Harem Bound 1 - A Nightmare For Sally by Martin Hughes

Sexual Servitude From Both Sexes Before Being Sent To A Harem As Slaves Where An Even Worse Fate Awaits!

Sally Hopkins a beautiful and elegant thirty four year old married blonde doctor with an eighteen year old daughter, Lauren, is blackmailed by a Negress who works for an Arabic Government, Satar, who are secretly holding her parents. Sally's parents are aid workers in that North African country but the Government has captured them to force Sally to influence her husband, Simon, who is a British MP chairing a committee which is considering a pending trade deal.

She her daughter, and American lawyer, Carol, who is also a potential stumbling block to the trade deal, are snatched and taken to a modern day slave ship where they witness a mock execution, experience terrible training in discipline, and sexual servitude from both sexes before being sent to a harem as slaves where an even worse fate awaits.

Style: Harems and Slaves, Fem Dom - F/F

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Text en Martin Hughes
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Category:  Femdoms Erotica Femdoms

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Martin Hughes
Book Size: 58,500 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Sep, 2013

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