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With Each Use Of This Super-Hallucinogen, The Girl's Deepest Desires Are...

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When I climbed back on the dock, I put side my modesty and let Dillon look at my naked body. His smile showed he liked what he seen. I wanted to look sexy but I couldn't help but shiver and needed a towel.

"I don't have a towel, but there's a hot tub at the cabin," Dillon said.

As we left the dock and walk to the cabin, Dillon and I started talking to catch up. I learned that Dillon did so time in prison for drug possession and distribution and was released the previous month. I told him about my ex-boyfriend leaving me and my daughter when she was barely a year old but I've moved on just fine.

When we got to the hot tub, Vicki was in it, completely naked, making out with a guy. I think his name was Gary. Or was it Larry? I went in the heated water to rid myself of the cold shivers. I watched Dillon get out of his jeans to get naked with the rest of us. I was impressed when I first saw the magnificent length and girth Dillon's cock. Dillon noticed me noticing.

After Dillon joined us, Gary/Larry wanted me and Vicki to make out. This was a usual party piece with me and Vicki, we would kiss each other to rile up the guys and sometime get free drinks out of it. At first, it started with us sitting next each while we kiss, but later Vicki had us standing in the middle of the hot tub. As we kissed, she kissed my neck and pawed my ass, she even slapped my ass with both hands. The guys really liked that.

I'm not a lesbian, I prefer guys. I think of Vicki as a friend and just that, nothing more. The girl-on-girl show was I was doing was nothing more than an act, something to entertain the men. But some part of me did like feeling Vicki's lips on my neck.

After Vicki slapped my ass for the fifth time, the men in the hot tub were getting restless. It was our time to strike. Vicki immediately went cowgirl on Gary/Larry. I had Dillon sit up on the edge of the hot tub so I could suck his awesome cock. I may have been a little out of practice in the art of sucking cock, but Dillon enjoyed it all the same as he came in my mouth.

After that, Vicki left with Gary/Larry to find a room, Dillon put his jeans back but I just put on my sandals, staying naked, ready to get laid. And not just once. I was on a good start in my night of booze and wild sex. Just a few tequila shots and some ecstasy and I would be back to the party girl I was before I got pregnant. But before I could move on to my next reckless act of sexual fulfillment, Dillon talked me into coming with him to his car, telling me he has a new party drug he wanted to show me.

"Okay," I immediately said.

Walking to Dillon's classic Mustang, he tells me the drug, he called 'mad trip', would be like peyote and GHB rolled into one, completely new. I became eager to be the first to try it.

At Dillon's car, Dillon gets this 'mad trip' from the glove compartment. I decided to do another show for him and climb on the hood of his car, getting in touch with my inner porn star. My tits weren't big enough for me to press them on the windshield since I'm practically flat-chested, but people say I have cute nipples, so I kneeled on the hood with my thighs spread, showing my shaved pussy. Dillon stops to watch me tweak my nipples. I had his full attention when I licked two of my fingers and diddled the folds of my labia while slowly swaying my hips. I raised the bar for Dillon by leaning forward, pressing my pussy on the hood, humping it, like I was making love to the car, bringing new meaning to the term auto erotica. I kissed the windshield and Dillon clapped his hands.

As I waited for Dillon and his new drug, I turned over and leaned my back on the windshield, feeling my bare ass on the cold metal of the hood. I looked up at the stars, feeling so happy and free.

"Got it," Dillon said, getting out of his car with a small black cardboard bag. "Get really for the trip of your life."

I don't remember much after that.

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