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The General Public Are Spared The Gruesome Details That The Victims Had To Submit To!

The most heinous and perverted crimes rarely get the publicity that they deserve, the general public spared the gruesome details that the victims had to submit to, the public unable or unwilling to even fathom what one human being would commit on another. For the victim, many times it is only after acknowledging what has happened, can they go on and live a "normal" life. For the authorities and the medical community, it is necessary to learn the details so that society can deal with the people that commit these atrocities. This book is a compilation of some of the case stories as told by the victims in intimate detail in hopes that others can learn from their suffering and society can punish their attackers.

Case One: Roxanne, age nineteen. A freshman at a local college, she is taken sick with suspected pneumonia. After a few days in the hospital, it looks like she is on the road to recovery, but suddenly; she suffers a relapse and is quarantined in the new contagious disease wing of the hospital by the mysterious Dr. Schneeberger. His credentials said he was from CDC in Atlanta, but no one bothered to check. It was the first use of the wing and the hospital did everything to make it a success, including leaving him alone to attend to the young girl. During the day, he kept her drugged and barely conscious, her parents and friends glad that she was at least alive and taken care of so expertly by the doctor, his features hidden in the biohazard suit he said he had to wear while taking care of Roxanne. As soon as visiting hours were over and the wing was silent, Roxanne began to come out of her drug-induced sleep, but her horror began each night. For Dr. Schneeberger was waiting for her, naked, subjecting her to the most horrific sexual perversions. When he finished with her, he mounted her mouth for the last time that night before she was put back into a drugged sleep, only to wake again to greater depravities. After five days, he disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Roxanne was alive and well, but scarred by the acts that she was forced to perform each night. Dr. Schneeberger, or whatever his name is, has never been caught after three years. There have been no other cases like this, but he was cunning, and authorities believe he just changed his M.O. Sexual monsters like him never change; they thrive on preying on innocent girls.

Case Two: Kristen, and Tracy, both age nineteen. Freshman at a small university in the East coast, both girls sneak away from a school tour of a castle high in the mountains, hoping for a little excitement. Little do they know that their actions were expected, even counted on by a small group of men, headed by Mr. Peterson, the owner of the castle. He was joined by Mr. Howard, Mr. Edwards and Professor Johns. Kristen and Tracy were selected by the men. Kristen was a virgin, but she lost that right away. Raped and abused, not by just one man, but two at the same time. She found a shameful truth, forced to cum while being raped. Tracy took it harder and the men made sure she took it hard. They abused and punished her in every way, forcing her to perform the most perverted acts, her body a receptacle for the hot lust.

Case Three: Shino's downfall was her slight build. A third generation Japanese-American, she still had the looks of a Japanese girl, but she was all-American. Small breasts, petite with big innocent eyes and a small pert mouth, if dressed the right way she could pass for fourteen instead of her true nineteen-year age. That is what Michael was looking for when the snatched her up and took her deep into the mountain and jungle of Ecuador. Bound in stringent bondage for two days, all of her sensory perception taken from her, she is close to going insane when she is finally released. With the threat of more stringent bondage, Shino reluctantly agrees to give up all of her virgin holes to older men that pay dearly for young underage girls, even if it is only in looks. If she performs as demanded, she will be set free in thirty days. If she doesn't, she risks going insane while bound and alone in her own head for a long period of absolute solitude. One by one, older men subject her to the most perverted sex acts, Shino forced to give her virginity to the men in multiple acts, each one more degrading then the last.

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Powerone
Author: Powerone
Book Size: 63,200 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Sep 2010

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