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Elena's Travails by Nigel McParr ebook cover thumbnail Elena's Travails  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category BDSM eBooks

Nadia's Husband, Victor, Wants To Lure A Buxom Young Woman Into His Home To Train And Conquer!
Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia's husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into his home to train and conquer. Victor orders Nadia to educate his bauble and make her his plaything. He binds and whips Elena, bends her to his will. Nadia helps her husband control the voluptuous woman and pleases him...

Lo, A Matron Blooming by Nigel McParr ebook cover thumbnail Lo, A Matron Blooming  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category Femdoms

Seven Great Stories That Vary In Time And Place With A Common Thread Of Feminine Dominance!
Lo, a Matron Blooming is a departure from Nigel McParr's previous two Pink Flamingo novels. His latest release is a collection of seven stories that vary in time and place with a common thread of feminine dominance.

'Sweetheart of Summa Chi' is the story of Nyah's induction into the Sorority Sweethearts Hall of Fame. The Sorority President and Sorority Mother stage Nyah's induction for University students, alumnae, and Nyah's...

Transfiguration by Nigel McParr ebook cover thumbnail Transfiguration  -  Price: £3.99 ($ 5.67)  -  Category Femdoms

A Twisted Tale Of Female Domination That Includes Humiliation, Forced Feminization And More!
Three buxom and beautiful women, Margaret, Dahlia and Betsy, have known each other since grade school and have delighted in each other's company for many years. The women, all dominant bisexual's, swear an oath that they will remain close and always keep an upper hand when it comes to the men in their life.

Dahlia, the first to marry and only one to give birth, is the leader of their group and mother to the equally domineering...

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