Get Into The Spirit Baby by Christopher Newman

Who Is Bob Ziegler And How Has He Risen So Far And So Fast As An Adult Film Director?

Louis Brashear, Head of Production at Vibrant Studios, receives an unusual phone call from a sound technician at one of their porn shoots. The man reports he's discovered strange EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) after recording night sounds after hours. Soon a rash of unusual incidents, including the drowning death of a fluffer, is enough to convince Louis there might be a problem on the set. He suspects foul play by a rival studio but he also doesn't discount paranormal activity. The company has too much invested in the adult film and its lead actress Nikki Cummings to let this continue.

Noah Ravenswood and his assistant Dr. Sarah Bookings get the call and are invited to join the shoot on Bachmann Island in the Saint Lawrence River-- one of the "Thousand Islands". Bachmann has an unsavory past which intrigues the occultists-for-hire. Thrust amid porn actors and actresses, disembodied spirits, and a terribly haunted mansion, Noah and Sarah find themselves quickly under attack by the vengeful ghosts of a lynched rich man and his Jamaican voodoo mistress. Before they can defeat the specters, other strange occurrences begin to plague the filming. They rapidly realize it's a mixture of natural and supernatural intelligences trying to destroy the cast and crew.

Who is Bob Ziegler and how has he risen so far and so fast as an adult film director? Why are cameras and lights miraculously just missing during attempts to kill Nikki? And why are the various employees awakening in the morning with strange ailments, unexplained aches, and stinging marks? Can Noah and Sarah uncover the mystery fast enough before all hell breaks loose on Bachmann Island?

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Categories:  Mystery And Adventure Erotica Mystery And Adventure ,  General Erotica General ,  Sapphic Erotica Sapphic

Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Author: Christopher Newman
Book Size: 54,500 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2009

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