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This Is What The Real Hunger Games Are About! Raw Sex!

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Both of her hands were busy now plunging fingers into her drooling cunt and rubbing her slick vibrating clit. She was lost in the pleasure of finally cumming. Lost in the moment of trying to extend her orgasm. Just lost in pleasure, when suddenly ...

"You seem to have a bad leak there. Do you need some help filling your hole?"

Surprised would not even describe the feeling that shot through Kathy's body as she heard Rick's voice. She rapidly sat up and pulled her skirt down covering her juicing mound. Startled could not describe how she felt when she looked at Rick, and he was standing in the doorway smiling at her without a stitch of clothing on. Shocked would describe Kathy's reaction as she looked at Rick's strong hard body, and discovered the large stalk of male flesh that dangled between Rick's powerful thighs. While out loud she could only manage an, "Oh my," inside her head she was screaming, JESUS FUCKING H CHRIST, LOOK AT THAT DICK!!

Rick's penis wasn't extremely long, but it was extremely thick. It was eight to eight and half inches long, and his cock was as thick as his wrist. Kathy had never seen one that thick before and her pussy creamed with excitement. She swallowed involuntarily as she stared at the flesh colored sword that seemed to swell and grow longer before her eyes. As she stared at his long thick cock, all of her marital restraint left her in a single instance. The months of holding out and waiting for hubby to come back home suddenly didn't exist anymore. As she stared at Rick's beautiful prick, the only thought in her mind was to fuck him until she couldn't stand anymore.

"I have been watching you for awhile. You look like you need a little help stopping that leak. I think I could find something to stuff up that hole for you," he teased smiling down at her.

"Really, could you?" she answered with mock concern. "And how much would that cost me?"

"It would be on the house, ma'am."

"Wow that sounds like a great deal to me, Mr. Plumber. What do we need to do first?"

Rick walked towards her, his thick prick swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Kathy's smoldering eyes were glued to it the entire time. OH GOD, HE GOING TO FUCK ME WITH THAT! She was so excited and turned on by Rick and his big friend, that her pussy was literally leaking juice that ran down her ass crack.

"First, we have to dress in the proper work clothes," he said as he helped her to her feet. He took the purple top off over her head, and then he unzipped the blue jean skirt and let it fall to the floor. Kathy was now as naked as he was. His body was powerful and lean with cut and well defined muscles that flowed beneath his golden tan. He had no tan line; he was a golden brown from head to foot. She put her hands on his wide shoulders, and began to trace his body with her hands. Her hands explored his strong chest, his wash board abs, all the way down to his jutting cock. When her hands finally reached and surrounded the thick cock, she shuddered with excitement. IT'S SO HARD! IT'S LIKE IRON!

While Kathy was mesmerized by Rick's raging cock, he was also exploring her body with his hands. For a workman and powerfully built man, his touch was surprising light and caressing. His hands had started at her hips and slowly moved from her hip bones across her taut stomach to her beautiful hanging globes. He stroked and caressed her good sized tits slowly working in ever smaller circles until his fingertips were barely touching her elongated nipples. His light and caressing touch had Kathy's moaning as gooseflesh broke out all over his lovely body. When he softly pinched both of her sensitive red nipples, Kathy growled with pleasure.

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