Julie's Submission by Claire Thompson

Bestseller of Romance and Bondage!

Love's darker passions explode in newest from bestselling author of Slave Girl! Find out why Claire Thompson constantly tops the eBook bestseller lists in this intriguing, unusual new romance! Since her husband's death, Julie has lived an isolated life on their small rural farm. But Julie's world is turned upside down when the enigmatic, much younger Bill is the only applicant to her ad for a handyman. When she reluctantly hires him, Julie doesn't dream romance could blossom because of the difference in their ages. But, when Julie finds herself beginning to fall for this brooding, mysterious handyman, she discovers that a traumatic childhood background has given Bill unusual erotic needs. And Julie must either submit to them or lose the only man who could reawaken her heart. Soon she finds herself entering in a world of sensual b&d - and responding in a way she never imagined. But Julie has doubts... about Bill's motives, about the secret world of sexual pleasure they share, and about her own submission to it. Can she trust her heart and herself in this thrilling, but unconventional new world? Is Bill's need to play the master merely little-boy role-playing - or a darker, more dangerous side. Timeless Tales hails Claire Thompson's work as "an enlightening look into the world of BDSM - a sizzling story of one woman's journey into an unknown world of pain and pleasure, of submission and power--excellent for readers that are trying to understand what BSDM is. It shows a positive and introspective look into an alternate lifestyle that has been portrayed as being cruel and destructive. If you have ever been curious about BDSM, go and buy this book. You will not regret it."

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Romance Unbound
Author: Claire Thompson
Book Size: 80 - 201 Pages  Approximation
Released For Download: 2009

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