Her Fate is to Submit by Powerone

Her Submissive Tendencies Made Her The Perfect Subject For This Very Special Institute...

It was as though her life was orchestrated. Emily didn't realize that initially, but now that she looked back at her life there was always someone there to 'save' her when her life was at its lowest. Her move from upstate New York to upstate Vermont where Green Mountain Institute was located held the key.

The secretive institute was her final journey. Here wives and girlfriends were taught the art of submission for their lovers or husbands. But, a select few women were groomed for their submissive tendencies until they were ready for the training that would be required to make them worthwhile partners for those that could afford the best.

For Emily, a list of people made sure that her journey was an enlightening and discovering adventure all preparing her for the final training and test.

It was then that Emily would find "Her Fate is to Submit".

Another Powerone BDSM masterwork!

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Author: Powerone
ISBN: 9781615080199
Book Size: 71,400 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Feb, 2018

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