Hell School For Teachers 3 by Simon Grail

5 Naked Teachers Plus 10 Naked Students Plus 1 Headmaster Equals Education Hell...

NOTE: This is a single volume edition of a story previously published in two parts.

Emma, Ruth, Natasha, Tess and Heather: attractive teachers from Ringsdean High School, have been living under the power of the demon known as Phidian, who hires out the use of their bodies to anybody willing to pay with a year (or more) of their life for the pleasure of playing with them in a fantasy world built to their own perverted requirements.

Jason Pyke, whose sadistic sexual fantasy first brought the teachers to Phidian's attention, calls in on the demon again. He wants to hire the women to play their part in his new fantasy of a sexual punishment summer school with himself as its dominating and all-powerful headmaster. This time the teachers will share the school with ten pretty, female, ex-Ringsdean students who Jason has also spied upon and lusts after. To make things even darker the teachers will not only be Jason's victims but also his unwilling assistants, who must punish the lovely young students strictly according to his rules.

Imprisoned within Jason's fantasy version of Ringsdean High and shut off from the real world, the teachers are hot wax depilated, intimately and painfully pierced many times and then made to dress in fetish uniforms. Then they have to dominate, degrade and humiliate the innocent students, who still believe this is real life, or else suffer terrible punishment. Then the teachers must submit to sexual punishments from the pupils in return. For Jason's twisted amusement, they are whipped, shocked, caned, exposed, racked, stretched and impaled and take part in a painful naked baton relay race, where the baton (which grows hotter as it is agitated) is passed from pussy to pussy between the runners.

The teachers have to take the girls for individual "lessons" where they introduce them to hogtie suspension, impaling dildos, spiked roller beds, electric shocks, and compulsory cunnilingus. Then the teachers have to face being made into naked archery targets with fiendishly novel types of arrows, are turned into naked ponygirls in high heels pulling carts around the paying field, endure whipping machines and a challenge of pain and stamina pulling iron weights by their most sensitive parts.

At the end of their first week the students and teachers are set a test by Jason. They must each create a new torment to inflict upon the other group. If they are not cruel enough then they will all suffer an even worse punishment. The only way to escape this sadistic microcosm is to somehow convince the students that it is not real and break Jason's mental hold over them. But they seem to be sliding ever deeper under his power. And so are some of the teachers…

Style: BDSM and Horror, Sex Slavery / Training

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Category:  BDSM Erotica BDSM

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Simon Grail
Book Size: 42,000 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Aug, 2016

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