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"Brace yourself."

I didnít know what to expect. No one had ever spanked me.

A single sharp smack landed on my quivering bottom and I squeaked, more from nerves than discomfort. It wasnít hard, just a tangy little slap. It felt good.

"Naughty girls get their asses tanned."

Was I naughty? Not naughty enough, perhaps... If I was truly wicked Iíd have more idea what to do in such a situation. I could sense his hand poised to strike above my buttocks and I involuntarily raised my hips, inviting his disciplining palm. My body had decided that it wanted a spanking and it wanted it badly. Instead of another smack, the tips of Kenís fingers made contact with the flesh of my upper thigh, softly tracing the tender place just beneath my right buttock. The devil was teasing me. And it was working.

"I thought you were going to spank me."

The words spilled out in a surprisingly petulant tone before I had the sense to check them. To my chagrin, Ken laughed.

"And give you everything you want right off the bat? You need to learn some patience, lady. Relax. Enjoy."

Ironically, my body only tensed at his words. I could feel a faint steady throbbing in my clit, where the soaking wedge of silky panty pressed hard against my swollen flesh. I knew I couldnít come from that alone, Iíd need strong stimulation to reach the orgasm I so badly needed. I didnít want to "relax and enjoy". I wanted spanking and hard, animalistic fucking. The thought shocked me.

"Like it rough, do we?"

Christ, was he reading my mind?

"No! I mean, Iím not sure..."

God, I sounded like such an ingťnue! Suddenly, Kenís breath was hot and moist against the nape of my neck, his tormenting butterfly-soft caresses swiftly replaced by the solid bulge of his erection. Groaning, I pushed my hips against the front of his jeans, inviting him to undo his fly and slide his rigid cock deep inside me.

"You want me to shaft you good and hard, donít you, Mrs H? You want me to fuck your pretty brains out."


"You want to feel my massive ten inch prick bang you Ďtil you beg for mercy?"


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