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She felt the wetness on her lips. When he moved his cock away, she spoke. "Let me use my hand on it," she begged.

"You'll suck it and do a good job. I'll teach you to please me." He pushed his cock back to her lips as they clenched tight once again. He pushed a finger into the corner of her mouth and soon pried her lips open. He looked into her eyes and saw her surrender as her mouth was slowly forced open. It didn't take much until he could sit his cock on her lower lip. That was all that he needed. He felt her hot breath blow on his cock and that excited him so much that his cock bounced on her lips. With a push of his hips, he breached her mouth with the head before she could say anything except an unintelligible mumble.

Her lips were forced open by his hot flesh. She couldn't do anything, or at least, she told herself that. Her hands stayed at her side. No self-respecting women of status would submit to such an act, yet she had his cock in her mouth. She didn't know what to do, but the cock moved in further, and the minute it touched her tongue, it shot up to the roof of her mouth before bouncing back down onto her tongue again. It was her tongue that excited it, so she began to move it. It was a shameful act she performed as her tongue explored his cock just as her fingers had done. But now, she tasted the bitter, salty fluid that her tongue induced from his cock. She knew how profuse men were when they came, and she hoped that it wouldn't be in her mouth when he climaxed. That didn't stop her as her tongue swished over his cock.

"Yes, that's good, Margaret. Move your head, but keep your lips tight around my cock." He knew the first time he'd cum would be in her mouth. She could bring it back to life, and then, he'd fuck her the way she wanted it, hard and rough. He'd give her something to remember and take her on her dining room table. She could smile every night she had dinner with her husband at the very same table.

She slowly began to take more of his cock into her mouth each time she moved her head. His cock was big and her mouth small, so she used all her newfound talent to give him pleasure. Her lips were tight as she drew her head back, and her tongue never stopped moving, running over the smooth head and then the shaft with its thick veins. More of his leaking juices became profound in her mouth. It refused to mix with her spit, and the thick drops felt like lumps inside her mouth. Her lips had to open wide as she felt the girth of his cock stretch her lips.

It wouldn't be long now. It had been a long time since anyone made him cum, and his balls ached with the need to empty them. "Deeper, take it all the way in your mouth." He saw her struggle to comply with his growing impatience. He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth, but then, she pulled back immediately.

She never took his cock from her mouth since the beginning. Her lips felt as though they were part of it, sealed to his shaft as they slid up and down. She could feel his cock grow, not sure how long or thick it would be when he got his climax. She knew that he wouldn't let her back off his cock until he was finished. She'd have to contend with a mouthful of cum before she was finished satisfying his perverted lust.

His hands went to her head to make sure she didn't back off at the crucial time. He rocked her head, but her hands never moved as he grew more excited. "Yes, yes, get ready," his ragged words rang out.

She should've known when he'd cum, but she was so immersed in the job of sucking his cock to his satisfaction that it caught her by surprise. It shot out with such power to the back of her mouth. She gurgled as she tried to contain all his juices. He rode her head up and down his cock before he shot a second time. Her cheeks swelled as she tried to hold it all in her mouth, but he continued to eject his cum into her unwilling mouth. Her lips were wrapped so tightly around his cock that nothing could escape. She had no choice but to try to swallow some of it. The only way she could empty her mouth was to swallow it, but the thick, salty cum refused to go down without trouble. She gulped, gagged and finally got some of it to go down her gullet, but he continued to shoot more in her mouth.

It felt so good that it almost hurt to unload his cum from his balls. Her mouth was a hot cauldron of pleasure, and she took his abundant cum. He saw the tears fall from her eyes, but it was her pink lips wrapped around his cock that brought him all the pleasure. He refused to allow her to take his cock out of her mouth until he was completely finished. He tilted her head up. "Lick it," he ordered her.

She lapped up the last of the cum from his cock. It didn't matter any longer. Her mouth was covered in his cum and her belly held his warm cum. She couldn't believe that she did such a thing. But instead of disgusting her from performing such an act, she wanted to feel his cock inside her, taking her hard. She hoped that he'd get hard again quickly, but she knew that if necessary, she'd use her mouth to make him erect once again.

William pulled her to her feet and spun her around once again. He pushed her down until she bent over the table. He ripped her silk undergarment until she was naked below the waist. "Spread your legs," he ordered her, but he was too excited when he saw her two white buttocks, and his gaze went lower to see her pink pussy peek out intimately between her clenched thighs. He pushed his foot hard against the inside of one ankle and forced her to spread her legs. He kept nudging her ankle until her ankles spread wide and her pussy opened up from behind. His cock already began to grow erect once again.

His boots were harsh on her ankle, and she knew it would be bruised the next day, but when her pussy lips began to part from the wide spread of her legs and she grew wet, she knew she didn't care. She waited to feel his cock enter her and give her the pleasure of being stretched...

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