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Dark Desire by Germany Gibson ebook cover thumbnail Dark Desire  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category General Erotica

Emotionally Charged, Highly Erotic Sexual Encounters!
A drifter returns home to a dying town to take over his father's truck-stop. Using his newfound authority and the dire economy to full advantage, he coerces reluctant young waitresses into emotionally charged, highly erotic sexual encounters. As he is distracted by these pursuits of pleasure, his beautiful but conniving manager abuses her position as she plots to steal it all away.

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Ripples on a Pond by Germany Gibson ebook cover thumbnail Ripples on a Pond  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category General Erotica

An Out-Of-Control Whirlwind Of Forbidden Love!
Carrie, eighteen, adores her older brother Kevin but suspects he would never be interested in a romantic relationship with her. So she brings over girlfriends whom he might become interested in to relieve his loneliness.

But little does Carrie know that the reason why Kevin continually rejects their advances is due to his true desire for her. The sex stories he fantasizes about, centered around Carrie as he writes them, is the...

The Gerry Series by Germany Gibson ebook cover thumbnail The Gerry Series  -  Price: £2.89 ($ 4.10)  -  Category General Erotica

A Black Family Trying To Eke Out A Living By Running A Bar And Brothel!
A middle-aged tough-guy and con man on the run from the mob in the early 1940's finds himself inexplicably drawn to a small Midwestern town. He meets Daisy, her half-brother Stan and young niece Rochelle, a black family trying to eke out a living by running a bar and brothel.

But when war breaks out and the local army post is suddenly filled with new recruits and big money, corruption leaves them hanging by a thread. Itís up to...

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