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Beach House of the Raven-Nymph by Jason Price ebook cover thumbnail Beach House of the Raven-Nymph  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category General Erotica

A Female With Such A Magnificent Body And Alluring Mystique Takes The Young Virgin In Her Sexual Realm!
In this coming of age story, a young man at summer vacation where he encounters the woman of his sex dreams. A female with such a magnificent body and alluring mystique who takes the young virgin in her sexual realm and shows him pleasures of her body ... and a few surprises along the way.

As he first lays eyes on her naked form skinny-dipping in the lake, our main protagonist is captivated by her beauty and lack of inhibitions...

Mind Fuck by Jason Price ebook cover thumbnail Mind Fuck  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category General Erotica

With Each Use Of This Super-Hallucinogen, The Girl's Deepest Desires Are...
In this first person narrative, a young working single-mom decides have one night from her responsibilities and go with her girlfriend to a party, where she can let loose with alcohol, some recreational drug and hopefully, sex. When meeting an old acquaintance, our protagonist is introduced to a new party drug call mad trip.

With each use of this super-hallucinogen, the girl's deepest desires are pulled out and twisted, creating...

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Virgin Mary by Jason Price ebook cover thumbnail Virgin Mary  -  Price: £1.79 ($ 2.54)  -  Category General Erotica

In The Privacy Of His Office, Father Daniel Takes It Upon Himself To Save The Troubled Young Girl From Her Impure Acts!
Mary Ann Migallos, a beautiful and deeply religious eighteen year-old schoolgirl seeks salvation from the overwhelming sexual urges that constantly trouble her. Under the counsel of her family priest, Father Daniel, Mary professes her uncontrollable need for unadulterated premarital sex, how she fantasizes about having sex with men, sex with women, sex with groups, causing her to resort to constant masturbation.

In the privacy...

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