Forgive Me by Eve Montana

Lucas Is Reminded Just How Good Regular Sex With An Eager Young Beauty Can Be!

It is hard for a wealthy surgeon to enjoy his riches when he is all alone. When 18-year-old Charlet Darwin walks into the office of Dr. Lucas Amberstone seeking a breast augmentation, he is struck by her beauty but withholds. When the gorgeous Charlet persists, an intimate relationship develops and Lucas is reminded just how good regular sex with an eager young beauty can be. Too good to be true, surely.

When Lucas' doubts are confirmed and Charlet flees his side, having taken all she wanted from him, he is again a miserable bachelor.

Eighteen years later, Charlet re-enters Lucas' life by chance. She is as stunning as she ever was and her appetite for intimacy is just as huge. She also has with her a suprise for Lucas. As she uses her body and her charm to try and slither her way back into Lucas' heart, and his bed, Lucas is forced to make a decison - will he use his brain or his dick? Will he ever be able to forgive Charlet for pain she caused him so long ago?

Style: Erotic Romance

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Categories:  General Erotica General ,  Erotic Romance Erotic Romance

Publisher: Fiction4All
Author: Eve Montana
Book Size: 30,300 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: Jan, 2012

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