Ravishing Rapunzel by Reese Gabriel

Fairy Tales with Whips, Chains and a Fairy God Mistress!

Only Reese Gabriel could have written this wild collection of four fantasy novelettes fetishizing the classic fairy tales. Imagine Cinderella, reduced to the status of palace slave after the prince marries the Wicked Step Mother.

Snow White tricked by the Evil Queen into leaving her handsome husband and returned to the forest to serve the most perverted needs of the Seven Dwarves.

Rapunzel locked in her tower at the mercy of a sadistic lover who finds all manner of uses for her long and rope-like hair. There's even a bratty submissive by the name of Goldilix who finds out what happens when bad girls break into the wrong house.

It's a guarantee, you will never look at your old story books the same way again!

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Categories:  BDSM Erotica BDSM ,  Fantasy Erotica Fantasy

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Reese Gabriel
ISBN: 1-58873-860-4
Book Size: 98 - 156 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: May 10, 2006

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