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Enter The Insane World Of Stonebriar!

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"Commandant...also use the tit press and nipple clamps. Teach her that having big breasts are not always to a girls’ benefit. Begin your session with number 294. She has already been here far too long and I am getting tired of her insolence. Also, refrain from using the blindfold. I want her to see what she has coming."

"That is an excellent idea, Mistress."

The Commandant walked into the room with a big smile across her face. First she walked over to 294, once known as Sheila, a 23 year-old redhead kidnapped only weeks ago from a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles. She was spotted by one of Stonebriar's many operatives. These mysterious women were paid to scour the many high end nightclubs and bars up and down the west coast looking for attractive single girls who fit a certain type of profile. Once their targets were identified, the operatives acted quickly by calling in specially trained abduction teams to secure their quarry. In Sheila’s case, she was grabbed and subdued before she even had a chance to fight back. The operative had managed to spike her drink and then even helped her to the bathroom as she became increasingly groggy. From there the transportation to Stonebriar had been relatively trouble-free.

Much to the surprise of everyone, the aspiring model had proven to be easier to kidnap then to break. Usually the reverse was true. For nearly three weeks now she had been subjected to almost constant torture in an attempt to get her to surrender. Because Sheila had proved a tougher nut to crack than anticipated, the increasingly irate Commandant was ready to go to more extreme measures to break her.

The young redhead looked down as the Commandant patted her almost too perfect ass before unlocking her chastity belt to reveal her freshly shaved cunt. This could mean only one thing, more punishment for her still tender pussy. Sheila knew after spending long days here that escape was an extremely remote possibility. She doubted how much longer she could hold out before finally succumbing. Only the scary things she’d heard about what girls went through in the conversion chamber and the way they were transformed afterwards had kept up her resistance.

The Commandant went over to the wall and grabbed a mean looking flogger. She rubbed it teasingly over Sheila’s sore tits and pussy before walking behind her. No words were exchanged between the two, and none were needed.


The flogger bit into Sheila’s petite ass. A shapely bottom that was already covered with welts from her last session. On and on it went as Kate watched in horror from only a few feet away, powerless to stop it, but unable to tear her eyes away from the savage beating.

Sheila tried hard not to scream, biting her lip until it almost bled, but eventually the pain was too much and the cries and then the tears came out.

"Have you had enough yet?"

"Never! I won't ever give into you." She managed to get out the well worn refusal, but both she and the Commandant knew the end was coming ever closer.

Next the diabolical woman exchanged her flogger for a black leather riding crop. She firmly took hold of the girl’s right tit and began to angrily slap it with the tip of the crop. She then moved to the left tit and repeated the process over and over again. Getting bored, the Commandant decided it was time to concentrate on her cunt. Sheila begged her not to, but her cries were ignored. The Commandant smacked the bald, defenseless pussy. This shot terrible streaks of pain through Sheila as she twisted in agony while dangling from the chains.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The blows came faster and faster, with ever greater intensity. Kate was stunned at the level of ferocity. The young girl knew that this was going to very likely to be her fate as well.

The brutalized redhead was at last given a respite when the Commandant ended her assault.

"I think that's enough for today."

Clearly she was not pleased at having to stop, but it did no one any good do any permanent damage to a slave, that would only result in a lower sale price. There was always tomorrow she consoled herself. She now turned her attention toward Kate.

The Commandant placed her thumb and into the lock of Kate's chastity belt. With a quick turn of the wrist the belt fell easily to the ground, revealing a sight, which the Commandant never tired of, a perfectly shaved pussy that was at her complete disposal. She cupped the pubic mound with her right hand and relished its soft tenderness. She resisted the temptation to slide a finger into the hole...

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