Molly's Little Sister by Jack Allen

Both Sisters Want Ethan's Huge Cock...

Ethan has a new girlfriend named Molly, but she has trouble handling his over sized equipment. He breaks her in slowly, to give her time to adjust. Molly has a younger sister named Brandi, and she is all over her big sister's new boyfriend.

Ethan has trouble trying to resist when Brandi teases him and flirts with him and comes on to him. Molly and Ethan set a trap to scare Brandi with the size of his enormous cock, but when the trap backfires, Ethan winds up with two sizzling hot young women to satisfy.

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Category:  General Erotica General

Publisher: Burping Frog
Author: Jack Allen
Book Size: 37,800 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2006

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