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With that, the taller woman led Kelly down the corridor and through a locked door that read "Security Only."

"Were are we going?" Kelly asked curiously.

"The Security Chief for the airport is a Reserve Officer and a friend of mine." Michelle said as she closed and locked the door behind them. "He had a small office that he converted into an apartment some time back. A place where he could rest up during emergency situations. It's not the Hilton but it sure beats a cot in the storage room."

Michelle continued as they proceeded up a long flight of stairs.

"I called him yesterday and explained that I had a rather special friend passing through here today and I'd really like to be able to spend some private time with them." She said as they reached the top of the stairs and Michelle unlocked yet another door. "Since you only had a few hours, heading out to one of the local motels was out of the question. He immediately offered me the use of his apartment."

As she stepped into the rather spacious room, Kelly wondered if Michelle had mentioned that her special friend was another woman. Given the military's rather silly obsession with same sex relationships, she guessed she hadn't.

"Here we are, home sweet home." Michelle pronounced with a sweep of her arm. "At least for the next couple of hours." Taking a good look around the room, Kelly couldn't help but be impressed. The Hilton it might not of been, but it sure as hell had the Holiday Inn beat by a mile.

"We've got champagne, various appetizers and such." Michelle said as she gently placed her hands on Kelly's arms. "But first, something I've wanted to do for the longest time."

Pulling Kelly tight against her, Michelle kissed her again. This time it was full on the lips. Kelly responded quickly to the warm, soft pressure against her lips, and the taste of Michelle's tangy red lipstick. Opening her mouth as she felt the tickle of Michelle's tongue against it, Kelly drew it inside her.

"Mmmmm" Michelle purred as tongue found tongue.

The reality of countless night's dreams brought a warm feeling to both women. Kelly felt a soft touch against her breast as Michelle slipped her fingers beneath the folds of her blouse.

"Lets get more comfortable." Michelle said as she kissed her a second time.

Slowly, the two woman began undressing each other, continuing to stroke and kiss as they did. Michelle quickly lost her blouse and shorts, displaying an perfect tan that continued even beneath her undergarments. Nude sunbathing was a passion with her. If you wanted to enjoy the kiss of the sun, why let a few silly scraps of cloth get in the way.

Kelly had been wearing a blue blazer with matching blouse and skirt, very conservative and business like. Michelle was more than eager to help her out of the jacket, running her hand across the outline of her breasts. The soft motion was enough to cause the quarter size aureoles to shrink and harden, exciting Michelle even more. She considered ripping it open in a burst of passion, but the idea that any other clothing Kelly might have had was locked away in her luggage finally prevailed.

Filled with excitement, Michelle quickly unbuttoned the blouse and in one quick snap, unfastened the Victoria Secret's black lace bra beneath it. Definitely not what you expected to find under that dull outfit.

"Do you have panties to match?" Michelle whispered in her sexiest tone.

"Ah...that's for you to find out." Kelly replied teasingly, clearly enjoying the attention.

Michelle wasted no time in unzipping the wool knit skirt, sliding her hand down across the business woman's voluptuous thighs. She was just a little disappointed to find the skin under her clothes so pale. If they only had more time, she would've taken her to her favorite spot out in the desert and taught her wonderful feeling you got from frolicking au natural.

"Let just me get the rest of this off you." Michelle said in a commanding voice.

The authority in her tone and her willing reaction to it took Kelly by surprise. She wasn't used to taking orders, especially from another woman. Her bisexual experiences had been with women more or less her own age. The first had been after a long endless night working on a report when she had been guided into the pleasures of girlsex by her administrative assistant. It had been an eye-opening experience. Yet in the end, she was somewhat relieved when Donna had quit to take a job with another company. Kelly's world might not have been as oppressive as Michelle's regarding lesbianism, but it wasn't that open either. She wouldn't loose her job over being exposed, but it would certainly bar her from the vice president's office. After Donna, all of her affairs had been far from the office and usually with women who

had as much to loose as she did. What really surprised Kelly was that she was actually enjoying a submissive role for a change. Usually she had to exert her dominance in every aspect of her life, but she could feel the energy in the woman undressing her. It excited her and she wanted to just see where it would take her.

In no time at all, Michelle had undressed both Kelly and herself. Kelly watched with approval as the Navy Officer had carefully placed her traveling suit over the back of a chair, careful not to wrinkle the clothing. At least she was considerate enough to realize that she could hardly show up in San Diego in crumpled clothes. Deals had fallen through over less.

Michelle couldn't keep her hands off Kelly's huge breasts. Once, while she was pregnant, her own breasts had been close to this size, but had shrunk back to normal afterwards. Still, one does what they can with what they have. She gently caressed Kelly's mounds with her hands and swirling fingers, making imaginary circles around the now swollen nipples. Her soft touch excited Kelly greatly, her nipples had always been extra sensitive. Michelle could hear her lover's breathing began to quicken, causing the blonde's own juices to collect between her legs.

Her tongue replaced her hands and like a babe, she pulled the large nipples deep into her hungry mouth. Strong fingers kneaded the abundant flesh, playing an erotic symphony on Kelly's body.

Kelly reached out with her own slender fingers and played with Michelle's breasts in turn. Truth be told, she actually wished she had mounds like that, having always believed that her's were oversized. She lifted up each breast to her mouth and ran her tongue across the stiff and tanned nipples and kissed each in turn. This sent little shivers of pleasure across Michelle's chest.

In response, Michelle slid one hand down across Kelly's thigh and between her legs, delighting in the deep wetness she found there. Skillfully massaging the stubby clit she found there, she began to steer Kelly toward her first orgasm. A single finger became two, then three...

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