

An Out-Of-Control Whirlwind Of Forbidden Love!

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Confident of his privacy, Kevin anxiously unzipped his shorts and guided his hard penis into the fresh, pine-scented air. A pearl string of wetness extended from the front of his underpants to the head of his prick until the milky string broke, splattering upon his knuckles. His mind could see Carrie as clearly with eyes closed as with them open.

She was running, bare feet and toes sifting through the lush blades of infinitely green grass. The blades bent in the shape of her feet before returning upright. Kevin was in pursuit, toying with his younger eighteen year old sibling as he repeatedly let her escape his grasp. Finally he caught her, pulling her to the ground. She erupted in laughter as he grabbed her feet and tickled them.

After a few moments he began caressing the incredibly soft toes, moving his fingers between them. He massaged the wondrous human hoof. She lay staring up at the rich blue sky above and softly moaned in delight as his fingers fondled the ticklish skin. He intermittently tickled the bottom of a foot to hear her sweet laughter and feel her wild vibrations. As her body twitched in response the small, perky breasts jiggled temptingly under the thin red top. He admired the swells and protruding nipples as the shirt settled and betrayed their shape.

He returned his full attention to her right leg, which he pulled across his lap. It left her luscious thighs parted. As he looked toward her crotch, he noticed the leg of her white shorts shifted up. Through the opening he had a clear view of the right edge of her panties, where the elastic leg band protectively gripped the inner thigh. He could just barely detect the outline of her pussy lips.

As Kevin played out the fantasy like an interactive movie, his left hand encircled his fully erect penis and quickly stroked its full length. Small droplets of creamy seed collected at the round, glistening tip and intermittently dripped onto the ground below. His balls and stomach were filled with tingling pressure as his excitement quickly multiplied.

In his mind his hands gently caressed her feet and ankles, slowly advancing up her beautifully formed calf. He imagined how wonderfully smooth and warm her golden skin would feel under his fingertips. As he massaged the lower leg his eyes remained affixed to the teasing glimpse of her thin white panty crotch. After reaching her knee his fingers playfully danced up the inner thigh. They fondled a path halfway up before retreating, then returned, slowly inching higher.

As he neared the bottom edge of her shorts her body started quivering with forbidden desire. Receiving silent approval, his fingers dipped through the aperture in the leg of her shorts and lightly touched the outer folds of her center through the clothing. He could feel the wet heat emanating from her juicy core.

That was as far as his fantasy got. In the last few desperate seconds before climax he imagined himself lying between her thighs, tenderly thrusting the tip of his penis against her tiny orifice. He twitched and softly grunted as his semen rose. His cock was forcing the narrow juicy channel open. Her wetness bathed the head of his prick as it pushed inside, stretching her walls apart.

He jerked and exploded, ejaculating a stream of thick, milky cum onto the rocks near his feet. His hand furiously stroked his shaft as he ejaculated twice more, splattering semen at the pristine pond's edge. His eyes opened and glanced down at the seed he'd dispensed. Several ants were already at the edge of one creamy puddle, investigating the remnants of his fantasy. He could have squished them underfoot but thought better of it.

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