Read excerpt: Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday

General Erotica

Even More Women's Sexual Fantasies.

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Carla and Tom

Since my brother and I read your book, My Secret Garden, we have felt great relief to know we were not the only brother and sister who fuck. May we add our bit to your next book? I hope it will help others like us. Tom and I don't consider what we're doing "unnatural" at all. Being in bed with him seems like the most natural thing of all.

I like to go over my memories when I have nothing else to do. It gives me a warm feeling to remember all the people in my life, because I liked so many of them. I remember when I was six that my mother used to scold me when she caught me playing with my cunt, but I always had the desire to expose myself to the little boys who came over to play in our yard. I would take off my panties, and I remember several times the older boys would take me into a corner and play with my cunt. Some boys took all their clothes off one day and laid me down on their shirts and pants and worked their fingers up me. I liked it, but it made me sore. I didn't say anything to my mother, because she would stop the boys from coming over to play at our house. The first time a bigger boy took me into the back seat of a car in a garage, he removed all my clothes and spread my legs so far apart I thought he would split me apart. He kept getting closer and closer, and I thought he was examining me. I like the idea that he wanted to see my cunt so closely...

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