Lizbeth's Big Book of Spanking Stories Vol. II by Lizbeth Dusseau

It Big And It's About Paddling, Bottoms That Is...

Lizbeth's Big Book of Spanking Stories, Vol II by Lizbeth Dusseau

Woodshed In The Woods and Other Stories

Casey Birches finds out her back woods manners don't cut it with Jack. A few trips to the woodshed and she learns to mend her naughty ways. In the sequel, Casey's Arrangement, when the brat turns to Jack for help, the two go at it in his woodshed one more time. When a strong-willed Kate is forced to live with her Uncle in Kate's Burning Lessons, she must live down her mother's wanton reputation, and she endure discipline from Uncle and her tutor. Then, as Stuart tells his girlfriend, Karen, how he maintains discipline in his office, she can't wait for an Appointment of her own. And, in Another TimeŚLauren is ready to face her feelings about the only man she's ever loved; even if it means surrendering to the spankings she's sure to get.

Remembering How It All Began and Other Stories

In the title story, a bratty wife is spanked for her flagrant misconduct, and enjoys the erotic aftermath. In Submission, Lizbeth's letter to her friend details her remarkable relationship with her husband Edward, and the powerful spanking fantasy that drives her-startling, graphic and candid. And, One Summer, Jeremy advises his friend, Stephen, to spank his ill-tempered wife, just as he does his own. When the couples get together there are plenty of fireworks, both ladies going over their husband's knee. It's Plots, Schemes and Paddlings, when John Neville finds his progressive discipline methods don't work with the spirited hellions at Cassidy School. He's forced to use the time-honored "school paddle" to bring the wayward brats in line. In the sequel, Emily Gibbs, Paddled At Last, Neville's young secretary finds herself feeling that nasty paddle when she defies her boss; which only enhances the budding romance between she and John.

Plus five bonus Spanking stories from Lizbeth's Bdsm erotica, all exciting OTK action. It takes stern discipline to tame these naughty brats!

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Category:  Spanking Erotica Spanking

Publisher: Pink Flamingo
Author: Lizbeth Dusseau
Book Size: 146 - 187 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: Jul 2011

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