Return To Albrecht Manor by Christopher Newman

Baron Markus Albrecht, Has Died Recently--But More Importantly, Hasn't Moved On To The Afterlife!

After completing a terrible investigation involving banishment of a rampaging she-ghoul, Noah Ravenswood gets a call from someone he never thought he'd hear from again. Maximilian Albrecht, whom he met years ago when trying to stop a curse from taking over his sister, informs him that his father, Baron Markus Albrecht, has died recently--but more importantly, hasn't moved on to the afterlife.

The patriarch's shade has been seen haunting the halls and chambers of the vast southern Ohio estate. Worse yet, the new Baron now suspects his foul deceased sister Elsa has remained as well and is holding her father in ethereal bondage for her own evil ends. Max begs the witch-for-hire to come down and free his father's shade; money is no object.

Noah knows this shouldn't have happened; something more diabolical must be involved and he suspects powers that might be beyond his particular talents. But he might not be able to count on his long-time apprentice Dr. Sarah Bookings for help. Sarah's humiliation and sexual awakening at the hands of both the Curse and Elsa made her swear she'd never enter the grounds of Albrecht Manor ever again.

Maids and midwives begin to disappear and things take a deadly turn. Noah desperately tries to stem the carnage as the body count rises. With all this confronting him he is also thrust into the hot blooded family's politics and the brooding plots between Max and his younger brother Franz.

Their father's will is under dispute and Franz seeks to wrest control of the family business and hereditary title. Cerise, Franz' wife, has designs of her own and even Max's wife Saline is not allowing the new noble to sleep with any ease. Her constant pleadings for permission to complete her transformation from man to woman are keeping Max's mind away from the enslavement of his beloved father.

With all this raging around him can Noah possibly figure out what is really going on within the stately corridors, upon his return to Albrecht Manor?

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Categories:  Paranormal Erotica Paranormal ,  Gay Male Erotica Gay Male

Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Author: Christopher Newman
Book Size: 81,000 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2010

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