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Josh was my high school boyfriend. We met at a Halloween party when we were sixteen. At the time I thought he was the biggest dork in the world, and I spent the whole evening trying to get away from him. It didn't work, and once he knew who I was I couldn't get away from him at school either. We ran with the same social circle, and he seemed to be everywhere. After a few weeks I stopped trying to avoid him, and just accepted the fact that I had a new friend whether I liked it or not. Two months later I was in love with him, and by my seventeenth birthday we were a couple.

Things didn't work out for us in the long run, but we continued to be fuck buddies for about ten years. We just couldn't keep our hands and other body parts to ourselves. We were so drawn to each other's bodies that if one of us was seeing someone we couldn't be alone together - ever. However, if we were both single it was play time.

When we were twenty five Josh lived about three hours away, so any time I had a long weekend or he was going to be in the general area the first thing we would do is call the other. In early October of 2006 he emailed me, saying he was going to be around the Halloween weekend. It took some juggling on both our parts, but we arranged to split a hotel room for two nights

We met at the hotel on Saturday afternoon to check in. We both had parties to go to that night and would be coming in at different times, so we needed to make sure we could both get in. Rather than screw around with it later in the evening, we decided to take the opportunity to bring our stuff to the room - most notably my toy box. Josh's tastes were much more vanilla then mine, I'm a little masochistic and like to be dominated, so I didn't usually bring the whole thing. However, for some reason he asked me to bring everything this time. So, along with the lubes, dildos, butt-plugs, chocolate sauce that's safe to go anywhere, and honey dust I also brought my floggers, handcuffs and various other restraints, satin rope, blindfolds, collars and sex dice. While we were planning this he said his goal for the weekend was to make me cum so hard that I passed out, and he wanted a wide variety of things to use on me for the process.

He also said he wanted to tie me up so he could do anything he wanted to me with no resistance or trying to take over ... I about melted when he said that. My only response was "please do". I'd been craving kink, and his promise to take over was exactly what I wanted to hear. That seemed to surprise him a little bit. Prior to that night he had never really explored the idea of taking or losing total control, and when he realized I was serious he asked if I was sure. I assured him I was; not only was I no stranger to bondage by this point, but I trusted him

When we got up to the room he walked up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and just fell backwards onto the bed. He was a lot bigger then I am, so there was no way I was staying up right. Once we were horizontal he effortlessly flipped me over so I was facing him, and after a few moments of kissing deeply asked, with a devilish grin, if there was anything I wanted to do to him before he took control that night. My response was to slide down his body until my face was level with his belt buckle, take out his already hard cock and proceed to blow him. Slowly. I took him into my mouth sucking hard, and bobbed up and down. Every time I got to his cock head I'd make sure to swirl my tongue around it at least once before sucking down the shaft again. He groaned every time ... I loved that sound. I can think of few things sexier than a man who is unselfconscious enough to let out any kind of primal noise during sex, and I'm willing to do damn near anything to cause it. In a fact, my quest for that sound is the main reason I have always loved to suck dick.

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