Forbidden Views Vol One by Tyree Q Kimber, Christopher Newman, Helgaleena

Salacious Things We Aren't Supposed To See But Want To!

"Forbidden Views" Volume one is the first of a bi-annual anthology featuring ficlets about those salacious things we aren't supposed to see but want to. Volume One has five shorts that we are sure will make you blush. This edition features authors Tyree Kimber, founder of this anthology - Christopher Newman and our very own editor extraordinaire - Helgaleena.

Twisted Light By Tyree Kimber (M/F)
What would you do if you could pass among others unseen? What power would you claim as your own? What desires would you fulfill? When the Aratriconian Church's crusade against evil brings into their possession an occult tome, holy thaumaturge Lind Piron must face these questions. Now as temptation wars with duty, Lind must choose between the world of the visible and that of the unseen where sinful deception is just a bend in the rainbow away.

Dear Diary By Christopher Newman (m/m, transgender)
A hard-working legal aide has landed a date with the new senior partner of the firm - and the night is filled with pleasant surprises!

The Thong By Christopher Newman (m/f, fetish)
It might be a small piece of material, but the effect on him is larger than life!

A Moment in the Laundry Room By Christopher Newman (m/f, mild romance)
It's always good to get to know your new neighbors, even if the rest of the day sucks. Politeness helps and the dark cloud over you can have a silver lining that's enough to rescue your entire evening.

Paint the Town By Helgaleena (F/F, BBW)
Our heroine is pleasantly surprised by taking home a father and daughter instead of another boring bachelor after a night out cruising.

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Categories:  General Erotica General ,  Sapphic Erotica Sapphic ,  Gay Male Erotica Gay Male

Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Author: Tyree Q Kimber, Christopher Newman, Helgaleena
Book Size: 21,600 Words  Approximation
Released For Download: 2009

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