Oriental Trained by Anonymous

Amazingly, They Discover That Their Enforced Sexual Ordeals Actually...

Jenny and Twan are nurses at the front line, tending wounded soldiers, when the camp is over-run by the Japanese and the two beautiful girls are taken prisoner.

They are subjected to physical abuse at the hands of their captors before the decision is made whether or not to send them to the Correction Centre.

Jenny is allowed to remain in the camp, at the mercy of all who wish to use her in any way they choose, whilst Twan is sent to the Correction Centre, there to be made to suffer under the wardresses who use and abuse all prisoners.

Cleverly, both girls are forced to confront their own innate sexual submissiveness and, amazingly, even eventually come to look forward to the bizarre sexual pleasure experienced in their humiliating and degrading ordeals at the hands of their captors.

Equally amazingly, they discover that their enforced sexual ordeals actually facilitate quite astonishing orgasms, though this all comes at the very high price of considerable pain.

Style: Male Dom - M/F,Sex Slavery / Training

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Anonymous
Book Size: 23,000 words  Approximation
Released For Download: Feb, 2015

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